19 April 2009


So I have a 2 new random obsessions. The first one being Paris and the second one being the 1960's. Why do I have a new obsession? I mean what is so special about either? Everyone loves Paris and the 1960's. The language of love and free love...anything goes here. Well I'll tell you why I happen to be in love with both of these now. I happen to be studying fashion in Paris this Summer (I hope actually) and I'm doing all of my research.

I found a fabulous website that has different apartments for rent. There are some really cute ones that I adore, but I'm not sure if I'm still in my honeymoon phase. It has been one of my dreams to live in Paris so I think I am going overboard.

I have always had a love the the 60s and just recently I have been buying some vintage 60s jewelry and makeup. There is something so fun about the era that I can not resist. Just watch factory girl and you will fall in love too....maybe not with the tragic ending of Edie Sedgwick though. The image above is Brigitte Bardot...my second fav star from the 60s.

Well I just wanted to get that out there...my roomates are sick of my endless chatter!

See you later darlings

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