31 July 2012

Online Stationary Obsession

Customizable online stationary?! Obviously I'm interested, especially because I love personalizing my emails. I will always use my Iomoi stationary, but I can't resist Meeble Mail's fabulous options. As much as I love snail mail, sometimes a quick, spur of the moment email is just needed!

26 July 2012


Clearly I'm still in party mode from all of the birthday celebrations going on. My Aunt's birthday in Nantucket was perfectly adorable and inspired me to look further into tablescapes. My conclusion? I love bright pops of color with a twist. 

25 July 2012

NY Moment: Restaurant Week

It's Restaurant Week in NY, which I'm obviously excited about! This is the one week (actually, a little over two now) where I can indulge and go to new and old faves for a fraction of the price. YUM!

Note to self: find cute elastic waistband options.

24 July 2012

Nantucket Reds

Upon landing on Nantucket, I was immediately reminded of my Dad's obsession with Nantucket Reds. Luckily I was able to check out the full collection at Murray's Toggery Shop - the birthplace of the iconic Nantucket Reds. From a very early age the importance of telling the difference between pink and Nantucket Red was stressed, and I am proud to say it was a success! 

20 July 2012

Everyday Moments

I don't know about you, but oftentimes I forget to take a breath and enjoy the little things in life. While in Nantucket*, brainstorming on the beach, I began to realize sometimes it's the small moments that make me happy. Namely:

The first sip of iced coffee in the morning
Starting a new book
People watching from a cafe table
Window shopping
The option to go to the Country or Town
Waking up with the sun 
A text from a crush -  actually, any crush
Cake for breakfast
The previews in the theater
Cell phone free for a day

*More Nantucket posts to come, just taking a moment to gather my thoughts and write notes that actually make sense! SO, on that note - enjoy the weekend!

19 July 2012

Luggage Loves

To me luggage is a statement, and if you are going to travel - do it right! Obviously, I will never give up my amazing "fit everything you could ever possibly need" rolling Swiss army bag, but let's be honest here....everyone wants glam luggage! Hopefully one day I'll be able to acquire a cool collection of luggage that inspires travel because currently my collection (save my weekend duffle) leaves a bit, okay maybe a lot, to be desired. 

Clearly bright colors, whimsy, and monograms are a must.

18 July 2012

Back Home!

As much as I loved Nantucket, I'm happy to be home! 

(Even though I really miss the beach and AEB time!)

12 July 2012

See You Soon NY

Off to Nantucket and will be brainstorming some new and fresh posts - see you next week!

11 July 2012

Nantucket Packing List

Anyone who knows me knows that I start multiple packing lists and end up not following it at all and just tend to randomly select things. The result being utter chaos when I get to my destination. This time I am determined to at least pack seasonally appropriate clothing. Things that I'll always remember to pack?


Bathing Suits

Beach Hat

10 July 2012

Ready. Set. Vacation.

I'm so excited to go on my Nantucket getaway to celebrate my Aunt's birthday and to visit AEB. I know I'll have such a blast with all the insider tips. This is a much needed trip, not just mentally but physically as well. I'm most excited for all of the beach time I'll be getting!

06 July 2012

Beat the Heat

Things I have done to avoid the heat and will continue to do until it's over:

 The Beach - Obviously the ideal situation. Always. 
Movie Theaters - So what if I had to seeing Magic Mike...
 Coffee Dates  - With everyone I know
 Work - My office is a freezer
 Ice Pops - Bonus? Great hangover cure!

05 July 2012

Emily Madison Bedding

Almost every day I pass ABC Home and look at the window displays openly staring (and obsessing) over the Emily Madison Bedding display. I particularly love the simple white duvet with colored lines, mainly because it has the simplicity and openness of white, which my room needs, with a little bit of color! 

03 July 2012

July Fourth Favorites

Things getting me excited for the 4th:

Patriotic Pops


Fruity Sangria


Blueberry Pie

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