27 April 2009

Garage Bands and Garageband

When I think of garage bands I think of the image above, not garageband on macs....maybe not the bucket on the head but you get the idea. For my digital arts and media class we had to create a mashup. Kind of like Girltalk but a lot less complex. I would have to say that I officially hate garageband, Girltalk, and anything mashup because of this project. Seriously. You know when you have an assignment that has amazing potential but falls flat when actually executed? Yup, that would be this project. Don't get me wrong I bet garageband has many different options and all of them wonderful. I have done some work with garageband and made some decent music, nothing too special, but still for someone not musically inclined it came out decent.

Anyways, teachers all the time do this to me. I'm a Fine Arts Major! I love art projects don't get me wrong! I just wish that once in awhile professors would let the students come up with a project idea. Don't you ever come up with a great project you would love to do but don't have the time to do it? I do that all the time. It doesn't have to be gifts for people. Just once I would love to create something that I love (Bonus: if I hate how it comes out I can't complain about the professor).

Everyone can be a musician nowadays...it's just about how you put together different sounds on garageband. so I guess I have a question for you to think about: Is the new technology today making it harder and harder for new bands to create their own original, live music? And no this is not posed by my teacher by myself. The picture is from the 1960s and it made me wonder what the music would be like today if garage bands were still as popular.

On a side note while I'm on the topic of music can I just say that I saw 17 Again this weekend and while the film itself was ok, the soundtrack was surprisingly really good. I personally love Naive by the Kooks and Rich Girls by the Virgins. (note: I have had those songs for awhile now but whatever). Another reason to see it: Zac Efron is a babe.

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