31 January 2011

weekend update

this weekend was a much needed girls weekend! dana, cait, and i went out for some casual drinks on friday and had another girls night saturday...

...there were barefoot contessa cakes, cupcakes and animal house involved!


I mentioned this a little while ago, but I have been spending a lot of time trying to get back into shape and I guess it is working! Since i have started working out, I found that I need workout clothes that I don't mind spending a lot of time in. I work out in the mornings and from there run a couple of errands before going home.

So, I discovered lululemon (actually, CMJR introduced them to me) and made it easier for me to go from the gym to errands! Now I don't have to bring an extra outfit!

Some benefits include free yoga classes (look up on the website for more info!) and they cater to running and yoga...two of my newfound fav workouts! (FYI - I am obsessed with the wunder under crop pants...they are amazing and flattering)

30 January 2011

Repetto Style

Even before Black Swan was made I had an obsession with ballerina style. I haven't seen Black Swan yet (and don't plan on seeing it) but I must admit, from all the stills I have seen, that I love all the costumes!

It makes me feel a little bit more chic when I wear my go to shoes: repetto flats!

29 January 2011

Mission: Take Time Out For Pilates

Earlier this year I spent some time doing pilates and found that I really loved it! I am not the most flexible person you will meet, so pilates was amazing for me! I got significantly better and almost was able to touch my toes!

I ended up stopping for awhile, but I'm going to try to get back into it next week!

28 January 2011

laundry day

if you are a mother, please stop reading right now. you will hate me and side with my mom.sooo i don't want to spoil this post and make you never want to read my blog again!

ok, that being said, when lila moved out of the house this fall there were many life adjustments to be made. one of the biggest (and most unfortunate) being that i now have to do my own laundry. as my many past roommates will agree, i hate doing laundry, actually no. i despise doing laundry. i would rather pay the $1 a pound to get my clothes back then do it.

i looked forward to coming home because my mom would do it for me, but after lila moved out, that was no longer a possibility. i asked my mom why i had to do it and she replaied "if lila can do her own laundry so can you" so thanks lila.

(she is one of my best friends, but there is always this tradition of some life changing thing that occurs whenever she leaves my house...)

27 January 2011

Mini Muse: Edie Sedgwick

"Model, film star, socialite, friend, lover, addict, Edie Sedgwick was the first "it" girl of the Andy Warhol Factory scene and later muse to Bob Dylan. The arc of Edie's life traced the rise and fall of the 1960s-from idyllic experimentation to dissolute recklessness".

-Introduction to book edie:girl on fire

I felt as, an introduction, the above quote was much better then anything I could have written, so I copied!

(I love her accessories and style)

26 January 2011

"old habits die hard"

for the past couple of months i have been struggling with not having anything to occupy the majority of my time. i almost felt out of control because i basically stopped all of my usual habits.

i used to be:
1. a compulsive list maker
(i had my brain book on hand at all times)

2. obsessive about keeping my calendar updated
(it was my life and without it i used to be lost)

3. an early riser
(i was the rare high school and college student who would wake up at 630/7 every day without an alarm clock, ready to start the day)

at some point in the fall it all of this blew up and i found myself saying in bed until 9 am (that never used to happen), leaving my brain book and calender in my room, practically under my bed and being basically the person i never was. but good news everyone! i'm back to my normal, energetic self! i think this is a sign that i am ready to get back to work.

25 January 2011

Obsession: Arte Italica

As soon as I get an apartment (I need a job first...) I plan on getting one of the Arte Italica palazzo pieces! While they are a little bit pricy, I think it's worth it because the pieces are both beautiful, different and functional!
Although they come in silver too, I think the gold chains are more my style!

24 January 2011

Johnny Weir

As we all know I'm a big fan of Johnny Weir. How can you not love his over the top personality and love of fur?! (2 huge pluses in my book) Needless to say, I was really excited to meet him and get a signed copy of his new memoir welcome to my world!

I wish I knew I was going to end up meeting him...I would have brought a real camera and not my cell phone!


I've been in the city this weekend carousing with COH and friends and then having a reunion brunch with my Parsons Paris compatriots!

23 January 2011


I have always loved Goyard bags and I finally got one for Christmas!

I was thrilled when I found out they were doing a collaboration with Assouline (my fav publisher), even though I couldn't get it...I always dreamed of it!

They have such fun colors for their trunks and bags...

22 January 2011

Mini Muse: Lilly Pulitzer

It is only apropos that my mini muse is Lilly Pulitzer...I been wearing her clothes ever since I can remember! I love her colorful prints and even the tags that advise you to live a "carefree, colorful" life. Another bonus is that her prints are never out of style because Lilly prints are timeless! Actually, the older the print the cooler you are - in my opinion at least.

When I was in her store this past week I couldn't help but laugh because there was a framed quote that said something along the lines of  "there are moments of silence while the print does the talking".  This is very true, and a perfect example being the first time my cousins from out west were introduced to the Lilly print! Now, they are representing the Palm Beach signature style out in in AZ!

You might want to check out the Essentially Lilly book for some entertaining tips from a pro!

21 January 2011

fitness goals - almost a check!

Everyone has heard me complain about my weight and how I can't lose it. (For the past 4 years if you know me personally, almost 3 years if you have been following this blog since I started) It's a fact, I'm sorry everyone, it's something you just had to listen to.

Well, I finally am getting back to weight that I am much more comfortable with! Since I started college I put on 30 lbs and I'm happy to say since graduation day I have lost about 20 (it depends on the day)! SO to get me motivated and to give me inspiration I bought the book why we get fat. I'll let you know if it gives the motivation needed to lose the last 10lbs or not!

20 January 2011

Shell Decor

Being an ocean and summer girl (I basically grew up on the water, along with all of my other family members) I love everything having to do with the ocean. I often wish I could live in some exotic locale where I could decorate my house in bright colors and shells all the time! But, I have learned to compromise and only use them in moderation so I don't look like a crazy person (when you first meet me at least).

At least I can get my monthly dose of coastal decor with the magazine coastal living (one of my must read magazines FYI)

However, when I end up in Florida I try to convince myself that it is ok to have a beachy/lilly house all the time, which is in a problem when it snows...take me back to West Palm, when I can have shells out all year and not look totally insane!

19 January 2011

long weekend update

hi everyone! we are back from palm beach and very well rested...maybe a little bit too well rested but i think we are allowed a grace period of a day to get back into the NY mindset.

(i also think my dad is having a hard time adjusting to the fact that his bday weekend is over)

BUT we had a fabulous time golfing (let's be honest here...that would be my dad) , shopping, relaxing in the sun*, and , of course, reading!

*i think it is funny that winter down there is like 70 and is dressed in winter jackets and i'm in a dress or skirt...just saying!

14 January 2011

T-T-F-N, Ta Ta For Now

As my man tigger always says, t-t-f-n-, ta ta for now!

Jetting of to FLA to celebrate Dad's bday, have a fab weekend!

I'll be back Tuesday...unless we get internet in our hideout now!

12 January 2011

winter wonderland round 3??

you know, i thought that i was leaving the new york snow head quarters, but, i guess i was wrong. it just moved with me!

tri-state area, i think we are in for a snowy winter!
(i hope the city doesn't look like this again...it was simply impossible to do any shopping!)

i might complain a little bit (ok, a lot) but i am enjoying the activities we can participate in!

11 January 2011

Mini Muse: Betty Catroux

Considering she was one of Yves Saint Laurent's muses, how can I not look to Betty Catroux for fashion inspiration? I love her effortless and bold sense of style.

AND for the record, it takes a certain kind of woman to wear a black and white fur chubby with patent leather boots for your wedding so props to you, Betty!
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