28 April 2017


While it was a good week, it was fairly uneventful so I don't have too many personal updates. I'm just getting excited for the weekend - they feel shorter as the weather gets nicer, but I'm still not complaining! Hopefully I don't get too distracted and blow off all of my errands.

430ed43fa2a85200a5f3f54de794504d.jpg (564×846)

Taking barre classes at Physique57! While this is definitely not the workout for me (it's so so so hard), I can't deny that I've seen the results in just a week and a half. Keeping me motivated is my friend Alix, who is a barre pro and got me to try the class!

b54b20db67ed3e6a1f3c1395acd88819.jpg (564×466)

Waiting for the Aquazzura x De Gournay collaboration to come out. I know I've written about it before, but I seriously am hoping to pick up a pair from this collection - they would be perfect for all those summer weddings I have coming up!

29976bddb840d166b711c8b435c02007.jpg (630×1200)

Attending a screening for the documentary How to Diffuse a Bomb: The Project Children Story. If you ever get the chance to see this, please go and watch it. What an unforgettable, inspiring, and thought provoking night! As an added treat Denis Mulcahy, two time Nobel Peace Prize nominee and the creator of Project Children, was there to speak about the project and I can't believe how humble he was about what he did and his accomplishments.

fe5da4d0d270ed33d756c4dd08fb2c70.jpg (564×564)

Loving Matches Fashion's packaging! I ordered from them for the first time and was pleasantly surprised to open my package to find a chic marbled paper box inside that held my new espadrilles. As a total sucker for package, I was in love and as an added bonus, I now have a new place to store my accessories.

2d71b1837ce6b553aea95a8b816afbad.jpg (390×585)

Planning a DIY day with Cait at some point in the near future! We used to have crafting days all the time growing up and we both have a few projects in mind. While I'm guessing her are more home decor related, mine are fashion updates to older pieces I might not want to get rid of, but are in need of a sprucing up.



26 April 2017

Spring Wishlist

Despite my best efforts to save money, with all the chic clothes and accessories available it's been a tough year on my wallet. Although there have been a few cases of  "oops! sorry for the inconvenience this is no longer available" I still manage to find something new or find what I'm looking for at a better price. I feel like every 3-5 years or so everything I love is in style and then it's a few years of nothing to buy so I'm trying not to feel too guilty. Here are a few of my top pieces for this season:

be780a45756606c777ec4d12871315d1.jpg (564×846)
MDS Stripes Skirt (sadly, this is completely sold out in my size)

4cc7e9eee077adbf9b324a04757e4a68.jpg (564×902)
Aquazzura Heels (I want everything from here right now, to be honest)

dabec4fcad428a53a0ae96e83e2694b0.jpg (564×903)

20eabbbe3cae2721f5992fc57ca59c3d.jpg (564×564)
St. Frank Baby Alpaca Throw in Sage (perfect for travel to use as scarf + blanket!!)

5fc5d33de3f16c4815497deb3be9351f.jpg (564×865)

Happy Wednesday!


24 April 2017

Pretty Pins for Spring

Happy Monday! I hope this week flies by just as quickly as last week did - can it be May already? I don't have much planned, except for testing a few more foods for my Low FODMAP diet, working out, getting some work on my magazine towerhouse (you can see a few updates on the towerhouse instagram!), and a screening for the film How to Diffuse a Bomb at the Irish Arts Center. I realized I haven't done a pretty pins post in awhile and thought it was high time to share a few images that have been inspiring me as of late on my pinterest account.

187d5833644f7092cf2b6111f5cd78bd.jpg (564×846)

6445c550a56a709d366bbde4a59a068d.jpg (325×442)

c00f0ae024da5ba836abf0d11b9d289e.jpg (296×470)

af5f6e9e1dadd6ea9c8f6b4aba25b44b.jpg (564×564)

d6974c48ac45be9c7ad7a1dcda0c0951.jpg (422×539)

See you on Wednesday!


21 April 2017


What a week! I feel like time is totally flying, but in a good way! Last week was limping by, so it was nice to have a total change of pace. I caught up with a friend over a walk, tried a few barre classes, and am slowly learning I can change my habits - it isn't just a myth. Just lots of hard work and understanding friends, more on that another time though!

a9d7c615c866aabcb93784ada5e742aa.jpg (289×356)

Trying volleyball with my roommate Christina! We joined a team with her friends as a fun thing to do on Tuesday nights and for a change of scene. I might not be the most athletic person in the group, but I'll definitely give it my all. Wish me luck, as I'm usually on the sidelines for things like this!

078b63bbfb5ef3e160824b73388f6ce6.jpg (564×802)

Editing my closet. It's high time I start making a few updates! As I've mentioned in past posts, my closet is in dire need of help and I'm slowly trying to upgrade a few looks. A main resource has been Moda Operandi, where I can buy nicer clothes and pay half now half later. So far it's worked out great for me and has curbed my spending significantly. Next up is organizing my closet and I'll be referencing this article to start!

e0fad7c0b5e8af5a617e9f18c7f62908.jpg (564×862)

Loving this Why Millenial Pink Refuses to Go Away article. As someone who is obsessed with the color in almost all shades, I loved reading about iconic pink moments in history.

d296a18f031c6f745bf51bf36855a297.jpg (500×701)

Obsessing over the Markarian trunkshow on Moda Operandi. I seriously want to order almost all of it, but am holding out for the 20 pairs of Aquazzura shoes I want. Namely, the De Gournay ones and the pink pom poms - or the black suede bows!

1218243da5e755663adb3d37c52bf40c.jpg (236×236)

Scrolling through Come to Coco, a blog I just discovered. I feel like we are kindred spirits, just on different coasts and in slightly different stages of life. While she doesn't blog often, I love popping in to see what she's up to and inspired by! 

Enjoy the weekend!


19 April 2017

Kate Schelter X San Vincente Bungalows

I'm sort of bummed I missed out on visiting the murals Kate Schelter painted for the San Vincente Bungalows before they went under renovation. They all looked so whimsical and as a fan of her work it would have been so fun to have a garden themed sleepover. The owner, Jeff Klein, gave her free range of the hotel to pick and choose what and where she could paint - basically an artist's dream!

a314f68cb3723566ba891240492ebb68.jpg (490×490)

736665a709d35460a1e7c204579731ad.jpg (564×333)

4257036cb1bf7d2cb52f263a36b90c7a.jpg (490×490)

cd161549640ebcb1c5723e4b08dd7317.jpg (564×333)

acbf001bab559b0734764668bf57cf5b.jpg (564×333)

Happy Wednesday!


14 April 2017


eccc295d029604d2368449e44091430d.jpg (564×370)

Amy Stone's apartment collaboration with One Kings Lane. While I personally have had quality issues with OKL products, I can't deny that their aesthetic just works for me. Needless to say, I am in love with Amy's apartment and totally wish I could apartment swap. I mean, that fireplace alone has me ready to move in! Now, if only I could get my roommate on board with the blue velvet couch idea...

e3285e36b4f80e7ea4ab4018ad1c7d2e.jpg (472×708)

Trying out the new, natural makeup I picked up at Follain last weekend. While I already cleaned up my face wash and toner, I had yet to tackle my makeup and other beauty products. I got a serious wake-up call earlier this winter and I decided it was high time to edit everything in my makeup bag and start fresh and go more natural. As I don't really wear makeup often, I didn't hesitate to throw anything out. So now you'll see me sporting a paired down look that just feels way more me - lipstick, highlighter, and a not so natural mascara courtesy of Dior.

5f123849363465c8a7f0b7b53bb06d21.jpg (500×500)

Ordering a few of these Louise Townsend bags as gifts for myself, family, and friends. Are they not the cutest? With Mother's day, birthdays, and summer just around the corner I'm starting to think of unique and cost effective gifts. These bags are pretty irresistible and perfect for a day at the beach, running errands, and maybe even a gym bag?!

ce22aa6dbaf48bf6753a2ed9f829e276.jpg (564×584)

Playing around with my watercolors again. It's been a few years since I've painted, but I'm picking up the paintbrushes again and hope to get a new logo for towerhouse and a few details for the website done! Right now I'm just trying to work on colors and getting back into my mixing groove, but I'm contemplating taking an online class - or a calligraphy one in person if I can find one. It's always fun to have a few watercolor tricks up my sleeve.

4277d2bb2c6f27c5e3b0467a4e6090a6.jpg (564×564)
Saving money wherever I can! Two of my biggest changes have been meal planning and prepping for the week and cutting out my metro card. Being able to just grab breakfast and lunch from the fridge has been a huge help and gets rid of any excuses I might make up for early mornings. It's also saved me tons of money, as I'm not ordering out nearly as much and as an added bonus, has become a relaxing weekend ritual. I also have been thoroughly enjoying my morning walks now that it's warm out. Here's to hoping these two changes make my waistline smaller and my wallet bigger.

Happy Easter weekend!

ARS xx

12 April 2017

Designer Love: India Amory

My chicest friend Cait posted on instagram a few weeks ago the most adorable robe and introduced me to the world of India Amory. It all started when Julia Amory was planning her wedding and couldn't find the right fabrics, a predicament that is something I think anyone can relate to at some point or another. She ultimately ended up designing her own hand blocked prints from India and created robes and boxers for the bridal party with the leftover fabric. From there she decided to launch her own brand, where you can pick up these affordable linens for yourself - or you can go crazy and create something custom! I personally ordered a pink robe (sorry, Cait, I copied you!) and pareo for myself and can't wait to order some table linens like this one.

c8283c579095e6343fad64b5297c9c12.jpg (564×704)

9699c06e9b7d61e77996cd20107d8875.jpg (500×500)

c4953107e3016d8e5b132204e70a8753.jpg (564×845)

9685dcd9c8e8ab117326ccbc257fabe0.jpg (500×500)

14d67087b8af6bb136ba572825aa92ac.jpg (236×236)

Happy Wednesday!


05 April 2017

Pretty Pins to Inspire

Vivre le printemps! It's finally beginning to feel like spring and I've been feeling so much more inspired lately. I've been buying some key pieces for a much  needed wardrobe update, making plans with friends, and overall just been coming out of hibernation (like the rest of New York). I just need to work on my fitness inspiration so I'll be in top shape for summer. In the meantime, I rounded up a few pins from pinterest that have been inspiring me this week.

887545561b568ec215683183e828fcff.jpg (564×447)

cf6d0943d25a86291a534325a056467a.jpg (406×610)

9694863f3e2e109718f9e10bcbef0e8b.jpg (564×315)

601e80a5c1842d698225c40817f3f2bc.jpg (564×846)

69d65ed5f2df37b4ed82fca180e38ffd.jpg (500×445)

Happy Wednesday!

ARS xx

03 April 2017

Aerin Lauder for Williams Sonoma

I'm sure you've all read or seen the Aerin Lauder collection at Williams Sonoma already but I had to share here. I love Aerin Lauder and I love Williams Sonoma, so naturally I'm ready to buy everything this collaboration has to offer. It's collaborations like this that make me long for more space or my own place to decorate. As much as I wish I could buy everything (hello, future PB home!) I can't justify buying all the pieces offered, so I'll just make a wishlist of my favorite things instead!

2ca096d6fd6a95fb9d3b8590e970eafb.jpg (564×752)

11e2ab0d524cf3b2d6ad539f4ebdb6a1.jpg (550×704)

0ff2220eda41e726d063da3411081b84.jpg (564×752)

58330d3798754b6d8a298c537a3e4977.jpg (564×751)

61c6c47ab1cb23fb44d07dae6fd7f4e8.jpg (564×564)

Happy Monday!

ARS xx
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