29 August 2010

note to self...

go back to ben's garden asap. i'm not a big oprah fan...trust me, i could do a while other blog post on her but i won't because 1. everyone else probably loves her and 2. i don't have any other basis other then the fact that every single thing she has recommended (with a few rare exceptions) i do not like. anyway, all those opinions aside, she was spot on when she said she loved this place!

in case you couldn't tell, i am obsessed with ben's garden! it is a shop filled with adorable decoupage trays, fabulous books, inspiring prints, and small little gifts (or treats for yourself, which i frequently buy, for myself of course). in particular, there is a framed print that i am dying for...but i have yet to hang all of my other prints so i can't really justify it just yet!
(but let me tell you, it is everything i love in 1: paris, pink, gold, and it involves audrey hepburn)

and did i mention the incredible window displays??

image: ben's garden website

28 August 2010

a little bit of bubbly

nooo not champagne silly (ok i wish i had some bubbly chilled because it would have been perfect when i was in the tub) but a bubble bath! it was the perfect end to the perfect day. lila and i made breakfast, went to the beach, had lunch at the club, went for a bike, had a mexican dinner, i took a bubble bath and now we are watching a movie tonight...so relaxing! i hope everyone is having such a good weekend as us!

also, i have lots of gossip so i'll have to share it with everyone tomorrow morning!

23 August 2010

Weekend Update

So while everyone else was heading back to school this weekend, Lila and I ventured up to Saratoga to visit some of our best friends! It was the perfect thing to do this weekend to get our minds off of not going back to school.

It was so much fun! We went to the horse races and we all dressed up for it...even though no one else around us did! I will admit, however, that I was not in the best of moods during the day considering I was sick and ended up throwing a pity party for one...but I made it work and somewhat redeemed myself with everyone orrr at least I think I did??

13 August 2010

Childish Fears

When you are little, you are afraid of the funniest things ever. I mean think back on it, you will remember the silliest things you were afraid of. Anyway, I'm not sure if anyone will remember the episode of Rugrats where Chuckie swallows the watermelon seed and it grew in his stomach, but it made a huge impression on me. So much so that I developed an irrational fear of eating watermelon with seeds in it (even the white ones). Although my parents told me it would never happen, to this day I refuse to eat watermelon with seeds in it.

Anyway, I almost drove off the road yesterday when I heard about the man who had a pea in his lung grow. Yes, this is true! He swallowed a pea and it grew in his lung. I can't begin to tell you how hard I laughed when I found out the guys was ok. Also, I was somewhat relieved because I finally was able to break my long writers block spell! I knew this was just the thing to share with everyone!

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