30 July 2011

Note to Self:

Stop By :

1. That yummy french bakery and Nick and Johnnies
2. Groovy Palm Beach / Dixie Highway
3. Stubbs and Wooton
4. Lilly Pulitzer
5. The Beach


i have recently started yoga in order to improve my flexibility...so far i have not been sucessful, but hope springs eternal and one day i will be able to touch my toes!

29 July 2011

travel plans

will be popping down to palm beach for the weekend to celebrate the birth of CIS and for HHS to start golf camp! i will be relaxing on the beach and going to the pool...i'm not the best at golfing and i'm not allowed to just drive the cart (or so my dad says...)

i'm actually really excited to go because i have been craving a palm beach trip!

28 July 2011


my go to fruit during the summer is watermelon! you can't go wrong with it and everyone loves it! (except the pesky black seeds...) i recently had an amazing watermelon juice that i am going to have to attempt to recreate! i had it at le pain quotidian...


(they added in cucumber, but i don't like cucumber so i will not be including that in my drink!)

i also am going to freeze it, so i will be sure to tell you how that goes!

27 July 2011

Gilt City

I admit it, I have an addiction to gilt city (referred in correspondance between my Dad and I as "guilt city"). Honestly though, how can you resist the great specials and new ideas you can find!?

I'm always checking the website at 10am every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!

26 July 2011

henri bendel

my go to store for all thing involving accessories henri bendel happens to be having a sale! i will be stopping by and picking up a few pieces to add to my collection!

they also have these really fun and colorful scarves that i like to give as gifts to friends.

25 July 2011

le pain quotidien

my new breakfast spot has the best french bread with jam and is the most probable reason for my weight gain...

i might have to make this my new sunday ritual with CMR!
(and go to the gym right after)

20 July 2011

Breakfast Epiphanies

Some articles and websites that caught my eye yesterday:

1. the leisure dive - Is this real or photoshopped? looks somewhat painful...
2. john galliano interview - Considering the scandals revolving around him this past year, it was interesting to read this article and interview!
3. kind newsstand vendor - A lighthearted and uplifting story...something similar happened to me (I left my cell phone in a cab and someone returned it)
4. snow leopard population on the rebound - Such exciting news, one of my favorite animals happens to be making a comeback in Afghanistan!
5. some fun optical illusions - The sidewalk installation is really cool to look at!

Happy reading!

14 July 2011

Throw Out 50 Things: Clear the Clutter, Find Your Life

I am taking this book to heart! I have so much stuff and not enough room! I don't know why I need all of my old magazines, random, pieces of paper, and the list goes on from there. I can't wait to declutter my room so it can finally get back to normal! Ok, relatively normal BUT still, I am making a huge step by even thinking about getting rid of things. Last year there was no chance I would have gotten rid of a single thing!

13 July 2011

magazine must reads

i'm not sure if i have admitted this to you guys yet, but i'm a total hoarder. if you have read my blog at all this little fun fact probably does not come as a shock.
anyways, one of the many things i like to ...ahem... collect are magazines. not the trashy gossip rags, but the fabulous french ones (and american vogue and haarpers, occasionally vanity fair and now that i think of it elle decor...). i thought i would share with you my must read list:

the list goes on but i don't want to bore you!

12 July 2011

the nook

for my birthday my fav sister caroline got me the nook and i'm obsessed! now i can read all of my embarrassing books in public and not worry about hiding the titles and covers!
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