31 March 2010

1 year anniversary

today is the 1 year anniversary of my blog! i guess you can say i've come a long way... i now have 54 followers!!! (i was devastated when i didn't have any) i also feel like i'm somewhat more organized in my writing and what i want to talk about.

tomorrow (when i'm not celebrating) i will be sure to give you a special blog post that i planned on doing today!

but anyways, i would like to say thank you to all of my followers for taking the time to read my blog and commenting (they make my day!)

30 March 2010

The Blues

Ii guess that I did not realise how fast senior year flies by and it is just hitting me now. I'm excited to close the book on school and move on to a job (who are we kidding here...I wish I could stay in school for the sole reason being that getting a job does not sound like my idea of fun, but then again homework and essays doesn't really either). However, I know that I'm going to be leaving my best friends and a house full of memories.

Sorry for the downer of a post...it's just been hitting me big time that I have like 5 weeks left here and then I'll be by myself in the city!

25 March 2010

workout slump

so it's safe to say that i am not a firm believer in working out. i hate it when i start to feel tired and do not have any guilt in stopping my workout. in the past (high school) i would work out for crew about 2-2 1/2 hours a day and then when i first got to school i would wake up at 5 to row for the team (that lasted a semester). now i find myself sitting, doing nothing and making up excuses to avoid the gym (this explains my 20 lb weight gain over the past 4 years).

well, now that i'm graduating i feel as though i need to get back on track and stop being lazy. which is why i got the jillian micheals no more trouble zones workout video. let me tell you this...i had to stop 30 minutes into it because it was so hard to do. i mean honestly, who actually wants to do a workout video where your muscles are screaming after like 10 seconds. and to make maters worse everyone would make fun of me for doing a workout video. whatever, i know i need someone to push me and obviously personal trainer is out of the question (i doubt they have any in upstate ny).

i need a new workout routine where i can feel a burn but without tiring after 30 minutes!
any ideas?!

image: vogue

23 March 2010

lipstick devotional

i love lipstick. it's a well known fact that i have worn lipstick exclusively for the past 3 years...up until then i would share time between lipgloss and lipstick. anyways, i just found a fabulous quote by peter phillips (for those of you who don't know he is chanel's global creative director for makeup) on the cinderella project (a wedding blog, if you are getting married check it out and if you arn't...like me...it has pretty pictures, good ideas for normal parties, and the name is fabulous).

"Women seem to have forgotten how to apply lipstick . . . there is something so feminine about the act of applying lipstick. I want to make lipstick as easy to apply as lip gloss, and for a long-lasting formula to feel comfortable on the lips."

why? why does she not wear lipgloss you may ask. well, i find it to be so annoying when hair gets stuck in your lips. honestly, i couldn't drive with the window down without my hair getting stuck in my face and inevitably blocking my vision. i also would find myself compulsively making sure it was still on and that the color was showing and when neither of those were happening i would sprint to the bathroom and fix it. (or attempt to fix it because everyone and their mother was trying to do the same thing!) so as you can see it was simply too stressful and time consuming to continue my relationship with lipgloss so i committed to lipstick!

sidenote: there is a new chanel red that i am absolutely am going to try!

21 March 2010

sunday night party idea

so i must admit that going out and drinking 4 nights a week and on top of that doing lots of hw there is not a lot of time for relaxing and doing nothing!

well, that is about to change! thanks to a fabulous idea from daily candy, i will now be hosting sunday movie nights for whoever decides to come. (realistically it will probably be me by myself but whatever) what better way to unwind and procrastinate then to watch fabulous movies with friends and yummy snacks???

movies that are on the list include:
5. the andy warhol screen test video i got last summer at colette

also, sorry for the lack of posts! i have been super busy traveling and catching up on hw! i'll be sure to give a full update when things slow down (tuesday night!?)

09 March 2010

under the lights

it has been so relaxing being down here! today we did some fun vintage shopping...I scored 2 lilly dresses!!! tonight we are going to support our girls lacrosse team!!!

team under the lights

holly and alyssa!

dana being camera shy!

team backpacks

our side of the field!

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07 March 2010

Spring break

as I mentioned before, me, holly, alyssa, and dana are all in palm beach together! we are all having so much fun cooking and relaxing by the pool (natives have been spotted in scarves and trench coats)...

dana and holly cooking for us!

holly's red bird (???) drinks she made for us

the table me and alyssa set (yes, i actually do know how to set a table...)

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05 March 2010


Hi everyone! I guess I should have given more warning but i am on spring break! after long amd miserable travelling days (a 7 hour drive that could have been 6 if i didn't get lost for an hour...it usually takes me 9 but i was speeding a little bit don't tell! and on top of that a 6 am flight) we have arrived in palm beach!

can you think of anything fun to do for me and my friends??

I'll be in touch soon

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03 March 2010


i'm pretty sure that this is proof that my mother loves thor, my dog, more then her children (excluding henry...possibly). not only does she cook thor meals (that is a whole other rant) but she buys thor clothes now and not me! i mean it's not like thor will freeze to death in the cold, he's a dog! news flah mom: dogs have survived in the cold for as long as they have been roaming the earth so i don't understand why a hunting dog (arn't they supposed to be rugged anyway?!) needs a jacket!

the wide leg pants i've been angling for are the much better buy (i want the pants and will happily wear them instead of trying to rip them off). just look at thor begging to have the offensive green jacket removed!

01 March 2010

future homes

ever since it actually hit me that i am graduating and will need to find a place to live and a job i've been souring the internet for places to live and apply. in my searches i have found some pretty cool celebrity rooms or closets or offices that i'm for sure keeping in my inspiration folder!

alice temperly's office (i think!!)

lulu guinness's bedroom

paris hilton's bedroom

paris hilton's closet (what i wish mine looked like)

nicole richie's closet (close to what mine looks like...)

nicky hilton's closet (again, i wish mine was this organized!)
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