06 April 2009

"Make a List....You'll Feel Better"

There are many things that keep me in line and organized. the main one being to do lists. I think I have made over a thousand to do lists in the past month alone. Why do people love to do lists?? Is it the satisfaction a person gets from checking or crossing something out?

Today's to do list was the following:

1. Email Jessica

2. Go to the post office-if I don't I should prob just kill myself (I had to send my great aunts bday card...about 3 weeks late. To make up for it I included a painting I made.)

3. Gym/workout video

4. CMC and Dance and Society Project

5. Blog

6. Print out Parsons course descrpition for advisor

7. Read for class tommorow

8. Shower

9. Call Cait, Mom, and Dad (in said order)

10. Sign up for yoga class

And this was just the start of it. (Side note: about 3 of the things were actually completed, including this post so I will be very busy tomorrow).

Do I actually feel better after making my list? Yes, i do...for about 10 minutes. It gives me purpose to my day. It is a plan. Who doesn't like that feeling?? And then I crash after about 10 minutes. It finally hits me. I have a ton of work to do today and I wasted about 10 minutes making and celebrating my list. Now what? Where do I start? I made the list not in terms of importance, but by what came to mind. Now I have to stress out for about 20 minutes on what to do first. I know what has to be done but do I actually want to do that first? No. I will just procrastinate more and hope that I make my way down to the important stuff. I never really do but whatever.

So why do I actually make these lists that simply stress me out? Because I love crossing out the things that I have done. Nothing makes me feel better then making a check mark next to a finished task. It's glorious! When I know I'm going to have a busy day I add everyday things to my lists. Including, but not limited to brushing my teeth, showering, laundry, chores etc...I know you all would do it too. It makes me feel like I did so much more then I did. I could probably make a book about the lists I have made. In fact, I have a book called Princess Notes that is dedicated to my to do lists!

I have to run. My teacher is about to discover what I am working on so intently (so out of character!!)

Bye darlings!

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