31 August 2009

back to school essentials

most people do not take the fabulous snuggie seriously because of the commercials. i personally looked past the typical made for tv special and took a chance. i love my snuggie. it has made my reading time more special...my arms don't get cold anymore. when a person (me obviously) is an avid reader living in the arctic, nothing is better then warm arms. so thank you snuggie people, i am now a much more happier reader.

please note i got the cute cheetah print!! and everyone that makes fun of me will be jealous when thye are struggling to finish thier school reading in the cold and i am going to be nice and warm!


pictured: my cousin peter!

30 August 2009

Last Night

After last night this is how I feel - so mortified that I want to go home where I can become anonymous again.

a fabulous photo  from  kate spade

18 August 2009

kate spade

i'm not sure how you feel about kate spade, but i have been obsessed with it since i saw her fishing basket purse in the 7th grade (i believe, but don't quote me on that).  it was a semi dark brown with pink leather. anyways, for me kate spade is always a "love at first sight" kind of thing. i have been lusting for the adorable bow accents in bags, bracelets, and shoes.* 

i think this bag is the epitome of my style and also adorable for fall!

kate spade has these shoes shown in black on her website. they are to die for!

and no, my parents did not kill me! i suppose i was being rather dramatic about the whole thing. whatever.

*side note: i'm not sure if you have ever noticed but she always has the most adorable decor in her stores from the posters and paintings to the vintage books. i also have always loved the little quotes and sayings in her labels or tags.

09 August 2009

another day, another oops

car crash
Originally uploaded by castlerising

I had a really traumatic day on Friday. I wasn't able to discuss it until today it was so terrible. I backed up into a car...I've never done anything like this before. I blame the moron for parking his car in front of a driveway. Like seriously, what are you thinking?! I mean everyone knows it's like an unwritten rule of the road to not park your car in an inconvenient spot. Especially when there is a massive Yukon XL parked in the driveway. Also, it is poor form to leave your car on the side of the road after a party for the whole entire next day. Obviously whatever, it was only a dent...a huge one. Parents are going to kill me.


07 August 2009


i'm a new yorker. obviously i'm a yankees fan and proud of our win last night against the red sox. i hope we have the same kind of luck tonight. sooo i can only say LET'S GO YANKEES!

05 August 2009


good bye paris, hello new york. more specifically hello beaches. as i have not been on a beach in more then a year i plan on spending the last 2 weeks of summer break on the beach getting a tan. (please note:last break ever). patty (a friend from paris) is coming to visit today. i can't wait.
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