24 February 2010


so i have been slacking off with this book but for a totally good reason!! i have been trying to figure out how to do the next 3 stupid prompts without coming off as conceited, lazy, and a little too obsessed with shiny things (if there is such a thing). anyways, i am going to do the other 3 on my own and maybe share what i did later. (i mean do you really want to hear 3 things i love about myself and why or what i did on a day i skipped class, or the shiny things i collected?!) ok so now i'm going toprogress to the next task 8.

"if you're familiar with a light in the attic, where the sidewalk ends, the missing piece, and other shel silverstein books, you know that he is a master of the silly but poignant rhyme, and that he has awesome poems about picking one's nose, bears living in refrigerators, and the perils of not taking out the garbage. if you're not familiar with his work, it's time to start.

write your favorite shel silverstein poem here, and then try to memorize it" (pg 10 of the happiness book)

ok so previously i might have been the slacker and pick the shortest one to memorize, but after my acting class i'm confident that i can actually memorize and preform it for you. (no, i do not need a teleprompter like other people might need...)

Messy Room

Whosever room this is should be ashamed!
His underwear is hanging on the lamp.
His raincoat is there in the overstuffed chair,
And the chair is becoming quite mucky and damp.
His workbook is wedged in the window,
His sweater's been thrown on the floor.
His scarf and one ski are beneath the TV,
And his pants have been carelessly hung on the door.
His books are all jammed in the closet,
His vest has been left in the hall.
A lizard named Ed is asleep in his bed,
And his smelly old sock has been stuck to the wall.
Whosever room this is should be ashamed!
Donald or Robert or Willie or--
Huh? You say it's mine? Oh, dear,
I knew it looked familiar!

23 February 2010


In case you didn't know, I love to read. I prefer reading to movies, tv, magazines, and the list goes on. I find bookstores to be the most relaxing places, and can spend hours wandering around inspired by the many different topics. (People won't go with me to bookstores because I spend so much time in them...) Anyways, I must recommend this book called Lunch in Paris: A Love Story With Recipes by Elizabeth Bard. (she also has a blog!) I have only read one chapter (I have to limit myself to one a night, otherwise I could read the whole thing in one sitting...which is a habit of mine) but it is fantastic so far and makes me long to go back to Paris. (Side Note: I head fabulous reviews from Carol at Paris Breakfasts)

I'm trying to start a book club so maybe this book will inspire people to join! I mean you can read, discuss and cook the recipes in the book at the same time!!!

PS: Does anyone know of any other good books? I love all books - thriller, romance, murder, fashion, every genre...

Photo Credit: lunch in paris

21 February 2010


i don't know about you guys but i hate doing laundry. it's so miserable, especially when you have to share 2 washers and dryers with 30 something other girls, who apparently love to do laundry. i try to avoid it at all costs, to the point where i think boys do it more then i do!

well, this friday i actually did it. (maybe there was some pressure from roommates and lack of socks) anyways, i hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! i went to middlebury for the night and got a stomach flu! now all i have to do is get motivated enough to do my homework...

19 February 2010

valentino: the last emperor

as you know i love fashion and am addicted to anything involving it. i happened to buy valentino: the last emperor a little while ago (like 3 weeks) and just had the chance to watch it. it is a must see! if you love fashion or want to learn a little bit about it then i highly recommend it!

my favorite parts usually include the 5 little puppies he has or the little arguments that him and his partner have!

and i must admit that i cried at the end...

photo credits: shadow cabaret and here

18 February 2010


thanks you guys for the support!!
all of my classes are done for the week so i'm just going to relax and read a book!

i don't know why but blogger won't let me put a picture up...strange and i'm sorry for the lack of eye candy! i'll try to figure it out!

17 February 2010

When Miserable Things Happen To Fabulous People

I know you have had one of those days...the ones where everything possible goes wrong. Well that would be the past 24 hours for me. Last night I demolished my phone, split my finger nail in half, and had my car blocked by some heinous car with flowers painted on it.

RIP  Pinkness (yes, I named my phone Pinkness)

My nonexistent nail (not only is it tragic that I don't have a good manicure readily available but I have permanent oil paint stains all over my hands)

Honestly, it was the worst school day this semester! But seriously though, who would ever park their car directly behind another persons car when it is obvious the other person is going to have issues getting out. That is so rude and whatever, the flowers were painted on poorly, I could have done a better job. Apple - phones should not randomly turn off and never turn back on. It provokes people to throw their phones and break nails thereby causing the night to end bloody and full of tears. I basically had to resort to smoke signals to get in contact with my parents who were casually lounging on the beach.

On that note, thank you Mom and Dad for helping me with the phone situation and for not getting too angry with me! (ps I named my new phone pinkness2) and Holly for helping me direct my car out of the most ridiculous situation possible and going with me to the at&t store. I hope everyone else had a fabulous day though!

photo credit: ME!

15 February 2010

Fashion Help

Ok most of the time I'm confident in my fashion choices but I'm not sure how I feel about this floral print...

Does it look like a tablecloth??

photo: shopbop.com

14 February 2010

12 February 2010

happy weekend!

happy weekend! i'll be going to valentine's day parties...what will you guys be doing??

photo: i forget, again. i have to figure out how to save photos and where i got them from!

11 February 2010

the olympics

what a fabulous week this is! not only does fashion week start but the olympics start this week too! to get in the spirit of both why not take a look at these super fun shoes. (while they are not to my taste i think they are really clever and fun) you can root for the team of your choice with unique flair!

over the top

sooo i am so excited to tell everyone that i finally got a blog award (from alanna...super nice and has a great blog, you should def check her out! not only is her name alanna, but she also has sparkles in her name...must be an alanna thing). so i would like to say a special thanks to alanna for giving it to me! it made my week for sure and it's nice to know that someone actually reads what i write!


so i am going to nominate 6 blogs that i read all the time and are fantastic an just as over the top as me and alanna!!

1. c blog

2. one classy gal

3. mermaid in madras

4. tartan and toile

5. get it girl style

6. privilege

happy blogging and be sure to check them out!!

perfect harmony

so i guess i never really talk about what my room is like at school. it is dramatically different from my room at home...there are actually pictures on the wall! i have 2 fabulous roommates (holly and molly) and i'm still trying to convince everyone to get a pet. unfortunately, it has yet to happen.

our futon is so cozy and we picked the best smelling candle ever!

obviously mine is the one with nothing on top of it...don't worry! i'll put up an updated picture where you can see the shrine i created for myself!

bras on the wall..a prank played on my roommates that was taken down almost immediately after the picture was taken. also, please note that our room is usually not a mess. i just have yet to post the real pictures!

04 February 2010

01 February 2010

grandmas, dogs and rainbows

happiness book part 2:

as i've mentioned before i have an obsession with buying books based on covers. well i've finally decided to actually do this book from start to finish and i'm now on the 2nd page (i got it in january...)

"there are certain unspoken associations of happiness: cookie-baking grandmas, faithful childhood dogs, a sky full of rainbows. But just because lots if people loves something doesn't mean it's wrong for you to love it too. pick your favorite happy cliche and write about it."

my happy cliche is when you find the perfect dress. there is nothing better then when you search day after day looking for a dress that you have in your head and finally find it. there are billions of sub par dresses you find and then you find a couple of potentials that you put on hold because you are desperate to find a dress and then you find the one. it's like a huge weight was lifted off your shoulders and you can finally relax. that obsession you had with finding the dress night after night is miraculously gone and you can finally go to sleep. the only problem is affording it...

obviously there are like a million things that make me happy but this is the happy cliche that first came to mind. (i just thought of about a million better ones that make me seem less superficial but whatever. think what you want!)

photo credit: rodney smith
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