27 July 2017

Pretty Pins for Late July

I know I usally post on a M/W/F schedule, but it's definitely been one of those weeks where I'm just lagging a little bit. I hate that August is just around the corner, which always feels a little bit like the beginning of the end of my favorite season. Not helping is having to cancel a trip to Greece and Italy, which I was totally looking forward to. To make up for it, I just might need to go visit Oliver!

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dd2ea5355092b5e0ffae4a9b08878dc5.jpg (286×380)

1b3665ecc9b14a14c217941361c34752.jpg (348×434)

a24eaa99581e92da322f57d20f1ce6a8.jpg (462×699)

5d6a5fa64af2f2a662c119316a5b647a.jpg (564×693)

Happy Thursday! 


24 July 2017

ZANNI: Dresses For Whatever

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had as fun a weekend as I did. Thanks to the humidity, I pretty much lived in my favorite light summer dresses all weekend (my new ZANNI dress was a life saver on Friday, but I'm jumping ahead of  myself). I'll try not to complain too much, considering how much I complained about the cold winter.

As I've mentioned in previous posts, I'm big on supporting brands made in the United States like Industry Standard and MDS Stripes (to name a few!). Immediately added to the top of my favorites list is ZANNI, a brand started by a college friend. Made in LA from the softest (and very breathable) technical Italian fabrics, I can personally vouch these dresses will seamlessly take you from day to night and (if I had a few more drinks) I probably would have slept in mine, they are that comfortable. As an added bonus, these wardrobe staples are the perfect kind of low maintenance chic, where you just need to wash in cold water and hang to dry - they won't lose their shape!

3d0d26bee04afdc34768208a79c5a65f.jpg (530×657)

f7e2f937025ddc4dd4f309b468a15b71.jpg (530×657)

54019c524dcbf53e6219e77a9887ec1f.jpg (530×657)

e760361bc6cb6c5677b4106b1ab6ff78.jpg (530×657)

774c93f5f9cdebd7fcc6610af4c1be9c.jpg (530×657)

I bought the Maximum Leg Dress and have my eye on the Out of Office Dress for my next purchase!

21 July 2017

Mid-July Wish List

Usually I like to do a Currently post every Friday to round up what I've been up to, thinking, and loving. This week, as I haven't really had the time to write it out I'm just going to do a quick roundup of what is on my wishlist at the moment.

960072dfd243e44fcff693abf822c23c.png (600×600)

8e2e95152d1ee2c04a473b17785961b8.jpg (564×846)
Eberjay PJs

TGIF, everyone! 


19 July 2017

Pretty Pins for Inspiration

It's been a grueling two weeks, so I apologize for the lack of posts. If you follow me on instagram you'll know I was travelling for fun in Nantucket and for business in Memphis and I'm so glad to be home. There isn't a specific theme for these pins, just a few images that have caught my eye for one reason or another.

4141dcc7b8ca850bb49b06aeb0a74c42.jpg (564×789)

db6fd8657c84d85201f426fe15bfb8ac.jpg (438×653)

96d8ab0da15b96fcad22838c7693f5ea.jpg (428×640)

0983c71ec1086fd1d4f9a3c04310041b.jpg (564×846)

ee8b6c2a3f30c4bce25d77322d7ace47.jpg (500×700)

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Excited to be back on my blogging track. 

ARS xx
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