31 May 2013

Party Planning: Graduation

CIS finally graduated - woohoo! Now we get to plan the fun stuff, like her graduation party. My parents promised me a party, but never delivered, so I guess I'm stuck planing my sisters instead of mine.

I would def want some pretty tablescape details, kind of like these napkins!  

There would absolutely be really fun balloons everywhere. 

CHampagne would be the drink of choice because we're celebrating the end of school. Forever. Or at least until August, which is when CIS gets her MASTERS! 

Party dresses are a must. 

Blue velevet cake should be served, because her school colors were blue and white! 

30 May 2013

Summer Playlist Faves

I can already tell these songs are going to be at the top of my Summer playlist! 

Train in Vain - The Clash
Respect Yourself - Marcello Giordani
It's Automatic - Zoot Woman
Get Lucky - Daft Punk
Treasure - Bruno Mars
Controversy - Prince

29 May 2013

Ladybug Lore

Our house gets infested with Ladybugs every single Spring. In one way, it's amazing because that means our family is really lucky, but it also can get kind of depressing because a lot of them die. I've always wondered why lady bugs are lucky and finally took the time out to look it up. While there are many theories out there, the general consensus is that ladybugs are lucky because they eat crop pests!

28 May 2013

Fashion Spotlight: Carven

It's no secret that I'm a shopping addict and that it's only natural I did some shopping while in Paris.  While I was browsing the shops, I immediately became obsessed with the safari toile print from Carven. Sadly, the dresses and jackets didn't fit as I envisioned, but that's ok because I scored some pretty sweet flats and a wallet!

24 May 2013

Party Planning: Memorial Day

I love Memorial Day, not only for the obvious reasons, but also because I can finally wear white.  I'm probably the only person on the planet who still follows this rule, but it forces me to actually wait for Summer to wear my favorite things...which I never ever get tired of. If I were throwing a BBQ and not just attending one, I would totally...

Be either dressed in white head to toe or in bright Lilly. While this might not be the most practical hostess outfit, I'm just eager to start wearing white and/or Lilly again. 

Have a really amazing BBQ filled with some good old fashioned faves! 

As with every party I would throw, flowers everywhere!

23 May 2013

Paris Hangover

My time in Paris was absolutely perfect. I did everything that I wanted to do and more! 

I got to eat at Mama Shelter, a tres chic Parisian restaurant in a hotel. 

Stopped by the Marche Aux Puces de Saint-Ouen aka Clingnancourt and got some great apartment inspiration. 

Went back to my fave candy store in the world and picked up some froufrou - YUM!

Swung by Le Tour-Eiffel.

Visited the latest concept store, merci and saw some awesome installations and stunning clothes.  

Peeked into BONTON, my second fave children's clothing store. Is it a surprise to anyone that Bonpoint started this one too?

Saw some amazing exhibitions, including DYNAMO. Super cool! 

22 May 2013

Love List

I'm sharing with you a few things that make me happy:

1. Waking up to a new monthly horoscope.

2.  Bows on my toes

3. Quinn Popcorn

21 May 2013

Artist Love: Staffan Wiren

These are such fun and amazing illustrations that would be perfect in a children's bedroom...or playroom!

20 May 2013

WANDERLUST: Flight Prep Tips

Not that I'm a frequent flier, but I've def been on some long flights. My tips? 

The perfect plane outfit
I like a smart looking outfit that's comfortable enough to sleep in, but still looks good when I land.

A relaxing playlist 
This is actually a funny story... When I was on my flight to China, I passed out and accidentally played the same song on repeat, so the Chinese people next to me had to listen to Donald Fagen's "I.G.Y." for pretty much the entire flight. Clearly, that is a song that puts me right to sleep!

Who wants to be dehydrated on a flight? No one. That's why I always buy the biggest bottle of water I can find and have it within reach

Blanket + Sleeping Mask
Plane blankets don't cut it, so I always bring my lavender throw blanket because it's cuddly and warm. To match, I typically bring my sleeping mask that I use at home to make sure it's completely dark for me.

Yummy Snacks
Let's be honest, the little bags they give you are not enough to survive a whole flight on. 

12 May 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day (although technically it's a whole week in my family) to my Mom and my Grandmothers! I'm so lucky to have such stylish, strong, and beautiful women in my life. This Mother's Day is particularly special because it's also my Grandmother's 80th birthday. I tell her all the time that she's my "soul sister" as well as my Grandma. 

I also would like to take the time to wish all the Moms who follow Sparkles of Life - enjoy your day! 


10 May 2013


Je suis arrivé ce matin à Paris!*

I definitely have felt a burning need to get out of New York recently and bit the bullet and bought a ticket to France and left for Paris last night. Paris, aka my home away from home, is my happy place. 

2012 did not end on a good note and 2013 is off to a rocky start, so I'm hoping I find the inner peace I did 4 years ago, again. Luckily, I have friends and family there to give me a boost. With this being said, thank you for your patience while I'm away. If you're interested in my trip, you can follow my on instagram - I'll be sure to keep it updated.

ARS (aka @bepink)

* I arrived in Paris this morning

09 May 2013

May Lust List

I've definitely am all caught up in this beautiful weather we've been experiencing and have quite the long list of things I want! Clearly I won't be getting all of them, but here are a few that are at the top:

These YSL heels.

This fun pink top!

These amazing shark tooth earrings.

08 May 2013

Apartment Inspiration: Jungle Fever

Recently, I've been inspired by anything junglesque - cheetahs, greens, and pink (because pink makes a lot of sense in the jungle). These are a few images that are inspiring me to update my room in the apartment:

Plants can make for some awesome room decor and would totally go with  my fave color - pink!

Anything animal print is welcome at all times and for any room.

This is such a cute desk inspiration picture...too bad I have a really fab mirror over it instead. I'll have to find another place to put floral decor!

Definitely feeling the greens here and the dresser - for some reason it reminds me of a catalog chest an explorer would use. 

07 May 2013

Gym Motivation

I'm always looking for ways to trick myself into enjoying my workouts at the gym. Some great mental tricks that work for me include:

Pretending someone is coming to kidnap me. 
This is a huge motivator, because let's be honest - no one wants to get caught by the bad guy so you bet I will run as fast as possible and for however long needed. I need to get in shape in case this actually happens. 

Imagining I'm getting ready for my fitness video. 
Obviously I'm going to need a fantastic and fit body to prove to people they want to buy my video.

Turning the treadmill into a race.
Yes, I do race people on the treadmill. Doe they know? No....or maybe they do and just don't care. Regardless, friendly competition never really hurt anyone! 

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