27 February 2017

Late-Winter Wishlist

Whoops! I didn't mean for my blog hiatus to go on for as long as it did. This part of the year is really tough for me - the weather is hit or miss, I'm not motivated to be social and I tend to go into extreme hibernation mode. Honestly, when I get like this I tend to revert back to my emotional eating and shopping which is not ideal for both my waistline and wallet. This year I'm trying to curb my eating and spending so I'll be sticking to wishlists to get me through the next few weeks. This is currently what I'm loving:

08 February 2017

Snow Day Prep, New York City Style

ab109b1748000a375ef80abc561c97b8.jpg (564×749)

New York is supposed to be hit with a fairly big snowstorm tomorrow! This news comes at the beginning of fashion week, so I'm hoping to see some exciting winter street style. While I'm lucky that it usually is only a one day impact on the city, I still like to be as prepared as possible, in case of a bigger emergency. Luckily I have most of the food essentials on hand, so I generally focus on entertainment! My favorites include, hair + face masks, watching romcoms or exciting crime shows, and snuggling up with a good book.

I hope your week is going well!!

ARS xx 
S U B S C R I B E 

06 February 2017

On My Radar

Has the past month been a bit more hectic for anyone else? I've been feeling a bit crazed and want to slow down! To break with my normal posts, I'm doing a roundup of articles and images that caught my eye that I might not dedicate an entire post to I still want to talk about. Some of the highlights include a mediation app that helps people slow down and a skincare line I'm totally enamored with. I particularly love the red dress in Emilia Wickstead's Moda Operandi Collection, but all of the feminine dresses are a must see (even though the trunkshow is over). Any letter writers here? You must check out the Oscar de la Renta stamps.

afbea6587424f38b8fca965431a598e5.jpg (564×902)

03 February 2017

Friday's Pretty Pins

Happy Friday! This week definitely dragged on a bit for me, but we finally arrived at Friday! Did anyone else feel the same? I treated myself to a cab ride and a cupcake for breakfast to celebrate and will dedicate this weekend to myself. I'll leave you here with a few images that are inspiring me and wishes for a weekend as fun as mine is sure to be!

4377f24dee3f58d2d33d0d3114b80e68.jpg (564×733)

fa560d0265997f1c7fc93929ee931a97.jpg (400×600)

e93518642101527e2c624555d66ee75f.jpg (500×600)

ARS xx

01 February 2017

Artist Love: Grace Mehan DeVito

Happy February! Did January fly by for you? I felt like it half flew, half dragged on. Luckily, I had a lot going on at work to keep me busy. Working in the art world is mostly a dream, but can also be a curse when you see a must have work that you can't immediately have. This happens to me daily and one memorable time was when I stumbled on Grace Mehan DeVito's work earlier this year. I can't get enough of her gorgeous still lives and the stunning portraits she does. Hopefully I'll be able to acquire one of her paintings at some point in my life.

22fad2e666d494f12275e2ed89049cbd.jpg (465×470)

a49f30a46d9a89323fdb9e96e85c17aa.jpg (370×470)

19ec9779e3045ede93759b28412d2473.jpg (447×470)

534ca31da83c99b96bdf5934f9f8c63c.jpg (564×374)

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