29 September 2011

On The Hunt

The search for the perfect nightstand and lamp is on!

Currently checked off my list:
A rug
AND Mirror

28 September 2011

grace potter

this past weekend i ventured over to the grace potter concert with the girls and we had so much fun (even though the only song i know is the paris song). but whatever, grace potter puts on a great show and had such a great energy on stage!

26 September 2011

Luxury Straws

I was shopping today with my parents and had a field day when I spotted these silver straws at Tiffany. I especially was a fan of the ant straw. What is perfect about these straws is that I can't bite them to little bits like I do with every other straw that comes my way! If I were in the position to spend $250 frivolously, I would totally have gotten one...or 5!

23 September 2011

design sponge

now that i have my new apartment i have been scouring books and magazines for decor inspiration. imagine how excited i was to see the new design sponge book out?

other essentials include:


22 September 2011

Wheels & Dollbaby - Clothes to Snare a Millionaire

I'm susally not into the pinup type of clothing but I must admit I am obsessed with some of the dresses, skirts, and tops!

I am partial to the ballet skirt and the holiday in st tropez dress

20 September 2011

start spreading the news

i have finally moved into my new apartment in Town! next thing on the list is orrdering champagne and macarons for my housewarming party!

*sidenote: now that i am finally in and have time to blog again you can expect regular updates/blogspots!

08 September 2011

it happened so fast

things i loved about the summer:

1. summer birthdays

(once again, happy birthday to all by beautiful friends and family members)

2. the beach


3. weekend getaways

who doesn’t love last minute jaunts to palm beach?

4. Visitors

Peter, Alex, and Dude – you must come visit again...stat!

5. ball games

perfect on a warm summer night

6. celebrations

the 4th of July is one of my favorites!

7. apartment plotting

COH and I are excited to live together

8. discoveries

who would have thought that tourists could teach you things about your town…

9. mind and body treatments

cleansing with CMR and going to the spa was just what I needed

10. arnold palmers

my drink of choice during the summer

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