28 June 2009

so much to do, so little time

i'm about to start my latest adventure. Paris. i've been waiting to leave for what seems like years and now that i'm about to go i feel like it is not going to happen. maybe this is all a sick joke or something. what if everything goes wrong?? i guess i'll just have to wing it...kind of unnerving right? whatever, it will all fall together. (i hope!!)

regardles of these feelings i get i have been frantically trying to get my act together. i would have to say that the worst part of the preparation is the packing. not only do i feel like i have nothing to wear (which is rediculous because i have enough to dress a mini country) but i can't find my wayfarers, which happen to be a summer staple of mine. i have had them for what feels like forever, but in reality is like 10 years. i have gone through about 11 pairs during the past decade...kind of pathetic right? well actually my dad, sister, mom and other family members (oliver, nick and grace) all happen to "borrow" (steal) them. so once again, i will have to go without my summer staple. i don't even know how i'm going to accessorize my outfits now. wish me luck!

see you in paris darlings

24 June 2009

The Cats MEOW

As we all know I adore the color pink. I also happen to love lipstick, not lipgloss but lipstick. Yes, I dress like an 80 year old woman complete with the bright pink lipstick. If you are looking to add a little bit of fun to your fabulous outfit you should for sure get a bright pink lipstick. arianne introduced me to this new idea. She inspires me to step out of my comfort zone (in the makeup world at least).

Yes I do have this exact shade. I'll show you a picture when I actually have a camera on hand!!

ok last post for the night darlings

eavesdropping not so anonymous

Ambassador Elevators
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eavesdrop (v): to listen secretly to a private conversation.

i have a horrible habit. you see i absolutely love to eavesdrop. i can't help it! i love knowing what is going on around me and who doesn't love to hear what other people are doing or thinking?? maybe i'm just beyond nosey, whatever. anyways, as seen above in order to properly eavesdrop one must listen secretly. SECRETLY. i have yet to master this art. i can't help but laugh if someone says something particularly witty. i just am not capable of holding in laughter.

i bring up this point because i'm am sure that all city dwellers can relate to this. i mean who doesn't listen to what people have to say in the elevator. i personally am a fan of the train. my favorite conversation occurred last year when 2 men were sitting across from me. they were discussing those horribly awkward company outings where people feel obliged to go. as they were complaining of the endless family golf outings and polo matches the next event came up. they were going to go fishing. now you see, this wouldn't seem to be a particularly funny conversation except i go on these miserable trips every year with my dad's company. every year we all get roped into fishing. not only do i have the urge to drink myself silly, but EVERY SINGLE YEAR people get seasick or a storm hits. to make matters even worse, i never catch anything. so it was easy for me to relate to the man when he said (in a highly sarcastic voice) " i mean what are we going to do? sit around and pretend to have fun and when you actually catch something you go 'oooh look guys i caught a minnow". i could not stop laughing. i totally got caught. mortifying. oops! at least the rest of the train i was included.

happy eavesdropping loves

23 June 2009

loving: literature

as we all know i'm an avid reader. nothing is more relaxing to me then opening a new book or going to a bookstore. to me there is no better escape. one of my favorite book stores in the whole world is the strand. while most people associate the strand with the astor place scene, i associate it with my childhood. it's such a low key bookstore and it is impossible leave without buying a book.

anyways, i find myself in a dilemma. you see i look at books as people do with movies. something that should not be taken too seriously. to give you an idea, during my college interview the interviewer asked "what is your favorite book" my response? "well you see i happen to love confessions of a shopoholic" (luckily she was a big fan as well) back to the dilemma: i can't find any books that interest me anymore. i feel like i have read all of the different books that i would like. i have stepped out into different genres and have yet to fall in love with a new book. any suggestions?

22 June 2009


Calendar Number 21
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today was my 21st birthday. it was somewhat anticlimactic...you would think i would be so excited and immediately buy (legally at least) my first bottle of alcohol and have a field day. WRONG. i actually had a quiet night with the fam and my best friend alanna. the day involved packing for a carnet (sp??) returning a  3 piece set of bongo drums and organizing hangers. i think it's safe to say that monday is the worst possible day to ever have a birthday. but you know what? i would not have done anything different. however, friday night will a whole other story...


cheers darlings 

21 June 2009

Fathers Day and Silver Jubilee

long time no speak, right?? well things have been really busy on my end and i find myself thinking of great things to blog about, yet i don't have the time to. today i woke up with the burning need to make some time to post. today is obviously father's day (the last several minutes or so) soo HAPPY FATHER'S DAY DADDY. too bad he doesn't have the link to this blog. oops. (my dad is the one on the right side...yes, my dad and his friends do dress like this in real life) anyways, we had a rather interesting father's day. went shopping at bergdorfs, looked at our new apartment and went to Father Jim's Silver Jubilee (the 25th anniversary of being a priest). Father Jim is the man. He is probably the coolest priest ever. We go to Our Lady of Lebanon in Brooklyn on occasion and I love going there because all the priests are so nice (imagine like 10 old Lebanese men). So I also would like to congratulate Father Jim on this huge accomplishment. 

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