31 May 2017

Rainy Day Wishlist

Gloomy days are the best...when you're in the right mindset or situation (ie: at home, reading a good book with a side of tea). Sadly, I'm at work and definitely not in the right mindset, so I'm making a wishlist of things that might brighten up my day! With all of the sales happening right now, I'm trying to have tunnel vision and stick to the few things I've had my eye on for awhile.

31ee6462ad69939909215d3dd4ec9ee6.jpg (564×846)

4a6aa5d9151f1818d166e59aa62ab35a.jpg (564×564)

67845b8fd2639c53c0356bd5388eaa06.jpg (564×704)

 49a8175c74432da146aeee0f681306b9.jpg (564×564)
(this has been on my list for awhile...I'm sensing a birthday request!)

f30c8cb4b0e4869ff22439b1e7f39520.jpg (324×468)

Happy Wednesday, I hope you enjoyed the long weekend! 

ARS xx 

26 May 2017


7fdd581cec11d676515f42663a75b3a0.jpg (564×317)

Reliving Midsummer's Night Dream preformed by the New York City Ballet. I went Thursday evening with Kristen to see the ballet for the first time and just about died from excitement. It was so magical and beautiful! It was a good reminder for me to take advantage of cool things to do in the city that I normally wouldn't do. You can see more on the towerhouse instagram account!

e8fec05b98afd5c58ef3f3ef59a7b074.jpg (500×667)

Taking advantage of all the Memorial Day sales to get a few wedding/party outfits! I still can't believe that I have 6 weddings this year! I need to find some chic and fun options to wear to engagement parties, bridal showers, and the weddings themselves. Check out what I'm wearing on the towerhouse instagram account!

2951dfac942d9d6c7520be707c8d7473.jpg (564×391)

Admiring Pippa Middleton's wedding dress (and the wedding in general - I mean did you see those flowers?). I've been loving the snippets I've seen on instagram. She looked simply stunning and I'm sure the reception was just as beautiful!

af2335da20a3ef6790b98a4373812bce.jpg (564×564)

Preparing my body for summer! This weekend kicks off the summer season (in my opinion) so I want to be sure to get in a few last exfoliating sessions in, do a hair mask, and eat extra clean for the next few days. In case you couldn't tell, summer is probably my most favorite time of year so I milk it for all it's worth.

8065089cc86e6755ff570e9d707b62f7.jpg (966×902)

Reording my favorite protein powder from Moon Juice. I honestly can say it's the only protein powder I enjoy and I will never go back to any other protein powder. There have been so many amazing recipes I've seen come up on my instagram feed!

Happy long weekend!


24 May 2017

Pretty Pins for Memorial Day Weekend

Yay! I love a long weekend (and a short workweek) just as much as anyone, but this weekend I particularly look forward too! It's a time to celebrate and honor the lives lost fighting for our country, the kickoff for my favorite season, and we always have a great BBQ planned with family and friends. I'm particularly excited, because my cousin Grace will be in town - be sure to follow our adventures on instagram! What are your plans for the weekend?

16caeff5c94d47310f5c05657e708eb5.jpg (564×846)

7701e2700e96d6a361dea0045463cd2c.jpg (564×788)

a72db1ad74c458b4d3732d71cbf2a368.jpg (400×600)

742f116b43b3f6e5514221198cae36b0.jpg (564×846)

bd23dc43425d45d92383e7b98a971b2c.jpg (360×450)

Happy BBQ-ing! 

23 May 2017

Maison Jules

I love a good wardrobe addition and Maison Jules (sold exclusively at Macy's) seems like the brand for chic staples that fit right in with the rest of my look. With gingham, lace, and all of my favorite colors, I've had a hard time choosing just a few pieces to add to my summer edit. I particularly love the dresses - they are perfect to wear to work and onward into the night. Below are a few of my favorite picks:

48fe25fb7344cfa5fc42b095fbc68b53.jpg (1200×1467)

b606b247ad838d8949e57c118c10c44c.jpg (1200×1467)

5d5ca9002e2069edc1102b34cce09fa7.jpg (400×489)

2fe1e8d7f30f7930bff7ef6fc06e1650.jpg (1200×1467)

97bef87f0e7eddf426a46166407cc48d.jpg (1200×1467)

Fingers crossed some of my picks go on sale for Memorial Day!

ARS xx

19 May 2017


b63630edfdb77e68cf288868bde29ec2.jpg (564×564)

Visiting my family out on Long Island and plotting ways to steal my Nanny's dog, Pinky! How adorable is he? I guess the bridal shower and communion party are an added bonus....

d97fdb74c9c877b690b4ae8cd73fc0b2.jpg (564×564)

Taking notes from the article How to Plan the Perfect Party. I saw this on Moda Operandi the other day and loved all of the tips and tricks listed. A few I use already, but it's always interesting to read what other hostesses do to prepare and plan for a party. (I particularly loved her stance on keeping flowers wild and buying in 6)

aed7a122b66437465d349b5be6208ef7.jpg (564×420)

Obsessing over everything happening at Bergdorfs right now. From Linda's store to the art show to the Putnam and Putnam outpost, Bergdrofs feels even more like home more now than ever. If you need an excuse  to pop in, there are a ton right now.

79d38a97ab02646846092e02b5cd67e2.jpg (564×902)
Kicking myself for not preordering the Rebecca de Ravenel Ming Shirt on Moda Operandi. As I've mentioned before,  I'm trying to edit my wardrobe and pare things back. The shirt would have been a great addition to my wardrobe especially during the transitional months. Oh well, c'est la vie!

af93f83f0bd29fe7947e5e47ac3f12b4.jpg (564×845)

Living in my new India Amory robes! I wrote about my love for the brand awhile back, but went to a recent pop-up and fell in love all over again. If you need a good gift, this is a  great option! 

Happy weekend! TGIF, am I right?

ARS xx

17 May 2017

Pretty Pins for Almost Summer

Did you have a good weekend? I was away and fell behind a bit on the blog, but I'm back up and running! I spent the week in Saratoga, so I got to catch up with Dana and Holly and spend some time with my parents. (I also may or may not have made a side trip to the Woodbury Commons outlets!) If you follow me on instagram you'll see a few of my finds. We're in that awkward stage of almost summer, where all I want to do is wear white and bright colors at the beach, but it isn't quite the season for it - we're still two weeks away! I've rounded up a few pins that are reminding me of my excitement. 

85b5bb8f41a0ed2c083094a2ae5fa7ae.jpg (564×709)

bdf16d39ead2c492d43c388d3d586929.jpg (304×393)

283cebd2a33c13212c133b4f35ce47cd.jpg (564×845)

3239b55cfb26ec3fc150424db7a90157.jpg (564×789)

773f88eacb0637733fbeb480408f9c2e.jpg (564×827)

Happy almost summer!


11 May 2017

Art Love: Joseph Scheer at Bergdorfs

Earlier this week I popped into Bergdorfs to get a haircut and check out Linda's store on the 4th floor, but what really stole the show for me were the moth prints by Joseph Scheer all over! Before leaving, I picked up a little card that directed me to the Ruby Beets online store for more information about the artist. I'm glad I checked it out, because what an exciting career path he has! Currently Scheer is a professor of print media and is the Co-Director/Founder of the Institute for Electronic arts at the School of Art and Design, Alfred University. Working in an array of mediums, Scheer's works have most recently been exhibited at The Brooklyn Museum of Art and the National Museum of China! While I love all of the different moths, I have a soft spot for the leopard-esque Abraxas Sylvata. Below are a few more of my favorites.

2a98443195fec859cc04ea92b85844da.jpg (500×350)

068e754c8fa2d229c121f835eec4e7a0.jpg (236×165)

b7fa495af47e71460e25ae0b2471b6d0.jpg (236×165)

2791ae869ea9c6a40a4564ad9ac1279d.jpg (500×350)

482549d131e7b2b5d4096939f30d6956.jpg (500×350)

Should I get one? My Mom doesn't love them, but I kind of do...


10 May 2017

Unique and Thoughtful Last Minute Mother's Day Gifts

As someone who is always last minute in everything she does, it's actually surprising I'm usually pretty on top of gift giving (aside from that one time I was 3 years late on a wedding gift - oops + so rude of me!). This year I've been a bit behind on Mother's Day and while I have a few small things, I'm in need of finding a real gift. Below I've rounded up three contenders in case you're in the same predicament I'm in:

1cc806e7f73abc1be91cf3f2c6af91cc.jpg (564×423)

6 Month subscription to Paris Breakfasts' Letters or Maps (or a subscription to both!). A blog I used to follow, Paris Breakfasts, came back on my feed the other day and I realized the author now sells monthly "letters" and "maps" of Paris that you can subscribe to! This is a perfect gift for any Francophile and/or art loving Mom and as a bonus, it's the gift that keeps on giving for 6 months.

bc9e587f1b283475b0313c0be1792259.jpg (564×564)

Online Watercolor Class with Design House of Moira - I stumbled on this class when I was on a downward spiral, but love the idea of giving my Mom and experience she would love but wouldn't exactly sign up for herself. Ideally I would be able to get her a class in town, but I haven't done my research and I like that she can do the class at her own pace. If your Mom isn't an artist, maybe sign her up for a different kind of class!

9f9747ffa034b0e864981e7c49588883.jpg (564×564)

Bouquet of flowers with The Exquisite Book of Paper Flowers by Livia Cetti of The Green Vase + materials to make her own flowers. - In case you couldn't tell, my Mom is a craft nut and as a result I am too. While I know she doesn't like paper flowers, I think she would enjoy attempting a new challenge (and maybe making me a few in the process?). If you have extra time, maybe pick up some of her flowers on her website or John Derian. I also bought some for myself from an etsy store, Nectar Hollow, and loooooove them.

ARS xx

05 May 2017


6a76c44132d24d6e8f82f79165618c90.jpg (564×705)

Attempting to stay on track with the TIU Bikini Series! My good friend Brittney and I have been texting each other trying to stay motivated. I'll be posting on instagram as another way to keep me accountable. It's been a rough start for me, but I'm determined to get back on track! Hopefully next week will be better...

50c916cab1ca441d542674b6e5451006.jpg (564×715)

Waiting for Kate Shelter's book Classic Style to come out at the end of the month! I've been dying to get my hands on it and can't wait for the book to arrive. I just might have to preorder the notebooks too. I'm obsessed, in case you couldn't tell from previous posts.

9a4107ac611f9657c61d44fa28422763.jpg (450×675)

Saving up for a splurge piece for my birthday next month. I don't know what I'm going to get, because I have a list a mile long, but I'm thinking of a new bag, a piece of jewelry, or maybe a pair of the aquazzura shoes I can't stop thinking about. Be sure to check out my instagram for birthday celebration snippets and details!

ba623e7bc89b13f3501f2f55473e0e83.jpg (564×564)

Wearing my Elizabeth Wilson Designs shirt that came this week! I love the story behind her brand and love how fun the shirt is. The sleeves have the perfect amount of drama and will be perfect to go from the office to out and about.

aca16bbc573f54ae71e93fc62fa9c203.jpg (564×680)

Renewing my magazine subscriptions! After an overwhelming pile of magazines developed at my apartment I had to cut down my subscriptions from what felt like 50 to just a few. The only ones that really made the cut were Domino and PORTER, my two favorites and consistent reads. I just might have to bring the list up to three though, now that GOOP is coming out with a print magazine!

Bon weekend!


04 May 2017

Pretty Pins to Inspire Your Thursday

Whoops! I meant to post this yesterday, but clearly the day ran away from me pretty quick. I hope the week is flying by for you as much as it is for me, but in case it isn't just remember that Friday will feel that much better. As always, don't forget to follow along on the towerhouse instagram account to keep up with exciting news and details for the towerhouse magazine, hopefully launching later this summer! Enjoy the pins and I'll see you back here tomorrow!

d9ab042bd300407b8dc94bb4ecba6315.jpg (564×847)

2afe4c1e655a7a64387a84e18681d192.jpg (564×470)

05c9ab2c0c4bc6a62be233ce76d8bd12.jpg (427×640)

cd4782ea297277479791ab5ef77b8cfb.jpg (564×423)

67aca60ee6f80358b7b301b5a59bcf6a.jpg (500×750)

Happy Almost Friday!


01 May 2017

Paperless Post + CUYANA

I can't begin to tell you my excitement when I saw an email from Paperless Post earlier last week about their collaboration with CUYANA. Both are companies I adore and offer so many chic and personalized options. While I have an overwhelming amount of stationary at the moment and a gorgeous Dempsy and Carrol box to go with it, I think this would be the perfect birthday gift for my sister, a fun gift for my all of my friends that are getting married, or a great option for Mother's Day gifting. Who doesn't love personalized stationary paired with a perfectly sized box? Below are my picks for the stationary I would go with:

b620257b57c41087e2320fa7d617ab9a.jpg (564×477)

a1c6ce206c56d7d3495a2078424d6de0.jpg (416×302)

f1789a9cbc5d706bd6f6e2470b727853.jpg (480×480)
6c0742e544bfe7a9d0b9b87cf5409d27.jpg (416×302)

8c112eaab82bc67dbb83c1aca17564e7.jpg (480×480)

Now I'm looking for a pen pal!


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