12 December 2016

5 Festive Crafts for Christmas

When I was in 7th grade my Mom planned a Christmas party without consulting me and invited all of my new friends. I was mortified because I figured everyone was excited to attend and to my surprise even my guy friends wanted an invite! Cait and I still talk about that party with fondness and are always looking out for new crafts we would like to try. Not all crafts are created equal, so I rounded up a list of projects I want to try that all set the tone for the Christmas Season.

Happy Crafting! 

ARS xx

09 December 2016

Holiday Outfit Inspiration

There is nothing I love more than a statement holiday look. Over the years I have acquired quite the festive Christmas clothing collection, but that hasn't stopped me from acquiring more. I just love anything that is plaid or red paired with and a standout shoe or jacket. I would say this is my only wardrobe indulgence, but I'm not a liar. This year I don't have many parties to attend and I didn't love a lot of the seasons offerings so I'll be remixing a few looks from years past. Below are a few looks that are inspiring me and include similar pieces in my wardrobe:

Happy party dressing! 

ARS xx

07 December 2016

Pretty Pins for the Holiday Season

It's been quite the whirlwind since Thanksgiving! Despite kicking the holiday season off in Palm beach at the Worth Ave Christmas Tree lighting, I feel like this year I've been half grinch, half santa's best elf. I love the holidays but really can't stand the crowds and the deary weather is bringing me down. In the spirit of getting me in the Christmas mood, I'm rounding up a few pins to snap me out of my holiday funk!

Happy holiday season!

ARS xx

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