30 March 2016

Inspiration: Winter to Spring Transitional Outfits

Without fail, every year I struggle with outfits that fit the weather, but still get me excited for my favorite two seasons. These are a few outfits to help me get back in the warm weather groove without getting too cold.

ARS xx

28 March 2016

Outdoor Voices

It's no secret I loathe working out and I am not a fan of the "athleisure" trend that seems to actually be holding strong (much to my dismay). As someone who falls in the "sweatpants are a sign of defeat" camp I found myself pleasantly surprised to find company that I liked. Outdoor Voices' straightforward and comfortable workout pants have been my go to for about a year now. Considering they have an array of colors that aren't too bright and I find the length of the 3/4 Warmup Legging to be perfect, consider me sold.

Happy fitnessing!

ARS xx


25 March 2016

Fabergé Eggs for Easter? Yes, Please!

For me, Easter is synonymous with Fabergé eggs. Every Easter morning, my mom would frantically come up before mass to give us each our special Fabergé egg style charm necklace to wear. My sister and I used to debate over which one we would wear and trade off year to year. With such an iconic history, having been made for Russia's imperial families in the 19th century to be given as Easter gifts, it's hard not to stare at them in awe. I also love that Carl Fabergé was given complete artistic freedom in his 50 creations - if only he was still around to make one for me. 

I can't get over how stunning they are and will never stop admiring the attention to detail. Maybe I'll find one in my Easter basket or in the egg hunt one of these years, but I'll still take another charm in the meantime (nudge nudge, wink wink).

ARS xx

23 March 2016

Gia Coppola Photography on Tappan Collective

Being an art lover means that my collection is always growing, much to my roommate's dismay. Lucky for her, we don't have that much wall space left and I've been buying significantly less. Something my teeny tiny collection is missing happens to be a solid photography print; I just haven't found something that works for me yet. That being said, I'm kind of loving these photos by Gia Coppola on Tappan Collective. I'm kind of loving the sparkly McDonalds sign, but something about the Chateau Marmont is speaking to me, although I do love the Runway print...

How is a girl supposed to choose?

ARS xx

21 March 2016

Delphine Manivet Evening Collection

While known for her wedding dresses Delphine Manivet also has an unbelievable Evening collection that makes me long to become a social butterfly who has an excuse to wear each and every one of these dresses. The entire collection is just stunning stunning stunning. If only one of them could fit my clothing budget....

I don't know which I love more - the black of the gingham!

ARS xx


18 March 2016

Three Things for Spring

I recently started to feel a need to make more strategic purchases, and as way of helping with my overflowing closet and kicking my mindless shopping habit, I'm starting a three purchases per season rule. The goal is to ultimately buy only things I love love love so I have less clutter and put more thought into where my money is going. While my purchases may be on the pricer side, I know I won't be making unnecessary, impulsive, and frivilous purchases. This all being said, here is my (ideal) spring list:

1. Hermes scarf: It's no secret I love these scarves and I've been longing for a new one to add to my growing collection. I'm planning on treating myself to this one - how can I resist such a fun and happy design?

2. Frances Valentine shoes: I've felt like my closet has been missing something and it probably has something to do with the lack of (real) Kate Spade in my life. I was counting down the days for the FV launch so I could add a new pair of shoes to my closet. I love them all and am having a hard time deciding on which pair I want. Right now these are at the top of the list, although the feathered mules come in a close second. 

3. J. Crew Dress: I know the Presentation Dress from J. Crew will be a  Spring + Summer closet staple. Mentally I've been plotting all of the accessories I'll be wearing with it. As much as I love the blue, I will 100% be buying it in black because, let's be honest, I almost exclusively wear black. 

Now I'm off to start making a list of my Summer purchases....

16 March 2016

Let me reintroduce myself...

The first time we met, back in 2009, I was just starting to navigate the blogging world while trying to focus on my studies. After awhile I drifted away from writing, but came back to visit for one post and one post only. Well, I'm here to say I'm excited to be back sharing my latest adventure, towerhouse (née Sparkles of Life), inspiration, and finds. Like with any old friend, let's have a catchup date! When works for you? Oh, now? Perfect.

During my not-so-brief blogging hiatus, I've been globetrotting, island hopping, working in a real job (!!!), and celebrating many an occasion. (you may have been following along with me on my instagram account?) Here's a quick recap of a few more memorable moments: 

I fell in love with the island of Chios (and maybe a few others)...

Had two adventure packed trips in Austria...

Witnessed a few of my best friends get married…


Finally visited the West Coast...

Started a new job...

Celebrated the 5th Annual Gold Gala...

Had breakfast at Tiffanys (for real)!

And am still working on getting towerhouse up and running..

Curious to learn more? Please head on over to my new location, towerhouse, to subscribe and read more about my project. You’ll be the first to know when I’m done with my first round of scribblings and finally ready to launch.

In the meantime, stay tuned here for little bits and pieces of inspiration, thoughts, and musings.

ARS xx
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