28 April 2009


In at least two of my classes we have disscussed a term called flow.  Flow, acording to Mihaly Sikszentmihalyi, is a heightened focus and immersion in different activities (such as art, play and work). The way they describe it reminds me of addiction. We talked about flow and what made us experience flow. My response: shopping. 

Awkward silence in the class

Why was there an awkward silence? I mean shopping is my therapy, my flow, just like video games was some other kid's flow. Seriously. It's not like shopping is a bad thing, just something that people think is superficial. Whatever. I am a superficial person. But think about it... when i see Lilly Pulitzer I see myself at a cocktail party sipping on a martini with my country club friends. Pucci is a fun dinner party drinking a cosmo, you can be sure I would be wearing my new Current/Elliot jeans with a loose tank (but still somewhat fitted) and black patent platforms walking around new york, black leather bag included. So you see, each article of clothing and accessory is a new story for me. When I go shopping each piece of clothing creates a story in my mind of what I would do in each outfit. 

Does anyone else think this way? Do you imagine yourself at some glamorous party in a fabulous Gucci dress and Jimmy Choo heels? Maybe I am just a shopoholic or something. 

27 April 2009

The Good Old Days

I wish that I lived in the older days, and when I say older days I mean when there was no cell phones or email. I hate being so easily accessible. Wouldn't you just love to get rid of your cell phone and email. I love getting mail. When I open my mailbox and have a handwritten letter it is like Christmas all over again. Cait, one of my best friends, and I write letters to each other all the time and I love it. I feel like there is a personal aspect to it that a lot of people are missing out on today. I think the best week I ever had was when I lost my cell phone. No one bothered me and my phone was not ringing nonstop. I did not feel pressured to compulsively check my text messages and voicemails. My Mom couldn't call me with different errands she needed me to do. (This is the main thing I don't like. It is miserable having to do errands that I wouldn't have to do otherwise.)

Do you like being so accessible? Am I the only one? I know that some people would stress out if there weren't any cell phones...my Mom...but some people...me...would be so much happier and less stressed. On another note, old phones are just so much more glamorous. I want a vintage radial dial phone...that would be so legit.

Garage Bands and Garageband

When I think of garage bands I think of the image above, not garageband on macs....maybe not the bucket on the head but you get the idea. For my digital arts and media class we had to create a mashup. Kind of like Girltalk but a lot less complex. I would have to say that I officially hate garageband, Girltalk, and anything mashup because of this project. Seriously. You know when you have an assignment that has amazing potential but falls flat when actually executed? Yup, that would be this project. Don't get me wrong I bet garageband has many different options and all of them wonderful. I have done some work with garageband and made some decent music, nothing too special, but still for someone not musically inclined it came out decent.

Anyways, teachers all the time do this to me. I'm a Fine Arts Major! I love art projects don't get me wrong! I just wish that once in awhile professors would let the students come up with a project idea. Don't you ever come up with a great project you would love to do but don't have the time to do it? I do that all the time. It doesn't have to be gifts for people. Just once I would love to create something that I love (Bonus: if I hate how it comes out I can't complain about the professor).

Everyone can be a musician nowadays...it's just about how you put together different sounds on garageband. so I guess I have a question for you to think about: Is the new technology today making it harder and harder for new bands to create their own original, live music? And no this is not posed by my teacher by myself. The picture is from the 1960s and it made me wonder what the music would be like today if garage bands were still as popular.

On a side note while I'm on the topic of music can I just say that I saw 17 Again this weekend and while the film itself was ok, the soundtrack was surprisingly really good. I personally love Naive by the Kooks and Rich Girls by the Virgins. (note: I have had those songs for awhile now but whatever). Another reason to see it: Zac Efron is a babe.

23 April 2009

New Means of Transportation

Due to the fact that I got another "memo" today, the above picture will probably be my new means of transportation. You might be asking what a memo is exactly. Well, I don't get tickets from police, I get "memos". Today's memo informed me on what the right speed limit is. I allegedly was going 64 in a 45 zone. I still argue that I was going 50. I mean it is basically an abandoned road and the speed limit used to be 55 anyways so I mean I don't see the big deal! For some reason the state trooper did not see eye to eye with me. Whatever.

So now due to the fact that I live in perpetual fear of getting pulled over and making the phone call to Daddy informing him of my latest infraction I will not be driving. I intend to get a bicycle. I heard going green was in anyways. Perhaps I will find a shiny new bike or I can totally revamp a vintage bike like Chanel did in 2008 (I think..I'm not 100% sure).

Vintage bicycles have so much potential and I feel like Katrina, one of my best friends, would totally give me bonus points for using a vintage bicycle! Snaps for me. Now that I think of it a bicycle would be the best thing for me...no risk of speeding, I can get into shape, no tickets for talking on the cell phone, can't do errands for people...don't have to pick up or drop off siblings. I'm not seeing anything negative here...I'm always late so that is not a worry for me! What do you all think of my new means of transportation? Maybe I'll hire Chanel to make me one...Pucci would be cute too!

Bye darlings

21 April 2009

Fashion Illustration

source: metrofashion.com

I love fashion. It's a huge part of my life. My Mom was a designer and buyer for a major department store chain and my Dad is just as into fashion. (granted he as 2 daughters and a wife who love it but I mean he loves his J. Press and Bobby Jones clothing just as much as I love every single thing in my closet!) So basically I was destined to love fashion and become a shopoholic. End of story.
I interned at Giorgio Armani for a summer and Bonnie Young for another and will continue along those lines. I'm an expert at the retail therapy, I've worked the cash registers (both sides), I've worked the merchandising side, and the production side. (I soon hope to understand the design side)....just in case you questioned my personal understanding of fashion.
So what first made me want to get involved in fashion was not my Mom, but illustration. Maybe it has something to do with my lack of abilities in drawing the human body or the way you can make the body any way you want. You can make this person you create to look and wear whatever you want and not worry about the background or face. you just need to get the basic form down.
Am i the only one drawn to these? I love the sleek and clean lines of the figures and clothing. I never really see a lot of emphasis on fashion illustration in blogs so I thought I would just make a post to remind everyone that it does exist and can be as beautiful as fashion photography. Do you agree???

20 April 2009

"You Look Good in Jeans..."

Or maybe I actually got dressed and showered for once. I didn't really intend to make this post about myself or whatever (actually I love talking about myself but for once I really did not intend to) but I just thought that it was funny that 3 people said that to me today. No, I am not being vain! I really did just happen to find it funny.

Anyway, this is a random blog post because I am not only bored, but in pain. Lots actually. About 2 hours ago I went to the gym, went on my merry way when all of a sudden I sat down and had the most intense pain ever in my groin muscle. So I had it checked out and I pulled that muscle. So stupidly I asked Amanda, my friend, what do to for a pulled muscle and she said she puts icy hot on it. So i did and now I can't move...NEVER EVER EVER PUT ICY HOT NEAR YOUR GROIN. I guess this is common sense but I happen to lack it so of course I did that. Oh, I also forgot to tell you that things happen to me all the time. Not normal things mind you. No, things that are mortifying and awkward yet everyone finds them hysterical. I'm often told a reality tv show could be made of my moments and there not be a second of scripted scene in it.

I'll be sure to post soon again due to my lack of mobility in my current state.

19 April 2009


So I have a 2 new random obsessions. The first one being Paris and the second one being the 1960's. Why do I have a new obsession? I mean what is so special about either? Everyone loves Paris and the 1960's. The language of love and free love...anything goes here. Well I'll tell you why I happen to be in love with both of these now. I happen to be studying fashion in Paris this Summer (I hope actually) and I'm doing all of my research.

I found a fabulous website that has different apartments for rent. There are some really cute ones that I adore, but I'm not sure if I'm still in my honeymoon phase. It has been one of my dreams to live in Paris so I think I am going overboard.

I have always had a love the the 60s and just recently I have been buying some vintage 60s jewelry and makeup. There is something so fun about the era that I can not resist. Just watch factory girl and you will fall in love too....maybe not with the tragic ending of Edie Sedgwick though. The image above is Brigitte Bardot...my second fav star from the 60s.

Well I just wanted to get that out there...my roomates are sick of my endless chatter!

See you later darlings

18 April 2009


As I was looking around in the internet I came up on this video. It made me laugh really hard. Whenever I think of eHarmony, I think of a totally different type of person, not a celebrity. However, I think this video was brilliant for one reason...she makes fun of herself. But i mean do we want her to make light of everything she has done? She is in the spotlight all the time and when she makes light of those situations what kind of message is she sending out to people? Even though I think it is funny and I actually do like Lindsay Lohan, I think that is important for people to consider. Buzz kill.

Happy April Darlings.

14 April 2009

Do I Care Who Reads My Blog?

Hello world, this is me.

As I sit here avoiding all of my work I ponder about my blog. Do i care who reads my blogs? Do I want people to read my blog? Yes,  I do. I want people to understand how I think and things that are of interest to me. I can be a very private person and I have been opening myself up on my blog. To me this blog is a way for me to get myself out in the world. People can get to know me better and I feel better by posting small things that flit into my life.

I will admit it (and I'm sure that other people will agree and even if you don't I know you do) that I look to see if people actually read what I have to say. If you want to make my day, write a comment. When I first started my blog, every single person made fun of me. Everyone has stereotypes about blogs and I set out to prove them wrong.

Maybe my posts are a little bit dry - I don't know what the people like. I only post about what I like. I believe that this is how the blogging culture works, correct? You want to attract people who have similar beliefs. Maybe I am as unique as I thought I was....who knows? Why do other people follow other blogs and not mine? Are they just friends of said people? I ask every day for my friends to follow my posts so I don't like a huge blogging outcast, but for some reason it fails. This is not a plea for followers (seriously, it may seem like it) but why do you think people are attracted to other blogs? Is it because they have a lot of pictures and mine is mostly text?


This video is pretty old but I found it again and it still is really interesting visually. In my Digital Arts and Media class we have been talking about art and how it has been going into different medias. This is a particularly interesting thing for me because I really like illustration and think that it is done really well in this video. I LOVE how the tshirts patterns change a lot. I also love the typography that the artist uses. I think that it is really interesting to watch visually and thought that it would be something to share with everyone!!

Be back soon darlings!

08 April 2009

phone conversation

in one of my classes i was introduced to a website called Learning To Love You More and i have been doing several of the assignments. the one that i most recently have done is number 52. write a phone call you wish you could have. when i chose to do this one i had several different ones i wish i could have had.
this is when i reached a bump in the road. should i make something funny? should i be a downer and write something serious? why do i care what people think? i have never been one to be serious but this particular task made me want to do something serious. you see, my grandfather passed away last semester and i wish that i was able to have one last conversation with him. my mom told me to go visit him that friday and me being me decided to be selfish and walk around the city and not stop by. he had heart failure that sunday on my way to the airport back to school. to me that was the day my gido died, even though he lived until december 26. so if i could have one phone call this is how it would go:

me: hello?

gido: hello alanna


Gido: No, this is not one of my jokes

Me: Gido!! I miss you so much. How is heaven? Is it as good as we think?

Gido: Yes!! It is all you could think of and more. I see your GooGoo all the time!

Me: Oh! That sounds so much fun. Gido, I'm so sorry I was so selfish and did not take the time to go see you. I wish that i was able to spend more time with you. you were the best ever. all i could think of that sunday was how much i wished i went to see you, and call you more and wrote to you more. i did save all of your letters to me though! i read them sometimes when i miss you.

gido: it's ok alanna. i forgive you...

me: (interupting as usual) i wish i was a better granddaughter. i loved your jokes and cooking. 

gido: do you still have the hummus recipe?

me: yes!! i saved it...you made the best! don't get me wrong, i love grandma but you were the king of hummus. speaking of grandma...i really miss your jokes and how we would play pranks on everyone. 

gido: you have to keep up that tradition! be sure to bring up grandmas hometown. 

me: umm obviously gido!! you know that i love the jokes...uncle wally stole my letter by the way...you know your fav one?? i'm so mad about it

gido: ok alanna, i have to go now but i love me

me: wait gido before you go i just want to let know you that i'm sorry i never went to see you in the hospital when you were brain dead. i just couldn't handle it. i didn't want to see you like that. you were always laughing and had a smile on your face....i just couldn't see you that way. i'm sorry i didn't cry at your funeral either. i was in a state of shock and i hate crying in front of people. but i do cry sometimes...like in my sleep or in my car when i'm on a long drive. i do think of you all the time. i love you. 

gido: alanna, you are amazing and no matter what i love you.

me: i love you too gido. you are the best grandfather ever! 

06 April 2009

"Make a List....You'll Feel Better"

There are many things that keep me in line and organized. the main one being to do lists. I think I have made over a thousand to do lists in the past month alone. Why do people love to do lists?? Is it the satisfaction a person gets from checking or crossing something out?

Today's to do list was the following:

1. Email Jessica

2. Go to the post office-if I don't I should prob just kill myself (I had to send my great aunts bday card...about 3 weeks late. To make up for it I included a painting I made.)

3. Gym/workout video

4. CMC and Dance and Society Project

5. Blog

6. Print out Parsons course descrpition for advisor

7. Read for class tommorow

8. Shower

9. Call Cait, Mom, and Dad (in said order)

10. Sign up for yoga class

And this was just the start of it. (Side note: about 3 of the things were actually completed, including this post so I will be very busy tomorrow).

Do I actually feel better after making my list? Yes, i do...for about 10 minutes. It gives me purpose to my day. It is a plan. Who doesn't like that feeling?? And then I crash after about 10 minutes. It finally hits me. I have a ton of work to do today and I wasted about 10 minutes making and celebrating my list. Now what? Where do I start? I made the list not in terms of importance, but by what came to mind. Now I have to stress out for about 20 minutes on what to do first. I know what has to be done but do I actually want to do that first? No. I will just procrastinate more and hope that I make my way down to the important stuff. I never really do but whatever.

So why do I actually make these lists that simply stress me out? Because I love crossing out the things that I have done. Nothing makes me feel better then making a check mark next to a finished task. It's glorious! When I know I'm going to have a busy day I add everyday things to my lists. Including, but not limited to brushing my teeth, showering, laundry, chores etc...I know you all would do it too. It makes me feel like I did so much more then I did. I could probably make a book about the lists I have made. In fact, I have a book called Princess Notes that is dedicated to my to do lists!

I have to run. My teacher is about to discover what I am working on so intently (so out of character!!)

Bye darlings!

02 April 2009

Sunny Days

Oh upstate NY how much i love you. The Northcountry has easily the most bizarre weather in the world. Yesterday it was raining and 30, today it is 60 and sunny, and this weekend it will be a snow/rain mix. Where else in the world does this happen? A lot of places probably.... 

I love it when it is sunny here. Everyone is happy and motivated. In fact, I cleaned my room today  (when I say clean I actually mean clean... Alyssa, my roommate, woke up to my face on the other side of the window because I cleaned both inside and outside). This is a huge step for me due to the fact that I really don't care about the state of my room. It is usally classified under H for health hazard. Anyone who has OCD will freak out and have to evacuate my room immediately due to lack of organization and overall mess. Honestly, I don't understand anyone who thinks that 4 girls living together would keep a sparkling clean room. At least parents know what to expect...I know my parents know the state of my room on any given day. But then again they know me too well.

I really don't mind the mess though because I know where every single thing is! It is when people clean my stuff up that I lose everything!! My Mom always does that. She knows it annoys me and yet she still does it! On any given day, if you were to ask me where I left my "who's she red" essie nailpolish from last summer I would be able to tall you in a second. (It would be located in my cabinet on the second shelf underneath my face cloths just in case you were wondering). It never ceases to amaze my Mom when I can locate whatever I need in less then a minute when all the contents of my wardrobe are strewn throughout the room.

Why should other people care about the cleanliness of my room? I mean they don't live with me right? 

Talk to you later darlings....
I swear I will come up with some more interesting posts! I just kind of let my mind wander while writing...kind of like the reverse of meditation.

01 April 2009

Dream Machine

I love the summer for two reasons. One is that I get to spend about every waking moment with my cousins and best friends. The second one being that they share really really good music with me (that I totally take credit for finding). While some people may think that it is random talking about summer while it is still 30 degrees outside but I happened to just stumble upon a video I found of one of my favorite songs from the past summer that Nick (my cousin) told me about.

There are many things I love about this video. I love the lyrics and the imagery they create. The typography used in this video is also really awesome. There is an old school vibe you get from the very simple effects used that are very appealing. It's just a fun song that you can both dance and relax to.
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