31 January 2012

John Derian

I love John Derian's store - it is filled with curiosities and inspiration. I especially love the trademark plate that I plan on stealing from my Dad...Shh!

30 January 2012

Movies 101

KBW and I are taking a Wednesday night movie course where we get to see screenings of films before they get released. Needless to say, we are obsessed and love it! I can always count on KBW to find the best movie classes!

(Pictured above - Faye Dunaway and her Oscar the morning after the awards show)

29 January 2012


Outside of my apartment I walk by this store filled with paint, window treatments, and wall paper. I must admit, I stare longingly at the pink Scalamandre bamboo wall paper dreaming of different ideas and uses for it. While many people recognize their zebra pattern, I have find myself drawn to the bamboo and floral patterns.

27 January 2012

Garden Graffiti

I think I might have to show style of graffiti this to my mom - it would be perfect for our house! I even found a how to for her to look over. Upon further research, I read mixing yogurt, water, and live moss in a blender, painting it on a wall and spritzing it with water everyone once in awhile works as well. Apparently the moss will grow in the shape that you painted it with!

I wonder if either of these would work!

26 January 2012

25 January 2012

Society Social

I've been on the hunt for the perfect bar cart and I am loving the ones from Society Social! I love how they are bringing back the art of the bar cart.

Bonus - they have Kaftans!

24 January 2012

Bert Stern

As everyone knows, I love fashion photography, especially from the 60's. I don't think it's a surprise to anyone that I am particularly fond of Bert Stern.

23 January 2012

Without My Cell Phone...

I would not be able to:

1. Tell you the date and time
2. Find my way in the dark
3. Wake up in the morning

I think I need to rely on my phone less...

Mission: find some fabulous time pieces!

14 January 2012

Smythson of Bond Street

In case you are not familiar with the famous books by Smythson of Bond Street (est 1887), you should know they are the most perfect sizes and have traditional gold binding and a grain leather cover. Witty phrases and fun colors are the main attraction. To me, Smythson brings back many memories, mainly of Christmas morning and my dad. I refer to my yearly notebook as my "brainbook" as it is filled with my thoughts, notes, to do lists, and quotes.

13 January 2012

30 Day Beer Diet?

No, not a 30 day cleanse - this guy is going on a 30 day beer only diet! Ok, and water, but that doesn't really count. When I first heard about this, I thought it was a joke or maybe one of my cousin's friends. I honestly don't know how you can function that long on just beer. One can only imagine the damage being done to his liver and kidneys. The juice cleanser in me is shuddering (and fascinated) whenever I read one of his entries!

I wonder what his hangover is going to be like!?

12 January 2012

Grocery Shopping

Yesterday was day 3 of my first cleanse this year and I decided to go to the gym and then to the store to buy yummy foods to snack on tomorrow - obviously the cleanse momentarily made me insane. What on earth was I thinking? Not only did I make it about 7 (generous) minutes into my workout and have to stop, but I went wild in the store! Thank goodness I stuck to fruits and veggies (and maybe some cheese and rice cakes)!

One weird thing I noticed was my lack of hunger while preparing my lunch for tomorrow. Perhaps I may need to extend this cleanse!

10 January 2012

Truffle Popcorn

Why not make some truffle popcorn tonight? This is one of my favorite snacks, the main reason is because it is so easy to make and tastes amazing!

Things you will need:

Truffle Salt
A Drink
Your best friend

All you need to do is make the popcorn, sprinkle on some salt, and some good conversation.

09 January 2012


PBR - short for "Professional Bull Riding" came to MSG this weekend, and I'm excited to say I went to my first event. Let me tell you, it was an interesting crowd that showed up. It was lots of fun and definitely something I never thought I would ever experience.

05 January 2012

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