28 February 2011

here today, gone tomorrow

i made it back to new york safe and sound and just in time for my afternoon interview! (my first one in awhile...) it went well and while i don't believe i am going to get the position, i must look on the bright side and note that it was great practice for future ones!

now, i have to get ready for my next trip on wednesday to new orleans...

27 February 2011

skateboarding is not a crime...

...and neither is loving stubbs and wootton! today my dad treated my sister and i to a new pair of shoes from stubbs and wootton! (we got the pirate ones!)what a perfect valentine's day present and what more perfect place to acquire them then palm beach?! i was excited to see the new store and thought the little sticker in the corner that said "skateboarding is not a crime" really funny for some odd reason!

i also would like to apologize for the lack of posts but we haven't had the internet for the whole trip and i was unable to access the computer until now...see you in new york!

23 February 2011

Champs Elysees Bakery

I must admit that I was thrilled to learn about the champs elysees bakery while reading elle decor last month and made it my mission to go there at some point this week. The reason this was a do or die kind of thing is because it is rumored the chef used to be a pastry chef at laduree*, one of my fav places on the planet for numerous reasons.

Anyways, I had a pain au chocolat and indulged in a raspberry and blueberry tart...which were beyond fabulous and made me long for France. I also got to practice my French because once the woman there learned I could speak French, that was all she would speak to me with! So, moral of the story? Go directly to the bakery if you get the chance!

*Elle Decor says the chef used to work at Laduree but the Palm Beach Daily News article doesn't mention this little tidbit, making me question Elle Decor...

22 February 2011

arnold palmer remix

i LOVE arnold palmers*! i especially love them on a hot summers before, during, and after tanning. needless to say, while it isn't summer i have been indulging in my favorite take on the classic half and half. (half lemonade half green iced tea!) it's light and fresh and just want you want to cool you down!

*i call them half and halves, but i guess everyone else calls them arnold palmers?? i don't know...i found this out when i went to college)

21 February 2011


So far it's been a whirlwind of activity down here, while it's mainly been hard labor (shopping), we did take some time out to go to artigras, an art fair, to pick up some artwork for the new place.

While we picked up a lot of fun watercolors and prints, my favorite is the work I bought from the artist john costin. He does amazing prints and etchings of birds that are beautiful when you see them on the internet and just unbelievable when you see them in person!

Happy President's Day

Happy President's Day, enjoy your day off!

20 February 2011

travel status

henry and i arrived in west palm safe and sound! henry had a few complaints, but let's be honest here...what 10 year old doesn't?! after a quick stop to publix, the best place to get vanilla yogurt, we will be putting the finishing touches on the place and get into the warm sun!

(i know it's still winter for you floridians, but for us new yorkers this is perfect sunning weather!)

19 February 2011

Au Revoir

Good bye New York, hello Palm Beach! I'm really excited that I get to go to one of my favorite relaxation spots for the whole week! (Bonus: my whole family will be there!)

My wonderful week will include:
1. No internet (Heaven!)
2. Sun
3.Some excercise (walk to get coffee...maybe)
4. A little bit of shopping (still need a few finishing touches for our new place!)
5. Quality time with the fam and (hopefully) a couple of friends!

That being said, have a fabulous week! I will keep in touch whenever possible - I may have to take advantage of the free wireless in bookstores and cafes!

18 February 2011

Susan Branch

Ok, I fully admit it. I collect scrapbooking supplies and rarely use them... found my forgotten stash of susan branch gems last night and just had to share!

I feel like she always knows how to illustrate and make what I want to say adorable.

Mom loves Susan Branch books and I love her artwork and basically everything of hers!
(she is a self taught artist...so cool!!)

Mini Muse: Dita Von Teese

Because she is one of the most well dressed burlesque dancers I know of!

17 February 2011


i have been using the same perfume for the past 5 years and will use it until probably it is discontinued. which is sure to happen as it is the original juicy scent and no one else wears it but me. that being said, i have the kiehl's original musk on hand for the rare occasions i run out of my go to, like today, and will have it on hand for the day juicy is made no more.

my dad introduced it to me by saying he read somewhere that the person who reviewed it said "i smelt so good i wanted to ask myself out".

16 February 2011

The Morning Joe

I'm not a big early morning tv show person, but I won 2 tickets to see the morning joe in a gift basket so I decided to attend the show this morning with AMS! (don't tell my yoga class...I'm positive they would not approve!)

Rise and shine everyone!

13 February 2011

weekend update

we had a lot of fun this weekend, and while i still might be feeling the side effects, i now have the excuse to have a whole bag of halfnaked popcorn to myself and a red ice pop...or 5!

12 February 2011

happy birthday!

i hope everyone isn't sick of wishing my besties happy birthday...because i'm not! today is julie's bday (the girl in the red) and we will be celebrating all night!

see you all out there xx

11 February 2011

kate spade valentines

don't forget to send your special someone one of the free kate spade valentines!
they are so cute and lots of fun!

10 February 2011

The Vested Gentress

I love the Vested Gentress almost as much as Lilly, but it's always a struggle to find it! Her prints are silly, colorful, and just a little bit more whimsical than Lilly. (In my opinion)

FYI: I was lucky enough to find a secret source for all things Vested Gentress!

08 February 2011

alternate life plans

i am at the point of almost giving up on my job search...not really, i'm just being dramatic but it is so hard to find a job right now! the only bonus is that i am now used to rejection and people ignoring my emails!

so on that note, i have made a list of my ideal alternate life plans!
1. hermit
2. move to small town and open bookstore
3. become a sailboat transporter
4. homeless person in paris
5. starving artist
6. house sitter in greece
7. hostess in monaco
8. photographer for coffee table books
9. be a professional daughter
10. librarian

07 February 2011

weekend update

as mentioned previously, i celebrated cait's birthday in the city at the fabulous smyth hotel. i also made sure to stop by my grandmother's apt to watch valentine's day and, of course, to swing by the journelle sale in union square. all in all a perfect weekend!


SUNGLASSES (n.) Shades; An accessory for those with exceedingly bright futures.
i am on the market for some new sunglasses...i already have 1 new pair, but i like to mix it up so i think i need another pair!
(especially with my ongoing job search)

06 February 2011

progress part. 2

so during all those snow days last week i made some more progress on the disaster that is my room. i have donated, reorganized and put away so many things my head is now sufficiently spinning. (and i haven't even gotten to my closet yet!)

after i get to my closet i'll be putting the shoes in an appropriate place...i just don't have any room in my closet yet!

(below is the before picture...just to jog everyone's memory)

and YES i did move the clothing that was hanging on the wall!

05 February 2011

happy birthday cait!

happy 23rd bday to cait, one of my oldest and best friends!

*celebrations will commence tonight!

04 February 2011

Swiss Family Robinson

I don't know about you but I loved the film Swiss Family Robinson when I was younger! It is one of those classics that never get old! It was the perfect movie to watch with my other cousins because it belonged to the (very) exclusive list of movies all of us could agree on.

All I wanted was to live in a tree house and fight pirates!

(The book was a fav of mine too!!)

03 February 2011

Typical Thursday

Last year, if you had asked me what a typical Thursday consisted of, I would have answered something along the lines of going to a party, then to the bar, and then home.
(this wasn't ever really willingly, but I have the best of friends who never let me become the hermit I always wanted to be.)

Now, I have my wish and can be as much a hermit as I want!
(Sadly, I thought it would be more fun than it actually is.)
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