27 April 2009

The Good Old Days

I wish that I lived in the older days, and when I say older days I mean when there was no cell phones or email. I hate being so easily accessible. Wouldn't you just love to get rid of your cell phone and email. I love getting mail. When I open my mailbox and have a handwritten letter it is like Christmas all over again. Cait, one of my best friends, and I write letters to each other all the time and I love it. I feel like there is a personal aspect to it that a lot of people are missing out on today. I think the best week I ever had was when I lost my cell phone. No one bothered me and my phone was not ringing nonstop. I did not feel pressured to compulsively check my text messages and voicemails. My Mom couldn't call me with different errands she needed me to do. (This is the main thing I don't like. It is miserable having to do errands that I wouldn't have to do otherwise.)

Do you like being so accessible? Am I the only one? I know that some people would stress out if there weren't any cell phones...my Mom...but some people...me...would be so much happier and less stressed. On another note, old phones are just so much more glamorous. I want a vintage radial dial phone...that would be so legit.


  1. I WISH it never got to the point where I need my blackberry to function. It's so vital to get important emails, especially from clients, immediatly. It allows me to plan my day accordingly. But since everyone knows I'm highly accesable, there's nowhere to hide. Like, you know I got tour email so I can't be shady lol...One day I left my phone home by accident and it was the most stress-free day ever. I wish I could have a simple phone, a Razr even.

    & thanks for the poster compliment.


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