30 August 2013

Party Planning: Ice Cream Social

It's basically the end of Summer so it makes sense to have one last celebration.  

These popsicle lights are super fun and great both lit and unlit.

  Homemade ice cream sandwiches are always a good way to go, especially with tasty homemade cookies!

Root beer would be a good drink to have on hand in case someone (me) wanted root beer floats.

Wooden spoons make sense because I have about a million in stock after Burgers and Bubbly.

An ice cream piñata is obviously needed (and this is a great tutorial).


29 August 2013

Inspiration: Party Dress

I love a good party dress, probably more than the typical girl. If it were possible, I would rock one of these frocks any day of the week. What make the perfect party dress? Sparkles, flounces, and just a dash of pink (or all pink).


27 August 2013

Time for London

Clearly, this year has been my year for travel. I'm jetting of to London and then Scotland with my family to take a much needed break and to drop my sister off at school. As much as I'll miss her, I'm excited for her to experience a different culture and get out of her comfort zone. I'm also beyond excited for all the trips to visit her!
As always, you can follow me and my adventures on instagram (@bepink).

26 August 2013

Ethical Shopping: Merci

While I was in Paris, at the super chic store Merci, I was approached by a professor and her class and was asked about my stance on "ethical shopping". I didn't know that ethical shopping was a thing until then, but if it involves shopping at Merci, I'm 100% in. (In case you're wondering, you know you're an ethical shopper when you prefer to go green and/or shop for charity as opposed to having a free for all at every store like me.)
Super cute and fun entrance!

They have an amazing library restaurant - food for the soul and body!
(sidenote: that is the best tartine and café crème ever)

Amazing art installations can be found throughout the store. 

Definitely treated myself to one of these pretty painted linen bags.

I couldn't get enough of this installation.
Not only is my Parisian shopping habit now guilt free, but I now have a new phrase to explain why I absolutely needed that Vanessa Bruno dress and those fabulous Carven shoes. Now NY just needs to open a really awesome concept store in the name of charity and I'll basically become the face of this thing called "ethical shopping".

All images are my own, from my Parisian travels.

23 August 2013


I can't help being a bit nostalgic with all the change that is going on. Summer is almost over, some of my best friends are moving to new cities, and I'm moving on to a new apartment. Needless to say, there is a lot to celebrate and reminisce about so it only makes sense to bring everyone together and throw one last hurrah before Fall officially starts and everyone leaves.

Balloons with old pictures attached to them makes for some great conversation and lots of laughs.

A colorful cake is a must - what would a party be without cake?!
Colorful streamers as décor would totally be a great accent with the balloons.

22 August 2013

Tomboy Toys

Let's be honest, I'm a girly girl. I shamelessly love pink, bows, and Barbies. However, growing up with what felt like a million boy cousins, I do appreciate a good "tomboy toy" as I call them. What are a few of my personal faves?

21 August 2013

Breakfast Epiphanies

I really really hope J.Crew is going back to a more basic look. As much as I loved looking at the more fun direction they were taking, it didn't really work well with my wardrobe.

This article on imagined celebrity reactions to headlines made me giggle a little bit.

Who doesn't love a cute proposal story?
I've always been fascinated by ghost towns, and this article totally makes me love them even more.

20 August 2013

Homemade Pop Tarts

Much to my Dad's dismay, I'm a regular a the local coffee shop. (He's totally against paying for a cup of coffee when you can make it at home for significantly less.) I can be spotted there first thing in the morning not because they have a good cup of coffee, but because they have Magpies. These are probably the yummiest poptarts ever and as much as I love them, I'm moving soon and definitely need to look into other options. Needless to say, I'm going to try making something similar at home using this recipe! Fingers crossed they taste half as good.

19 August 2013

TO DO: Check Out Stanley's Pharmacy

While working on my magazine project, I spotted this amazingly cheerful (for NY) image of a pharmacy called Stanley's Pharmacy. If the bright colors hadn't already drawn me in, I totally perked up when I read about the "wellness center" aspect of it. As a person who doesn't stick to traditional medicine and avoids painkillers and antibiotics at all costs, I always am intrigued by new options. Needless to say I plan on swinging by and checking it out sometime this week! 

Note:  I still will use medicine as a last resort/when desperate. 

16 August 2013

Party Planning: Willy Wonka Candy Party

I love candy probably more than the average person, so if anyone's going to throw a candy party it would totally be me. I'm not sure who would show up, but someone out there has to love candy as much as me, right?

Was anyone else addicted to these yummy candy buttons? As much as I loved the sugar, I kind of hated the paper that came along with it. This cake is the perfect solution (if you're Martha Stewart)!

Faux lollipops are the logical choice for party décor.

A candy themed tablescape would be super fun and colorful.

What's a candy party without a candy bar?


15 August 2013

Inspiration: Door Decor

Althought I most likely won't follow through, I'm kind of obsessed with the idea of  spicing up my door with something like these...


14 August 2013

Trends That Should Never Come Back

I think it might just be me, but I'm kind of not in love with a few of the new trends. I don't care how "fashionable" these are, but I will not be sporting them...

...instead, I'll just be rocking my onesie.

13 August 2013

Breakfast Epiphanies

This is the New York my parents would tell me about!

How cool would a Lowline be? I think I would prefer that over the overcrowded Highline.

I like to be prepared for almost any emergency and now I'm adding this neat little trick to my list of survival tips...once I try it of course!

This Church that was decorated in bones and skulls is pretty unbelievable to look at.

What an interesting article on CitiBike usage....if you're into them.

12 August 2013

Inspiration: Made Me Laugh

Just a few things that make me laugh on this rainy day:

and then this video of a cat dressed as a shark on a vacuum.

09 August 2013

Party Planning: Lashes and Lips

I've been on a beauty kick (basically since joining Pinterest) and am always looking for tips on how to amp up my going out "look" to something a bit more fun. I'm the worst with makeup and would love to throw a party with my more makeup savvy friends to get their tips. 

I would totally have a lash + lip bar, where there would be fun colors and a large array of lashes to play with.

I would need multiple options for lipstick colors and faux eyelash styles. 

A great source to refer to for lipstick sources is Life Unsweetened - she has a great list of the cheap versions of MAC makeup, which is perfect for this party. 

We would definitely be going out later, so some strong cocktails, will be provided...after we put on our makeup, of course!

To make sure we're in the party mood, I'll have a really fun surprise playlist going...or just make JAW pick it out - that's something we would have to play by ear.  

08 August 2013

August Goals

This month is going to be a bit wild for me between trying to squeeze in as many beach days as possible, making time to move out of  my apt (*sob*), and getting ready for my London + Scotland adventure.

Have a "digital detox" day each week, where I don't use any sort of computer, cell phone, or nook.

Go to the gym (reoccurring theme in my life...)

Figure out how I'm going to fit everything in my new apt  - AHH!
Plan outfits for upcoming photoshoots!
Plan and pack for London and Scotland.  

07 August 2013

Create an Indoor Apartment Garden with BACSAC

Now that I'm gearing up to move out of my current apartment, I need to come up with alternate ways to experience the outdoors without leaving my room. I'll take a few tips from the French and purchase a few BACSAC planters. Luckily, I already picked one up while at Merci in Paris. Perfect for both inside and outside, something tells me I'll get a lot of use out of these! 

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