27 January 2010

Favorite Films

I must admit that T am not that much of a movie watcher...give me books any day. But, I do have a very exclusive list of faves. Most people don't agree with my list but whatever, I like to do my own thing. I'd have to say though that a film that never gets old for me is Uptown Girls. I love the soundtrack, fashion, actors and actresses, the plot, and the list goes on. I know most people would not agree with this as being a great film, in fact everyone makes fun of me for it (except Dana, one of my best friends and I can always count on her to watch it with me).

My other favorites are Saving Private Ryan, The Sound of Music, Home Alone, Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison

What are your favorite films?

Photos: Yahoo (I couldn't find the website again...sorry!)

26 January 2010

spring semester round 4

i guess i should have talked about this last week when i first got back to school, but i was extremely busy trying to get my academic life together. i accidently signed up for only 2.5 classes when i needed 4 total (to graduate). so last week i was frantically trying to convince professors to let me into classes. that is a lot harder then it sounds, they can be just downright mean! well, i finally got it figured out and i am now taking painting, (an original class) philosophy of peace, (i know...not really my speed but i randomly might end up with a peace minor because of all my rando classes) cities and globalization, (not about what i thought it was...it's about markets and capitalism ect. i hope it doesn't become the next oceanography...more to come on that later) and finally intro to japanese drama (i'm obsessed with the professor so it was a must take...kind of like those must have shoes...). regardless this is the last ntime i;ll ever have to creepily stalk and beg my way into classes!

sooo that is the reason for the lack of posts. sorry!!!

photo: i totally forget where...daily candy i think??

25 January 2010

isabelle marant

in case you guys didn't know i love fashion. in fact, i went to paris for a month to study fashion illustration. while i was there i developed a love for the beautiful french style. isabel marant was by far my favorite! today, i was going through my vogue paris with all the runway fashions and decided to look her up. these are some of my favorites from the collection.

i love how she mixes all the colors and patterns. (sidenote: i was so excited to see the bright) pink)

Garden Party

Planning parties is one of my favorite things to do. I currently have been thinking of fun parties to have and after looking at billions (ok in reality like 100) of pictures I decided that I want to have a garden party. All I need is for it to be Spring/Summer. Imagine the fun dresses and hats you can wear!!

I love these place settings, even though they are not all the same they are all so pretty!

These could be some fun party favors (or maybe party hair clips instead of party hats??)

This is what inspired the garden party idea. I love all the colors and patters and how they incorporated the garden into the pattern!!

This is definitely the dress I would wear! I love the color and bow (obviously) and with a hat, what else could you possible want!


i love pink. in fact, my whole family is obsessed with it. needless to say, pink party dresses are among my favorite things ever. (especially when lots of tulle and ruffles are involved.

sorry for the drab (and lack of) posts. i hope thing brings some color to an otherwise rainy sunday night! (at least where i am)

photo: papier mache

20 January 2010

Caitlin McGauley Artwork

if you are anything like me you love anything girly and fun. caitlin mcgauley's artwork is all of that and more. now that i am taking a painting class (i know...i have no idea how i'm ever going to do it) i find myself looking up different types of painters and artists that i like. she is definitely onto my list!

i love the colors and glamorous girl in this!
these remind me of the vintage rhinestone necklaces that i just got...i wish i had earrings like these!!

i wish i could look as effortlessly glam as this girl does. (such a cool style outfit!)
these sandals remind me of my k. jaques (best investment sandals ever!)

ps. if you like what you see be sure to check out her blog!

all images are from her website!

19 January 2010

Things I Love

i judge a book by its cover. i don't care what anyone says, i like pink girly books with girly covers. needless to say, it has cost me a lot because i have all of these books that i never use or read, but just have around because i thought they were pretty. my most recent acquisition is the happy book: a journal to celebrate what makes you happy. well, i opened it for the first time and found that it's something fun to do whenever i'm bored. so i'm going to share with you all some of the things i do in this book.

task 1: "make a list of things that make you happy-anything and everything that makes you happy-small, big profound, simple" soooo her are 15 things on my list...just so you don't have to read every single little thing i love because that is neverending

1. my family ( immediate, extended and pets)
2. my friends
3. books
4. everything fashion
5. boating
6. leopard prints
7. anything that sparkles
8. eloise
9. ice pops
10. barbie
11. tea time
12. laduree
13. cities
14. blogging and journaling
15. sweaters

...and the list goes on

Winter Olympics

i stumbled upon this picture and it reminded me about the Winter Olympics that are going to take place in Vancouver! I think my favorite events are the ones involving skiing (even though i still can't ski...). whenever i drive through lake placid i see the jumps. i always think you have to be a little bit crazy to do them. whatever. good for them but it wouldn't be me!

it's a simple math equation:

alanna + heights + skiing = the worst idea known to mankind!

on the other hand:

alanna+ nick and henry + luxurious hotel in ski country = best idea ever!!

*image from here!

18 January 2010

Up In the Air

i recently saw up in the air starring george clooney. i loved it, but it is kind of depressing. I highly recommend it! (it's a lot better than Avatar...not that i'm pointing fingers or anything)

13 January 2010

harper's bazaar february 2010

these images make me long to be able to ride my bike (black 1960s vintage cruiser with basket) around town again.

sans the high heels though...

i have always been a big fan of harper's. the editorials always seem to hit the spot.

happy bike riding!!

How To: Be the Girl With the Most Cake

Anyone who knows me knows that every single morning I wake up, put on my "I want to be the girl with the most cake" bracelet and then makes a cup of tea (ok at 7am the tea is kind of a stretch but like whatever I can dream a little bit here...). I mean who doesn't love cake and references to Marie Antoinette?! Needless to say when I found out about saint cupcake I absolutely had to share it.

I think I might order myself some because of my tendency towards blowing up kitchens. That way I successfully avoid causing harm to my house but I still get to decorate cupcakes, which is the best part anyways!!! (Aside from eating them, obviously.)

They are even perfectly packaged!!

Happy cupcake eating! (homemade or bought...)

07 January 2010

All Things Great

Today, when I went to pick up Thor (my dog) from the pet hotel we had a little encounter with a massive black great dane (similar to the one shown below). The great dane (keep in mind how huge, yet friendly, they are) jumped on me. Thor thought he was attacking and picked a fight with an animal 3 times his size (at least). I'm absolutely certain you can imagine the disaster that enfolded. After I got Thor under control we had to walk through the many aisles filled with small creatures that only set Thor off even more. I'm surprised they even take Thor in anymore after last years rabbit encounter...don't worry the rabbit is alive! Traumatized, but alive!

Anyways, I have decided that I want a great dane to be my dog. They are so cute and playful!!! So yes, great danes made it onto my ongoing must haves list. I just have to get my parents to agree...

05 January 2010


even though i'm not a big fan of resolutions (i always end up breaking mine and that like probably the worst way to start a new year) i think that these are adorable to help along resolutions:

for the person who wants to lose weight...i mean you need somthing to encourage you every time you hit the scale! (please note:this clever device is not a number scale, but one to inspire you!)

for the person who is alway late but vows to arrive on time (at least once) this year, this will serve as a daily reminder!

for the person who is (belatedly) jumping on the green wagon...this helpful kit has some home cleaning supplies that will help!

good luck!

Rub a Dub Dub

Who doesn't love indulging in a bubble bath with lots of bubbles, a good read, and some soft towels to ease the pain of leaving a good hour (at least) of pure bliss?

Cath Kidston towels are one of my favorite indulgences. I have the pink polka dotted ones, but these striped ones are on my list of must haves!

01 January 2010

happy new years!

happy new years to everyone! i hope everyone enjoyed some fabulous bubbly and rang it in with as much merriment me and my friends did while out in boston. i took the train up, which my dad thought was stupid but like whatever. i like the train, you don't have to wait hours online with security and it's relaxing to just sit there for hours and watch the scenery change. anyways, i must sign off because i'm going to palm beach for some thawing out from the cold! just what i need to do to start the year out right!
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