29 June 2010


As I have mentioned before, I have tried and tried and tried but I have never been able to quit biting my nails. Well, I figured out why! I have been trying to stop biting my nails while I was a student. I think it's because I'm not a school person. It was so stressful. I mean there was homework every night, exams, deadlines, and classes to attend on top of everything! Who needs all of that combined with a grade?! Obviously it was too much for me and stressing me out (even in the summer time) because I stopped biting my nails without even trying. Yes, the day I graduated was the day I stopped biting my nails!Oobviously i'm getting a manicure this weekend to celebrate my new (real) nails!

25 June 2010


nothing is better then getting a fabulous deal...especially when you are a recently struggling alum who is depressed and has almost no direction. i must admit that today was a great day and something that i seriously needed. i took advantage of my day off and i met up with andrew and alyssa for lunch (i heard all about their european adventures, which were so exciting) and went shopping with lila to hit up all the sales.

i taught her all about what i like to call the B triathlon. (bergdorfs, barney's, bloomies - sometimes i swap out one of those for bendel's but typically that is my favorite run). it is a very uplifting thing for the soul and something that every girl should do once in awhile. today's run was even better because of all the wonderful sales (30-40% off everywhere!!!). i highly recommend going if you are in the area!

24 June 2010


I love Barbie dolls. They are so glam and get to wear the coolest clothes ever designed by Robert Best and although they might have a bad hair day once in awhile (3 year olds with the Barbie brushes must be a killer) thier makeup never smudges. Granted I don't really wear makeup so I guess it doesn't faze me but still. maybe if I had Barbie's luck I would wear it more often!

Anyways, I got my Barbie Collector magazine today and saw a must have Barbie print! I wish I could show you a picture but if you just go here you can see it! It's a print that I look forward to owning and will add it to my vast collection!

23 June 2010

island hopping

Once upon a time island hopping meant willingly and gladly going to different islands looking for the next party. Well, that has drastically changed! I've been going from long island to Manhattan everyday to work. I've learned a lot of important life skills mainly:

1. Always have a good book on handy
2. Do not miss the train. ever.

and if you do...

3. Always have a train schedule handy in case you miss the train

4. Commuting is fun for a week...and then you find that you are one of the regulars you secretly laughed at. (you know this when you have the monthly pass, parking sticker for your car, have your spot on the platform where you wait, and know the exact amount of minutes it takes to get into the city)

5. Find an apartment asap because a person can only take so many days of going to bed at 10 and waking up at 6 without going insane

10 June 2010

busy as a bee

(me and henry from 3 years ago)

same as every time my internship starts, things at work have been a total whirlwind! i am forever running around midtown trying to match fabrics with color swatches and the like. this is one of my first times actually getting the chance to let everyone know i'm alive. (i've been debating smoke signals, but unfortunately not everyone would see them!

while my life has been totally boring otherwise (my bedtime is 10 now) i have been compiling a list of books to share! most of them being of the coffee table variety!

and most importantly i would like to wish my little brother happy belated 10th birthday! (i did not have the time yesterday to dedicate a post to him. sorry henry!)

06 June 2010


i'm having a blog block. i can't think of a single thing to write now that my life is filled with things like my internship! i apologize and hope to get back on track soon....

nothing really interesting has happened recently. the only fun thing is that one of my best friends (lila) is moving in with me soon.

don't worry, more to come!
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