30 April 2018

Pretty Pins for Spring Weather

It's finally spring and my allergies are in full bloom. Despite the constant stuffed up nose, I've been enjoying walks on the Highline, time out in the country, and even getting a bit of spring cleaning done! Below I'm rounding up a few images that has been inspiring me this past week and getting me in a warm weather mood.

Happy Monday!


28 March 2018

Party Planning: Bridesmaid Dress Preview

Next week I'm hosting a little apres work get together for a few girls in a wedding I'm in to try on bridesmaid dresses we ordered from Azazie. As you all know, I love having friends over and what is more fun than casual cocktails and trying on dresses? Below is some inspiration I've pulled for the event and you can see the final result next week on the towerhouse instagram!

We've been emailing about tentative dates, but once we finalize I want to confirm the date and send out an official invite! Could this one from paperless post be more perfect? It's cheeky and on theme and while I wish there was more color, I think it will do.

As this is all going to be happening right after work, I want to make sure I have something quick and easy to prepare so I can focus on the dresses. My favorite go to crowd pleaser is a charcuterie plate and I might pick up a few supplements depending on how hungry everyone is.

I jump at any chance to bring in fresh flowers to the apartment and what better excuse than a party? The more the merrier I say, especially when it comes to tulips - but I'll take peonies too! I work right near the flower district so I'll be able to quickly pick some up that morning.

We already have the dresses ordered and en route to me so I'll need to steam them and hang them up - I'm thinking it will be fun to pick up some cute hangers or come up with a fun way to present them in a more chic and fun way than just my standard black hangers. I love the ideas of a bow!

Since the party is after work, I know not everyone wants to get crazy. That being said - I think it would be so fun to come up with a fun signature drink and make a small batch! I'm thinking something that pairs well with wine so as to avoid hangovers (or poor dress decisions). In an ideal world it would be rose lemonade, but it's probably not "weather appropriate" so I'll keep looking.

I think in a different life I was a party planner. Happy hosting!


26 March 2018

Ritz Paris Auction at Artcurial

It's no secret I fell in love with Paris almost 10 years ago and I'm always looking for any excuse to go back. The other day I was perusing my favorite auction house's calendar (Artcurial for those wondering) and saw they were hosting a five day auction for the Ritz Paris. I seriously am itching to go back so I could see the preview in all of it's glory and maybe get in a few travel snaps and instagram posts as well. While I never got the chance to stay at the hotel before it went under renovation, I'm totally ok with the next best thing - owning a piece (or 5+) of Ritz Paris history. Imagine all of the stories these pieces could tell! I can't get enough of the sumptuous velvets, chic furniture in the style of Louis XVI, and the pink and blue details throughout. Below are a few of the pieces I wish I could bid on for my dream Paris apartment....or my current NY studio!

Happy hunting!

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