23 June 2017


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Celebrating my birthday. About two years ago I started treating my birthday as a "new years" sort of deal and make a list of things I want to accomplish that year. As this is my 29th birthday, I'm feeling a bit more pressure to do something big for myself before I turn 30. I love having a list of things that I want to do for myself - it kind of makes the year seem a bit more productive and fun!

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Enjoying my first sound bath. A few months ago I started meditating regularly. Taking 30 minutes for myself to just sit and be has done wonders for my mental health. I took it a step further this week and participated in a 45 minute sound bath, which was surprisingly intense. I felt a range of emotions and was energized by the experience. If you ever get the chance, you should try it!

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Thrifting on Sundays. I recently became a member of Housing works. Every Sunday my mom goes on a thrift store run and comes back with all sorts of treasures, highlights from teh past have been Tiffany candle sticks, mink coats, and gorgeous artwork. I recently had a major score - a Lillian August couch! I'm currently storing it on LI, but hope to use it soon in either a Palm Beach home or future apartment.

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Snacking on early bird granola bars. These bars are my latest love and obsession and have been a total game changer. Ever since I started the low fodmap diet I've had to cut out a lot of the bad foods and replace them with healthier, cleaner options so this little treat has been my saving grace.

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Planning out my future apartment. We're moving this year to a different apartment and I could not be more excited! Not that there is anything wrong with our apartment, but the location isn't the best and I'm ready for a real two bedroom apartment - or at least bigger bedrooms with a closet. I should probably find the apartment before planning, but it's just so fun to look at inspiration all day.

Happy Weekend!

S U B S C R I B E 

21 June 2017

First Day of Summer Outfit Inspiration

In honor of the Summer Solstice, I'm rounding up a few of my favorite looks for the summer. This year I'm all about ditching my usual black from head to toe look and bringing in bright pinks, reds, oranges, and blues with all white for work.

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Happy Summer Solstice! 

ARS xx

19 June 2017

New NY Store: The White Company

One morning while walking down 5th I noticed a new store opening that put an extra spring in my step - British based store The White Company. I first discovered them years ago on a trip to London, so I was over the moon excited to learn they were opening stateside. I love love love their simple and easy aesthetic, it's perfect for both city and country living. While I'm trying not to buy anything this year as I'm moving in the fall, I just may need to pick up a few pillows and the carafe and stacking tumblers (have I ever mentioned my obsession with them?).  Below are a few of my favorite inspiration images from the website: 

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I'm sensing a birthday week purchase in the near future! 

ARS xx
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