29 November 2017

Pretty Pins Just for Fun

After a week of just gift guides I'm taking it easy on future gift guide posts. I'll maybe do a few more, but every blogger is doing them at the moment and I don't want to overwhelm! That being said, I'm doing a round up of pins that made me smile and are just really fun (and are potentially inspired by the towerhouse instagram account. Enjoy!

Happy Wednesday! 


24 November 2017

Gifts for Guys (That Aren't Socks, Cuff Links, or Boxers)

What is it about the men in your life that make gift giving so hard!? I'm kicking myself for making an Easter basket for my Dad, because I had great gifts for him - but the smile on his face for receiving a basket for the first time in over 40 years was priceless. Do you follow on the Towerhouse instagram - you might have seen the picture and smiled too!That being said, I'm back to square one with him (but have a few ideas in the pipeline). Hopefully one of the below ideas will help with any gift giving block:

First Aid Kit from Best Made Company (or anything from Best Made Company)

Mini Nespresso Machine with Milk Frother + pods as a stocking stuffer (if he already has a Keurig,  Death Wish coffee k-cups are always a winner!)

Vintage Golf  Drinking Glasses (an array of fun ones on Etsy!)

Customized Famous Portrait (an epic gift I've given in the past - that's my sister!)

Playboy Party Jokes book

Are you sick of these round ups yet?


Gifts for the Sun Worshiper

As a dedicated beach-goer I love getting anything that makes the experience seem a bit more luxurious or adds a beachy vibe when I'm in the deep, dark depths of winter with no PB escape. If you follow the Towerhouse instagram you'll see I make it down there often and am all about the #TowerhouseTravel life. These are a few things that have been on my wishlist for awhile, that I think the sun worshiper in your life might enjoy too.

LL Bean bag (perfect for everything, but especially the beach!)

Now I'm ready for the beach myself! 

ARS xx
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