15 September 2017

Friday Night Outfit Inspiration

I usually share a post from my Currently series on Fridays, but I'm going to switch it up because 1. I've only done one really noteworthy thing this week and 2. I've been slacking on my posts recently and don't want to bore everyone completely. Now that it's fall and friends are back in the city, it's apparent I need to revamp my Friday night look! As a spring/summer girl, it's easy to find looks that take me from night to day to early morning parties, but I kind of struggle during the fall/winter. A go to of mine is head to toe black with a statement accessory, and this year I'm not going to try to branch out, but try to restyle a few pieces I already own. Below are a few looks that have been inspiring me!

32158d3bb4470a95c61242616b0f488a.jpg (564×847)

6ad5842e4af4ea78b3333ab5a1287b87.jpg (564×375)

e0ed8a77876dd336f0d6a2b2b9653f19.jpg (564×985)

39454d3b9039db776f223e358fe9d3fa.jpg (466×577)

13b6c23e58cc4d2004ae02bc003ab974.jpg (495×782)

TGIF! Hope you have a good weekend.


13 September 2017

Pretty Pins for a Sunny September Day

If I'm being honest, I don't know what inspired this pretty pins roundup except for the fact that I love the dreamy imagery and colors. Maybe I'm still longing for summer pastels and hoping to extend summer just a tiny bit more? I've seen a similar trend on my instagram too! I don't know what it is, but below are a few pins that are inspiring me this week.

3f62c5fda42458b7db4d29888a8b8a7f.jpg (564×719)

bfa748a36c061216e57440f199837265.jpg (553×587)

bda1b0e17171878e65e38dc24a050d0c.jpg (564×564)

9f8213e7ebffb0fc106f92765077e753.jpg (564×454)

5ae94eedb485cf2b9e75c36273d7378b.jpg (564×447)

Halfway to Friday! 


08 September 2017


c1296eae349d04e5f818a9f511dad9b1.jpg (399×599)
Signing up for ebates! As I've mentioned many times, I'm looking to cut back on spending in addition to saving money where I can. As I've researched different ways to cut costs I've found a few articles highlighting ways to bring back in some of the money you're spending. Ebates is a website where you can get a percentage of your cash back through either paypal or a check. I just signed up so I don't feel fair reviewing it, but I love the idea of it and have read many other rave reviews. Interested? You can learn more about it and sign up here! (Full disclosure: I may get referral credit if you sign up and make a purchase!)

c320abef88bfd8adbf743cc40dbe33fd.jpg (564×564)
Reading up a storm. It's been awhile since I picked up an actual book but I have a massive backlog of books to be read and with the move coming up, now is the time!

d7461ff45f5d7983c6c36152bce28f53.jpg (564×799)
Updating my privacy setting on my iPhone after reading this article about how Instagram is listening to us. Isn't that so creepy to think about?

96e39e8d067116fcdce9be490de832c1.jpg (564×846)
Following Hurricane Irma this week and praying for everyone in it's path! As I've mentioned in previous posts and shown on instagram, my parents have a getaway place down there and luckily they are safe in NY, but I am worried about our neighbors and the friends we have made down there. I'll be saying an extra prayer for anyone affected by the hurricane and hope you will too!

c8fc0bd758f04602ae580869ea8d5973.jpg (564×374)
Ordering Christmas gifts already! I hate scrambling for gifts and every year it feels frantic. This year I'm planning early so no one is forgotten and I don't stretch my budget (too much).


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