21 July 2017

Mid-July Wish List

Usually I like to do a Currently post every Friday to round up what I've been up to, thinking, and loving. This week, as I haven't really had the time to write it out I'm just going to do a quick roundup of what is on my wishlist at the moment.

960072dfd243e44fcff693abf822c23c.png (600×600)

8e2e95152d1ee2c04a473b17785961b8.jpg (564×846)
Eberjay PJs

TGIF, everyone! 


19 July 2017

Pretty Pins for Inspiration

It's been a grueling two weeks, so I apologize for the lack of posts. If you follow me on instagram you'll know I was travelling for fun in Nantucket and for business in Memphis and I'm so glad to be home. There isn't a specific theme for these pins, just a few images that have caught my eye for one reason or another.

4141dcc7b8ca850bb49b06aeb0a74c42.jpg (564×789)

db6fd8657c84d85201f426fe15bfb8ac.jpg (438×653)

96d8ab0da15b96fcad22838c7693f5ea.jpg (428×640)

0983c71ec1086fd1d4f9a3c04310041b.jpg (564×846)

ee8b6c2a3f30c4bce25d77322d7ace47.jpg (500×700)

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Excited to be back on my blogging track. 

ARS xx

30 June 2017


f5d2d365bffdfdfb491be60ac65b384b.jpg (535×803)

Watching Watch What Happens Live....live! Cait and I lived our Bravo dream to see WWHL in person and it was such a treat! We kicked the night off with dinner at The Greek and ended it on a high note watching a mini Party of Five reunion.

1b4fc1d088ee651370fdd9c353035d1c.jpg (564×564)

Recovering from DCM, a 48 hour improv marathon Grant and his group Garbage perform in. It's always a treat when he's in town and fun to relive our earlier days in the city, when we were able to see his shows.

13a9581fc9cc1548809d1c3ac7ab87e0.jpg (564×899)

Packing for Nantucket! I'm off this weekend to Nantucket to celebrate Christina's 30th! As I mentioned earlier this week the weather is going to be a slight bummer, but it's ok - I can still sleep on the beach. We have so many fun things planned, including a sunset sail.

860ba0684f597c88c28effabd9062bb0.jpg (315×450)

Avoiding all of the Fourth of July sales going on. As I've mentioned I have a few big trips coming up and want to save money so I can buy a souvenir or two! I also have enough clothes to last me for the next five years, so I don't really need anything (but there are lots I want).

445d10771adcd17e04fda4d7b1fd8365.jpg (564×749)

Continuing to clean out my apartment. Thank God I'm starting this now, because I can tell already I'm going to be overwhelmed when I move this fall. This article has been helping me stay motivated and on track. I especially love the "If I were shopping now would I buy this" question.

Bon weekend!


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