21 November 2017

Gifts for the #BlueandWhiteForever Believer

I have a few friends and family members that are big fans of anything blue and white (including myself!) so I'm rounding up a few things they may like, in both style and color. From desk decor to wall art I tried my best to find an array of fun and pretty touches that I personally love. Did you see my desk on the Towerhouse instagram? You'll see a few familiar faces below! 

Happy shopping! 

ARS xx 

Gifts for the Linen Lover

As a linen fanatic I loooooove getting anything in this department. If you follow the Towerhouse instagram you're sure to have noticed my dedicated #TowerhouseStyle pics featuring India Amory + Matouk. I'm sure you have a list of friends and family members who feel the same way, so I'm sharing a few more "off the radar" picks that are chic, personal, and fun to give! 

India Amory Table Cloths (and robes! they are adorable)

20 November 2017

Gifts for the Stationary Lover

I'm a bit of a stationary nut and I like to think there are more of us out there than you would think! I have a few friends who I regularly correspond with via mail and I still swear by a paper calendar. Call me old fashioned but there is nothing better than writing a letter, except receiving them. I've rounded up a list of my personal favorites to give and things I use on a daily basis:

Calling & Business Cards by Nancy Nikko Designs (an array of designs are offered here!)

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