26 April 2012

Spring Motivation

Now that summer is almost here I am super motivated to actually hit up the gym....or skip the gym and just go shopping!

Truthfully, I went for a walk all the way uptown and back to my downtown apartment and was so tired I opted out of the gym. I've been in the mood to relive my time spent living in Paris so I had to swing by Bon Point and Laduree!

25 April 2012

Bon Point

Can you tell I'm in a French mood? When I lived in Paris (and my super chic Parisian cousins would come and visit) I was always envious of the clothes they would wear. So I was ecstatic to learn that the children's clothes company, Bon Point, that I was obsessed with was available in adult sizes. When I came back to the US with suitcases filled with clothes, I was disappointed the adult sizes were not available in the US (yet!) and now am happy to report they are available on the Madison Ave store so all is well in the world once again!

23 April 2012

Shoes Were Made for Walking

When I worked as an intern at Armani, I spent many hours with the showroom models. I wish I paid more attention and asked more questions re: style advice because they gave me life changing tips on breaking in a new pair of shoes. The one I use the most? Always have at least one pair of shoes to switch it with. 
While this may take a little bit longer, it is so worth it because then you don't end up with horrible blisters!

21 April 2012


I've been in such a fabulous mood this week, starting with my Tuesday, where I was able to remiss about my time spent in France snacking on macrons all day with mes amis. Luckily, on my walk up Madison I was able to swing by Laduree and pick up the perfect breakfast combo - Vanille, Cassis, and Framboise!

Secret - I ate most of them on my way up to the party...oops

20 April 2012

The "Lilly" House

No, not Lilly Pulitzer's house, my lilly house! When I was much younger, I remember treking out to the Hamptons to go and visit my Aunt's and Uncle's out at the lilly house - a small home that was right near the beach. I'm not sure exactly how it became known as the lilly house, but I have such fond memories of my time spent there (and on the beach) that I can't help but be a little nostalgic with all of this summery weather we have been having.

If I had my OWN lilly house I know what I would want to do...

Paint the Stairs

Build A Hidden Outdoor Shower

Put Gingham Everywhere

Find Quirky Decor

Add Some Shells

19 April 2012

The French Press

I'm not a huge coffee drinker - in fact I used to exclusively drink tea. Unfortunately, starting my work day at 8am means I need (a little) something extra in the morning which is where coffee comes info play. I know basically nothing about brewing coffee, even making tea can be a stretch which is why I was so excited to realize I could just use a French Press to make coffee - so simple!  Especially when you fine a CoffeeGeek guide and LAD to explain how to use it. 

Now all I need is to find the perfect one!

17 April 2012

Artist Love: Patrick B. Fream

Now call my biased, but I'm a huge fan of PBF's art. You should definitely check out his website for some more of his work and for some wild stories!

(HINT: He is the epitome of an artist)

16 April 2012

Moroccan Wedding Blankets

Currently back on a GYPSET kick and on the hunt for a Moroccan Wedding blanket that can be used as a rug/throw blanket. I might have to take the long way (aka best way) home and swing by Calyspo to check out one I found online! Other potential stop is ABC Carpet, but I'll take any excuse to go there...

Monday Motivation

Although most people would disagree, I believe one of the best parts of my apartment is being able to wake up with the sun every day. It is so motivating and how can you not love the glorious colors inspiring you to attack the day?! 


13 April 2012

Spring Has Sprung

Now that it is April, I am actually inspired to fit some quality Spring cleaning into my weekend.
First up? My closet....

12 April 2012

The Monogram

"Preppies have known it for years: who needs LV or YSL when you can lay claim to a discreet EBW III? In face, most Preppies are so proud of their monograms that they put them on virtually everything in sight." - The Preppy Handbook

I embrace my monogram (ARS), even though it opens me up to many jokes, but every once in awhile I get bored of it and when I get bored of it I end up with suitcases with MINE painted on them.

The Preppy Handbook would not approve - thank goodness I'm not a diehard!

Images from: Pinterest, Tumblr, and My Own!

10 April 2012

Fifty Other Shades of Grey

Intrigured by LSF's description of Fifty Shades of Grey (and all the other reviews I read), I immediately went to pick up a copy of the book. I was drawn in immediately and currently am on book two (I started on Sunday). Needles to say, I had a couple giggles over Vanity Fair's spin off called Fifty Other Shades of Grey because they all DO fall in a grey area!

Image From: English Muse

09 April 2012

Edible Flowers

I LOVE incorporating edible flowers into my salads for a touch of whimsy. After reading this article and looking around on Pinterest, I have more ideas on how to incorporate edible flowers into my day!

07 April 2012

All Black All The Time? Yes.

Not that I wear black ALL the time, but it is basically an every day staple for me (like every other New Yorker) for every single season. Now that Spring is here it is time to bring home my all black outfits and to bring in my (mostly) colorful Spring clothes! 

I absolutely can not wait to sport my all pink outfits!

06 April 2012


SO happy it's finally Friday! The weekend did not come soon enough. 

Now all I need to do is survive the commute...

05 April 2012


In case you didn't realize...I LOVE birthdays! I just want to wish my cousin Grace a special birthday. 

"You must remember, family is often born of blood, but it doesn't depend on blood. Nor is it exclusive of friendship. Family members can be your best friends, you know. And best friends, whether or not they are related to you, can be your family.” - Trenton Lee Stewart, The Mysterious Benedict Society

Happy Birthday to Grace, who is pretty much my other sister AND best friend (obviously).


Travel Envy

I am SO jealous of the boy's trip in Chile/Argentina! (The boys being my cousins) It looks like they are having such a blast. 

If I got to see all this incredible scenery, I would deal with living in a truck...and cook on a campfire.

I'm even jealous of their misadventures! 
(Actually, maybe not. I wouldn't be able to dig the truck out.)

Note to self: organize a girl's trip STAT!
Bermuda, anyone?
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