28 April 2009


In at least two of my classes we have disscussed a term called flow.  Flow, acording to Mihaly Sikszentmihalyi, is a heightened focus and immersion in different activities (such as art, play and work). The way they describe it reminds me of addiction. We talked about flow and what made us experience flow. My response: shopping. 

Awkward silence in the class

Why was there an awkward silence? I mean shopping is my therapy, my flow, just like video games was some other kid's flow. Seriously. It's not like shopping is a bad thing, just something that people think is superficial. Whatever. I am a superficial person. But think about it... when i see Lilly Pulitzer I see myself at a cocktail party sipping on a martini with my country club friends. Pucci is a fun dinner party drinking a cosmo, you can be sure I would be wearing my new Current/Elliot jeans with a loose tank (but still somewhat fitted) and black patent platforms walking around new york, black leather bag included. So you see, each article of clothing and accessory is a new story for me. When I go shopping each piece of clothing creates a story in my mind of what I would do in each outfit. 

Does anyone else think this way? Do you imagine yourself at some glamorous party in a fabulous Gucci dress and Jimmy Choo heels? Maybe I am just a shopoholic or something. 

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