30 January 2017

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

Like most people, I've always been a big gift person. I love that feeling of finding the perfect gift for someone or when I receive a thoughtful present of my own. I've rounded up a few dream gifts that err more on the indulgent side, but are still fun to look at!

ebebc1fe240abb1fe65f2b27cf46d299.jpg (236×236)

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Belgrave Crescent Tassel Loafers

Are you noticing a theme?

ARS xx

27 January 2017

Favorite Looks from Spring 2017 Couture Week

Oh, how I love fashion! As much as I love fashion week, nothing piques my interest more than Couture week. Everything is just simply whimsical, daring, and filled with glamour. It's my dream to one day own a couture gown, but until then I will stalk the runways and hope that one day I'll maybe be able to attend an event. My favorite was Christian Dior, with Elie Saab coming in a close second. The party dresses in Chanel's show were a sight to behold and Valentino was dreamy as usual.

afc2fae8205ecc95377c07fa37fab563.jpg (236×354)

ARS xx

25 January 2017

Kate Schelter for Sleepy Jones

Have I shared my love of Sleepy Jones with you yet? If not, you probably won't be surprised I can't get enough of their cozy, chic pjs. When I saw a post on instagram by Kate Schelter about a collaboration she did with them, the pjs moved right to the top of my current wishlist. Perfect for February and combining a few of my favorite things, they are a total must have.

cdf87b0795918b876ff6528b92da4ede.jpg (236×279)
3cfe6cd2a670b88f3bc36805e4a9f4c4.jpg (564×713)

79458620a3c3c9b6ef52c5e881a49685.jpg (564×1018)

Happy dreaming!

ARS xx

23 January 2017

Product Love: Tammy Fender

As most of you know I'm no stranger to Palm Beach. While my family and I tend to stick to a routine while down there, we've started to branch out and one of my most favorite recent discoveries is Tammy Fender's Spa. I was somewhat familiar with their product line (thanks to goop!) and made a mental note to one day check out the spa. I finally made it there and had an unbelievable facial and quickkly booked a massage to start 2017 off on a relaxing note. If you get the chance you should absolutely go but if not, you should at least check out her products! While a bit pricey, I can't speak highly enough about how amazing my skin has been looking since I started using her stuff. Below are a few things I love and a few I want to try once my old stuff runs out.

fe9ebb185b91419bd7c8bf556bcbb7b9.jpg (564×466)

6ace3725074b6ebaf877e44734125545.jpg (360×892)

1c8d4caf6d28e5b90871b6bc14574c6f.jpg (564×440) 

I seriously can't talk about how gorgeous of a scent the Rose Geranium and Tangerine lotion has! Definitely spa night worthy. 

ARS xx

11 January 2017

Pretty Pins for a New Year

I hope you had a wonderful holiday and a happy new year! It's been quite some time since my last post, but a few things have popped up that derailed my blogging plans. In the meantime, I'm rounding up a few images to get you through the midday work week slump and keep you inspired through the weekend.

I'll be spending the weekend rounding up a few blogs ideas, celebrating my Dad's birthday, and visiting an old friend. See you Monday!

ARS xx
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