24 February 2014

Wanderlust: The Raleigh Hotel in South Beach

This has been a brutal Winter and although I was lucky to escape the weather briefly, I'm back to dreaming of heading to warmer weather. Although I'm a die hard Palm Beach girl I'm open to giving Miami a whirl, especially if I was going to be staying at The Raleigh Hotel. I love how the art deco style works with the greens all over the hotel. I'm sensing a weekend getaway in my near future!

18 February 2014

Tory Burch'S Rodeo Drive Collection

Although Summer isn't in the near future, a girl can dream of it. While I usually embrace my day dreamer tendencies, this time around I'm going to be more of a doer. I just started plotting my warm weather getaway and the necessary wardrobe add-ons. I'm usually not a huge Tory Burch fan, but the Rodeo Drive Collection has be taking a second look. These are a few of my faves:

17 February 2014

Breakfast Epiphanies: Just for Fun

Etiquette - The do's and dont's of RSVPing.

Inspiration - A quick read that resonated with me this past week.

Healthy Eating - Need to change your negative food mantras? This post has some great motivation!

Fashion - In case you didn't hear, NY is the fashion capital of the world. Sorry, Paris!

Travel - If I were to ask anyone for travel tips in Russia, Johnny Weir would be the first one on my list.

13 February 2014

NY Moment: Famous Townhouses and Apartments

Living in NY is never a dull moment, especially when you're just walking around as much as I do! CMJR is one of my fave walking companions because she is the best at pointing out notable townhouses and famous spots! Hopefully you'll be inspired by this post to take your own walk around the city and find your favorite "as seen on TV and the big screen" spots.

When walking around the UES, be sure to check out the townhouse where Breakfast at Tiffany's was filmed.

I always forget about the Sex and the City townhouse in the West Village (amybe because Carrie was supposed to live uptown), so it's always nice when it's pointed out to me.

Also downtown, in Greenwich Village, is the building where Friend's was filmed. What a fun spot to be in!

1 - 2 - 3 

12 February 2014

H. Gillerman Organics

After quickly discovering my love of the entire Liberty of London store (not just fabrics) it quickly became my go-to shop. One of my favorite sections is the beauty section - it's basically every girls dream come true because they have everything there you might want and/or need. It was there that I was introduced to H. Gillerman Organics and have since then become a convert.

I personally use the Jaw Clenching Remedy, for my TMJ and love it. I.m also obsessed with her website, because there are awesome tips and articles on an array of health related topics.

11 February 2014

Sam McKnight Hair Tutorials

I'm the worst at styling my own hair, but that doesn't stop me from scouring the internet and pinterest for DIY guides and tutorials, especially with the Gold Gala coming up. A couple days ago I stumbled on hair stylist Sam McKinght's website and found he had a whole page dedicated to "getting the look". Obviously I clicked on it and was excited to learn he was the man behind a few of my favorite runway styles. Here are some looks I'd like to try, or at least the street friendly ones.

The Sixties Pin-Up at Moschino S/S 2013

The Quintessential Mini Braids at Mulberry S/S 2013

The Buns at the Stella McCartney A/W 2012 Presentation

10 February 2014

February Lust List

I'm forever looking for fun new details for the apartment and am obsessed with these lucite bamboo chairs. I totally see them in the kitchen.

I love pearls, especially when they are Gatsby themed pearls, so how could I not want to add this necklace from Tiffany to my collection!?

This bills planner is a must have, because who doesn't need a bit more organization in his or her life, especially when it comes to bills?

06 February 2014

DIY Valentine's Day Cards

I love myself a good craft day and making Valentines Day cards seems like the perfect excuse to put on my thinking cap and come up with some ideas. I've noticed more and more card ideas popping up on my pinterest feed and some notable ideas on Etsy to help inspire. Don't worry, I've been taking notes. I hope my friends enjoy the cards!

Sources: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 

05 February 2014

Peter Pilotto for Target

Is anyone else excited for this collaboration? I love it when Target works with a totally fun and awesome designer! I have my eye on a couple of looks and will  be stalking the website come Sunday, February 9th.

04 February 2014

Mini Muse: Debbie Harry

While I'm more of a traditional girl when it comes to my style, I can always get behind a punk outfit, even if it's outside my comfort zone. Debbie Harry certainly had a few standout outfits that gave me punk style envy. If this is what punk looks like, I'm 100% in.

Sources: Many were hard to get the exact link to, but were all found on this pinterest page.

03 February 2014

February Goals

What better way to kick off my return to blogging than to start with my goals - for not just February, but for the whole year? CMJR over at Kiki Papers started it off in January and, although I'm a bit late to hop on the 12 in 2014 train, I did come up with a few, starting in February:

February - Ramp up my promotion of the Gold Gala
March - Work out 5 days a week for an hour (no excuses)
April - 100% give up the metro, even if it's freezing
May - Spring Cleaning will commence
June - Launch my special (and secret) project
July - Read 5 new "non-beach read" books (list TBD)
August - Book another photoshoot
September - Sign up for a Fall class at NYU
October - Go to 4 museums I've never visited
November - Organize a weekend getaway
December - Plan my next list

Who is with me on this? Let me know if you come up with a list - bonus points if it's via twitter! I'll be posting about my progress on instagram and twitter so be sure to follow along.

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