30 September 2009

coffee table treats

everyone knows i'm an avid reader. i mean how many posts have i written on books i've been eyeing? so needless to say i am thrilled that my latest order of procrastination tools arrived last week.

assouline is one of my favorite publishers because they always have the most current and entertaining books. i love looking at the old photos in a privileged life that make me long to be in past decades.

every theme in be my guest makes me long to have one of those parties. everyone looks like they are having so much fun! my personal fav: hot hacienda!!

28 September 2009

in honor of peak weekend

although i missed out on peak weekend this year, i can still say that i did go on a hike...last week but who is counting!? for me this is a rare occurrence, usually about once a year to be exact. it was a rather difficult hike, all .7 miles of it. no, i am not being sarcastic.

when i reached the top of the mountain it was evident to everyone that i put all of my effort into making it to the top. i was out of breath, red in the face and clearly exhausted. not only was a made fun of for being so sadly out of shape, but for my all black attire (seriously though, workout clothes only come in so many colors!!!), bringing sugar free red bull, snap peas and an apple. i personally think everyone was just jealous of me being over prepared.

my friends wearing matching clothes didn't help matters either!!! whatever, at least we were all in this together.

21 September 2009

bubbly breakfasts

after watching breakfast at tiffany's, molly (my roommate) and i concluded that we are going to partake the in the old fashioned, yet glamorous, tradition of starting our day off with a glass of champagne. what better way to start off your day!? we think it's a marvelous idea. preferably we would like to drink mini lanson rose, but our small town doesn't carry it. i guess we'll have to rough it!!!

cheers darlings!

20 September 2009

sleepy sundays and a new goal

who doesn't love just lying in bed with nothing to do?? actually, i hate it because i feel so useless and lazy. i also happen to be one of those obnoxious early risers who wake everyone up. anyways, i have a problem where i bite my nails constantly. it has gotten so bad that other people have been commenting on them nonstop!!

this will stop today! right now in fact!

i am going to stop biting my nails. my plan of attack includes essie's fifth avenue and clear nail polish that has that really nasty taste to it...you know which one i'm talking about?! 

18 September 2009

wild thing, you make my heart sing

i just saw the trailer for where the wild things are and i had to immediately write about it. where the wind things are was probably my favorite book when i was little.  i mean who didn't want to be max?! he had an awesome costume that looked ridiculously comfy and got to wear a crown!! the adventures are also pretty awesome. needless to say, i can't wait until the film comes out!!!

the song wild things is also pretty awesome!

16 September 2009

Tuesday Night Blues

While some people might think of blues as a type of music or a bad mood, I look at blues as my time to relax and to hang out with my friends. The Hoot Owl (1 of 2 bars in my college's town) has a special on Tuesdays for $1 beers, most college bars has a special similar to this or at least I am told this fun fact. After today I for sure needed to go, because as predicted, today was a complete disaster. Not only did I do poorly on my psych exam, but I forgot my lines for acting, and to add insult to injury, forgot to write my Japanese film and culture paper. Oh and did I mention my career services meeting that is going to take place tomorrow?! Oh the joys of being a senior. Whatever. At least i'm having fun!

15 September 2009

1:12 and still awake

i'm not sure if it is the first exam i have had to take in 2 years (ok my first exam that isn't in essay form) or my acting class fears but i can't fall asleep. i have a feeling tomorrow is going to be "one of those days". why did i ever decide to take acting and psych?! i have like the worst memory ever.

08 September 2009

A Forgotten Parisian Memory

Actually, this post was not a forgotten memory, but something that I never really had the time to get around to telling. As we all know, when I got back from Paris I did not have a lot of time or energy to blog. We also know about my obsession with Laduree, which is why I am going to blog about my last moments in Paris. The picture above was just put up of me eating at Laduree on Facebook, so thank you, Amy for reminding me to blog about my final Parisian moments.

I was super depressed about leaving so I bought some macarons the day before I left. 1 box for me and 1 box for my aunt (we share the same love). So I'm at the airport waiting in line to get my ticket so I can go through the annoying process of the security line, customs, and finally I can do my duty-free shopping. I finally get my ticket and go through customs and fly through security. Everything was going great, which is strange as I mentioned in other blog posts because I have the worst travelling luck ever. Everything was great that is until I got through security. I'm innocently walking to the nearest store to get last minute gifts when all of a sudden out of nowhere the drug sniffing dog goes after a person. Seriously, I was terrified and excited because I thought there was a drug bust about to happen in front of my eyes. Imagine my surprise when the dog goes after me. like seriously?! I thought I was going to die, not only was a rabid dog about to kill me but crazy French people were yelling at me in French about searching me. Whatever. After a long drawn out series of questions and searches it turned out to be the macarons. Clearly the French need to work on their dog training...

and THAT was my last Laduree and Paris story.

07 September 2009

serenades and roses

pardon for the lame/cheesy comments that i am about to say but what do you expect when the image above the poast is roses? anyways, what girl doesn't love to be serenaded and given a red rose? obviously all girls love it unless if you are a heatless freak. today, after chapter meeting, 3 guys representing beta came to our house to talk about beta and how they were going to bring it back to campus. apparently, they are known for singing and serenaded us and gave a select few roses. clearly the cute guy that everyone had an immediate crush on gave me a flower, inducing loads of jealousy!! 

(who cares if he gave another 3 girls flowers and t-shirts...no one is counting!!)

06 September 2009

princesses never cry over spilled milk

i love saying i told you so. it is probably one of my most favorite things to say. i might not say it to your face but you can rest assured that i am saying it in my head and gleefully laughing. i mention this little fact about me because anna (my roommate) spilled some drink on out carpet 2 or 3 nights ago. instead of using seltzer water like i said, she used milk like molly (my other roommate) said. what a terrible idea. honestly, i don't think it occurred to anyone (except for me obviously) that if they didn't get all the milk up it would smell bad. i voiced my opinions like a good roommate but i was over ruled and so the milk was used. whatever. what a surprise! last night everyone was commenting on the foul odor coming from refrigerator area. 

moral of the story: i'm always right. 

sing along songs

one of the most stressful parts about rush is learning the songs for skit night. you would think it would be somewhat easy but no. it is not. especially when there are about a million girls singing that are tone deaf (me included). today we had to practice these songs and i must say...me dana and carrie wrote the best song. obviously all of them are good but i mean ours is a classic that will never get old*.

*anything i'm involved in is classic and therefore will never get old obviously.

05 September 2009

a room fit for a princess

now that i am a senior i am able to justify my obsession with buying things for the home. i mean i'm going to have an apartment soon anyways right? i keep imagining an apartment with high ceilings. the above image is what my ideal apartment would look like! it's girly and everyone knows that i love pink and animal prints. i love how it is not too over the top, but still brings in the elements i love without the tacky look that could potentially happen.

obviously i would need a small beach house to match the apartment. this looks just so welcoming to lounge in during the summer. i love the cozy setup! i could lay there all day. just imagine a cold drink with fruit and a light breeze coming off of the ocean. 

now i just need to find the perfect locations!

sober driving

as a valued member of Delta Delta Delta i have to sober drive my friends around from 10pm-2am. this is something i don't mind doing considering everyone else in the house volunteers to do it. the fact it is about 40 degrees tonight (this is warm) and it only gets colder might have something to do with it as well. i mean who likes to walk in the cold!? obviously no one. so if someone is going to drive me around when it is arctic, it is the least i can do to drive them around as well.  

so this is what i am doing tonight at 12:29 am. wierdly enough everyone keeps calling katie (the other girl driving tonight and one of my friends!) and not me. this leads me to as the question am i that bad of a driver that even drunk people won't get in my car??? whatever. 

only an hour and a half to go!!

image: a picture i took on my way home from school
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