23 December 2011


The other week I got to go to a Yelle concert with two friends. We danced to our two favorite songs, Que Veux Tu and A Cause Des Garcons and got to meet them - making it officially a successful night!

22 December 2011

Stocking Stuffers

I know mine will be filled with candy canes and other fun treats!
What will yours be filled with?

20 December 2011

Craving Snow!?

I kind of want it to snow so I can flaunt my snow boot collection! But then I think about the treacherous ice and long walks to work and wonder if it is worth it...

Bonus - we would have a white Christmas!

19 December 2011

The Pen, Paper, and Palate

I think one of my favorite things I did this fall was go to an Irish Pub and enjoying yummy drinks and enlightening conversation. I was lucky enough to attend a panel with the following authors:

As a bonus, Frank Delaney, author, BBC host and Booker Prize judge, was the moderator!

We all know I'm an avid reader, which is why I was thrilled to meet everyone! I think authors are some of the most interesting people in the world.

16 December 2011

Morning Walk Reflections

In a previous post, I vowed I would take the long way home and walk to and from my apartment to the subway furthest from me. While I may not have many options on exploring, it for sure has been beneficial in waking me up and giving me the time in the morning to mentally prep for the day. Now that is is getting colder I find myself working extra hard to motivate myself. Please note, I actually have been doing this every day!

15 December 2011

Long Island City Adventures

If you are looking for a fun weekend activity I suggest getting lunch at Sage General (yum!) and then looking at MoMa PS1. Yummy food and a little bit of culture - what can be more perfect!?

13 December 2011

C. Wonder

If you have not yet stopped by C. Wonder, you should. It is filled the the brim with girl trinkets and dog toys!

(Hint for boys - one stop holiday shopping!)

12 December 2011

Union Square Christmas Bazaar

A couple weeks ago AEB and I strolled through the Union Square Christmas Bazaar looking for some fun presents. We loved the tea and herb stand and I am very envious of AEB's new fur hat!

Note to self - treat myself to one!

05 December 2011


Going in for surgery today!

I have everything I could possible need for my recovery:

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