27 November 2011

December Goal: Staying Active

In order to balance out the Christmas celebrations, I plan on taking my workout routine up a notch. Things I will be reintroducing include:

1. Yoga
2. Pilates
3. The Rowing Machine

Bonus - my horoscope says this is the time to get back in shape!

26 November 2011

Recreating the Creative Energy

I never really do well when I am just sitting around doing nothing - I love to be active and am at my best when something is always going on. I plan on signing up for a class (or two) this winter to amp up the creative energy I have been lacking. I am officially on the lookout for fabulous art and French classes!

25 November 2011

The Dry Dar

I wish they had one of the Dry Bars in Palm Beach for me to try while I took a break from the working world. I guess I'll have to pop in when I have a spare moment while in New York...

22 November 2011

New York

Will be back in Town tonight!

I had an eventful trip to say the least...more about that later!

19 November 2011

The Shirley Temple

Just think of the satisfaction one must feel when knowing that, even after you’re gone, people will still be heading to their local watering hole and asking for you by name…

The Shirley Temple (also known as one of my favorite drinks - since the age of 3) has many different many stories and rumors swirling about its origin, but it’s most commonly said to have been concocted by a bartender at Chasen’s in Beverly Hills for then underage film star Shirley Temple in the 1930s. Love!

18 November 2011

Mr. Turk

I am obsessed with the Mr. Turk line that Trina Turk has. I was window shopping with Patty the other day when we discovered a small rack in the meat packing store! I secretly, or not so secretly now, want to get theplaid jacket all for myself!

17 November 2011

"To Go" Food Favs

Since I've been exploring the city more I recently discovered two of my favorite restaurants, Cipriani and Serafina's, have wonderful "to go" places set up in very convenient (for me) spots. Not such a new discovery, but a must stop is Balthazar in Soho. All have yummy sandwiches and salads

ordering hint - Cipriani has some of the most amazing oatmeal ever!

16 November 2011

Palm Beach To Do

Currently working on my Palm Beach To Do List...

1. Relax by the pool
2. Shop: Lilly, Stubbs, Vintage
3. The Spa

15 November 2011


This past weekend I joined Patty at the Parsons Expo because I have been considering going back to school...of course the only program I was interested in takes 18 people!

I must get to work on my portfolio!

14 November 2011

The Glass House

Completed in 1949, Philip Johnson's Glass House (located in CT) is an iconic modernist structure and inspiration for all. I was reminded of how much I love it when I saw an Assouline book in one of the W hotel lobbies about it. How amazing would it be to live in here like Philip Johnson did his whole life?

08 November 2011

Take the Long Way Home

Recently I have found myself spending more and more time only in the areas that I am comfortable with and know. While this is great, as I now have some great go to spots that I know will be fabulous, I am getting lazy and not taking advantage of my new home. Hence my new mission - to walk home and to explore the city in it's entirety!

07 November 2011

Bean Boots

As I make the mad dash to get to work in the morning, I see a surprising amount of people wearing winter boots. I suppose it is almost the time of year where I get to show off my winter boot collection too! My Bean Boots, a wardrobe staple, are still my favorite ones.

01 November 2011


This is my favorite thing to have for breakfast, aside from green juice of course.
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