31 March 2011


i have been playing around with polyvore and decided that for my first time playing around with it i would make a list of things i have been obsessed with since i was 2, which include:

hot pink lipstick
glam sleeping accessories
girly underwear
indulgent treats
fabulous sunglasses
patterned chairs

Sprint Fling

Now that spring is here, even though you couldn't tell by the weather, it is time for me to brush up on my party etiquette in preparation for all the spring parties I will be attending (and hosting)!

potential themes include:

1. Spring Fling
2. Garden Party
3. Spring Dinner Party

29 March 2011

28 March 2011


finally there i get to start the week with a sense of purpose and something to do every day! today is my first day at work and i'm so excited and a little bit nervous for what is to come! i'll be sure to let everyone know how it goes...

Floaty White Dresses

My wardrobe is currently craving floaty white dresses similar to those being sold at Calypso!

happy birthday lila!

happy birthday to one of the most fabulous, beautiful, and smart girls i know!

27 March 2011


i was talking to some friends the other day about diets that work and some that don't and we all agreed the most helpful diet book or, in this case, website would include weekly menus that give you guidelines that are more rigid and give somewhat more guidance then the average book. i shared my diet tips and i decided to share a website i used to use called spark people.

this website is not for everyone, but while i was in school it helped me keep track of the calories and gave me some pretty intense workouts that books did not give me. it is something that is definitely worth looking at and, if you prefer books, they have a book out too! as an added bonus, i was able to get the book for 6 dollars because it was on sale!

(disclaimer: i also need the aid of a trainer to help me...thank you SO much leslie! check out my trainers amazing blog, she gives amazing tips and helped me lose 20 lbs)

26 March 2011


i can't wait to see the movie hop! cute animations and the cute guy in it makes it a must see for me! it also helps that Easter is around the corner and because i (the candyholic that i am) gave up all junk food* for Lent. it reminds me that i only hve a somewhat short period of time until i get to eat everything i want to again!

*just for clarifications i mean junk snacks, not meals.
sack examples include, but not limited to: chips, candy, and cookies
meals include: mac and cheese and pizza... while i wish i could have given all of this up for Lent, i would have had to have fasted on fridays, which is not an option for me.

24 March 2011

happy birthday chelsea!

happy birthday to my wonderful friend chelsea!

martha stewart pop up shop

ok, i fully admit it. i love martha. i love anything she touches, whether it be the arts and crafts (glitter!!!) or the amazing cook books my mom hides from me, you can safely bet that i love it.

needless to say, i am super excited that she is opening a pop up shop this weekend in celebration of her new book "martha stewarts new pies and tarts". i will make sure to stop by while apartment shopping with arianne and report how it all was!

in fashion

i guess i never told anyone but i finally got a job! while it is not in fashion, like i originally wanted, it is with a different company and i decided to take it because i believe the detours in life are often the ones you learn the most from.

anyways, something that helped me with my fashion job search and my go to for inspiration when the going got tough was the book in fashion by annemarie iverson. just something i thought i would share with you all.

23 March 2011

Wisdom Recovery

I think I am the only one to gain weight while recovering from having all 4 wisdom teeth removed! It must be all that sugar and Bravo tv...

Sidenote: my face still resembles a chipmunk!

exhale spa

in my gift basket that keeps on giving i won a massage at exhale spa in nyc, making me a very happy girl! i was excited to win this because now i get to step inside the place that makes all the amazing workout videos i love! bonus: they have a couple up on the website for you to try on your computer for a rather low price! (i personally would rather just buy the vids!)

22 March 2011


Because my family is somewhat sadistic, my Mom thought it would be funny to send the above pic to everyone....it is me in recovery. (FYI: I don't remember the picture being taken)

Shellac Your Nails

I got my nails done last week and tried the shellac nail polish...I'm obsessed! It has lasted so long already (manicures usually last about 3 days for me). I highly recommend it! My only concern is that I'll get bored of the color soon! (I got the light pink!)

Bonus: to find a place near you, check out this link, it tells you the salons that have it!

21 March 2011

weekend update

this was a rather eventful weekend! i got to spend some quality time with lila and alyssa and my cousin peter (yay!) also, i got to celebrate arianne's birthday at the most perfect spot...the mermaid oyster bar!

on a totally other note, i am getting all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed this afternoon so my apologies for the lack of posts this week!

20 March 2011

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to my blog! I can't believe it's been 3 years, they seem to just fly by. I can remember the day I started my blog, sitting in my blue chair in Grand Central full of negative emotions and I have come so far from that place it is unbelievable to look back on it!

17 March 2011

blogger day of silence

it was brought to my attention by henely on the horn, that tomorrow is a bloggers day of silence in honor of Japan. so obviously i will not be posting! my prayers go out to everyone in Japan. have a wonderful weekend everyone!

bedroom scents

i love candles...in particular the barbara barry bedroom scent. it is like, fun, and elegant smelling all at the same time! as a bonus, the candles come in adorable packaging with really cute illustrations of different style chairs! (fyi: each room has a different scent)

i bought this candle a long time ago and forgot who made it but then i was lucky enough to spot it today while shopping with my mom at the neimans outlet...obviously i snatched them all up at 13 dollars a piece!

16 March 2011


It has recently come to my attention that joie will be opening a store on Madison Ave soon. I am so excited because Joie is one of my top brands and I have been waiting for a Joie store to open! They have made the most comfortable and easy fitting clothes I own!

15 March 2011

Dr. Harris Lip Balm

Recently, I have exclusively been using my favorite clutch for numerous reasons, the main ones being I can only fit my phone, cash, ID, and, if I'm lucky, my lip balm. It narrows down to only essentials and I don't have to worry about carrying other people's things.

Anyways, while I was in New Orleans, my lip balm became a bit of a problem and became a joke amongst the group because no one wanted to carry it but all wanted to use it. (Obviously I was not with the chivalrous boys I was led to believe I would be meeting) While I believed that it was going to be lost, it somehow survived and will hopefully live to see another weekend!

Side note: I usually use the fresh chap stick (I swear by this stuff and it's totally worth the money), but in a pinch I will use the lip balm.

14 March 2011

Two Reasons to Celebrate This Monday

1. AEB's (pictured above) birthday!

2. AMS starts her first day of work!!!

Enjoy your Monday and please celebrate accordingly!

12 March 2011

Cleaning Inspiration

I despise cleaning. In fact, it's my least favorite thing to do. Needless to say I need lots of inspiration and motivation to get my room in proper order for Spring! Some things I have done in the past include making a special cleaning mix on my itunes and using an organizing book as a reference! Well this year I bought the book throw out fifty things: clear the clutter, and find your life by Gail Blanke and I have been working on a cleaning mix which includes:

1. Jason Mraz
2. John Mayor
3. Earth, Wind, and Fire
4. The Band
5. Other Random Artists

Will post the final mix next week!

11 March 2011


if you are always on the go or have a hard time remembering to stop by the post office (guilty as charged!) then you might want to check out the iomoi online stationary! i know i have blogged previously about them but i think they are such an adorable company for stationary. they have some really cute options to try for free and if you find that you actually like it a lot, they have some options where you can buy memberships for a rather low cost!

while i am a traditional person, i thought i would pass this along because i know a lot of people keep in touch with friends via email and this is a cute option!

10 March 2011

Mini Muse: Babe Paley

The New York socialite that Truman Capote famously described by saying "Babe Baley had only one fault, she was perfect. Otherwise, she was perfect."

09 March 2011


If you need to know one thing about me, it is that I abhor sea food of any kind. It grosses me out and I have a mental block about eating it*. Now, don't get me wrong...I'll try it, I just most likely won't like it. Needless to say, I had a hard time in New Orleans trying oysters of all types. (I didn't want to be mistaken for a loser with no sense of adventure.)

While I didn't really care for them (nothing has changed since I tried them last), I was able to bring a smile to everyone's face with the little joke my Dad asks me all the time that I will share with you...

What kind of noise annoys an oyster? ... A noisy noise annoys an oyster!

Try saying it...it is a funny tongue twister!

*please note: i happen to love looking at all sea life...sharks happen to be an obsession of mine. i just can't eat anything from the sea

08 March 2011

life saving shoes

much to my dads horror, i bought the gold sperrys while shopping at jcrew one day. when i made my purchase i knew i would love them almost as much as i love my originals. well, i think these are my new favorites! i have worn them almost every since i arrived in palm beach! they are super comfortable and i love that i am able to wear them out on the more casual nights! not only did they save my feet from hurting the next day but, they also saved all my favorite heels from the dirty, grimy streets and floors that were in new orleans...i think anyone that frequents bars and frat parties should invest in a pair!

i wore them yesterday to meet dana's new puppy sperry! (i know you are jealous of her!!)

07 March 2011

weekend update

i'm back from new orleans and somewhat ready to start the week! i had an incredible time with my family and i think it's safe to say that we fully enjoyed all the amazing food, music, and rich culture new orleans had to offer!
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