24 July 2017

ZANNI: Dresses For Whatever

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had as fun a weekend as I did. Thanks to the humidity, I pretty much lived in my favorite light summer dresses all weekend (my new ZANNI dress was a life saver on Friday, but I'm jumping ahead of  myself). I'll try not to complain too much, considering how much I complained about the cold winter.

As I've mentioned in previous posts, I'm big on supporting brands made in the United States like Industry Standard and MDS Stripes (to name a few!). Immediately added to the top of my favorites list is ZANNI, a brand started by a college friend. Made in LA from the softest (and very breathable) technical Italian fabrics, I can personally vouch these dresses will seamlessly take you from day to night and (if I had a few more drinks) I probably would have slept in mine, they are that comfortable. As an added bonus, these wardrobe staples are the perfect kind of low maintenance chic, where you just need to wash in cold water and hang to dry - they won't lose their shape!

3d0d26bee04afdc34768208a79c5a65f.jpg (530×657)

f7e2f937025ddc4dd4f309b468a15b71.jpg (530×657)

54019c524dcbf53e6219e77a9887ec1f.jpg (530×657)

e760361bc6cb6c5677b4106b1ab6ff78.jpg (530×657)

774c93f5f9cdebd7fcc6610af4c1be9c.jpg (530×657)

I bought the Maximum Leg Dress and have my eye on the Out of Office Dress for my next purchase!

21 July 2017

Mid-July Wish List

Usually I like to do a Currently post every Friday to round up what I've been up to, thinking, and loving. This week, as I haven't really had the time to write it out I'm just going to do a quick roundup of what is on my wishlist at the moment.

960072dfd243e44fcff693abf822c23c.png (600×600)

8e2e95152d1ee2c04a473b17785961b8.jpg (564×846)
Eberjay PJs

TGIF, everyone! 


19 July 2017

Pretty Pins for Inspiration

It's been a grueling two weeks, so I apologize for the lack of posts. If you follow me on instagram you'll know I was travelling for fun in Nantucket and for business in Memphis and I'm so glad to be home. There isn't a specific theme for these pins, just a few images that have caught my eye for one reason or another.

4141dcc7b8ca850bb49b06aeb0a74c42.jpg (564×789)

db6fd8657c84d85201f426fe15bfb8ac.jpg (438×653)

96d8ab0da15b96fcad22838c7693f5ea.jpg (428×640)

0983c71ec1086fd1d4f9a3c04310041b.jpg (564×846)

ee8b6c2a3f30c4bce25d77322d7ace47.jpg (500×700)

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Excited to be back on my blogging track. 

ARS xx

30 June 2017


f5d2d365bffdfdfb491be60ac65b384b.jpg (535×803)

Watching Watch What Happens Live....live! Cait and I lived our Bravo dream to see WWHL in person and it was such a treat! We kicked the night off with dinner at The Greek and ended it on a high note watching a mini Party of Five reunion.

1b4fc1d088ee651370fdd9c353035d1c.jpg (564×564)

Recovering from DCM, a 48 hour improv marathon Grant and his group Garbage perform in. It's always a treat when he's in town and fun to relive our earlier days in the city, when we were able to see his shows.

13a9581fc9cc1548809d1c3ac7ab87e0.jpg (564×899)

Packing for Nantucket! I'm off this weekend to Nantucket to celebrate Christina's 30th! As I mentioned earlier this week the weather is going to be a slight bummer, but it's ok - I can still sleep on the beach. We have so many fun things planned, including a sunset sail.

860ba0684f597c88c28effabd9062bb0.jpg (315×450)

Avoiding all of the Fourth of July sales going on. As I've mentioned I have a few big trips coming up and want to save money so I can buy a souvenir or two! I also have enough clothes to last me for the next five years, so I don't really need anything (but there are lots I want).

445d10771adcd17e04fda4d7b1fd8365.jpg (564×749)

Continuing to clean out my apartment. Thank God I'm starting this now, because I can tell already I'm going to be overwhelmed when I move this fall. This article has been helping me stay motivated and on track. I especially love the "If I were shopping now would I buy this" question.

Bon weekend!


28 June 2017

Pretty Pins for July 4th

I'll be in Nantucket for the 4th, but wish I was going to be in Palm Beach or out east as the weather will be a bit chillier than I would like. Cool weather aside, I can't wait to don all of my festive MDS Stripes looks and catch up with friends by the beach. (You can always follow our adventures and misadventures on instagram) I've rounded up a few images that have been inspiring my Fourth of July weekend looks and general decor choices. Enjoy!

92d09f8b7839dd30a8f66e351528a96a.jpg (564×753)

39ebd43ec268693afc17e37d85426735.jpg (564×564)

fee27dc98ed6305c401db43c82848d30.jpg (564×564)

61f9287dfe7555fe1e23d8ef546a27df.jpg (564×564)

06a6a558fec043f6a1d70a3c5866573a.jpg (564×573)

Happy Wednesday! 

23 June 2017


dabd1891303cef812bf449b67a2936e1.jpg (564×564)

Celebrating my birthday. About two years ago I started treating my birthday as a "new years" sort of deal and make a list of things I want to accomplish that year. As this is my 29th birthday, I'm feeling a bit more pressure to do something big for myself before I turn 30. I love having a list of things that I want to do for myself - it kind of makes the year seem a bit more productive and fun!

72f6ef124a50bf03bc12fddcdb4a70c5.jpg (431×650)

Enjoying my first sound bath. A few months ago I started meditating regularly. Taking 30 minutes for myself to just sit and be has done wonders for my mental health. I took it a step further this week and participated in a 45 minute sound bath, which was surprisingly intense. I felt a range of emotions and was energized by the experience. If you ever get the chance, you should try it!

ea7455449b7c38f7bc5f6aa9ece301ca.jpg (564×316)

Thrifting on Sundays. I recently became a member of Housing works. Every Sunday my mom goes on a thrift store run and comes back with all sorts of treasures, highlights from teh past have been Tiffany candle sticks, mink coats, and gorgeous artwork. I recently had a major score - a Lillian August couch! I'm currently storing it on LI, but hope to use it soon in either a Palm Beach home or future apartment.

5760a761211830ac67ff012de8beb5e4.jpg (280×240)
Snacking on early bird granola bars. These bars are my latest love and obsession and have been a total game changer. Ever since I started the low fodmap diet I've had to cut out a lot of the bad foods and replace them with healthier, cleaner options so this little treat has been my saving grace.

94d1792ef013bef17da58c50b2a943d1.jpg (500×750)

Planning out my future apartment. We're moving this year to a different apartment and I could not be more excited! Not that there is anything wrong with our apartment, but the location isn't the best and I'm ready for a real two bedroom apartment - or at least bigger bedrooms with a closet. I should probably find the apartment before planning, but it's just so fun to look at inspiration all day.

Happy Weekend!

S U B S C R I B E 

21 June 2017

First Day of Summer Outfit Inspiration

In honor of the Summer Solstice, I'm rounding up a few of my favorite looks for the summer. This year I'm all about ditching my usual black from head to toe look and bringing in bright pinks, reds, oranges, and blues with all white for work.

aa81463ad05763ed19bb1804ff2f6b3e.jpg (500×488)

e83ada45d0e2756d249c0462340a59a7.jpg (479×528)

5053bd9a0933de1733c6fb56fb2845ff.jpg (564×846)

78fc8778cd172e82d943a7643102d299.jpg (500×673)

1dd48d68794d3e673ee6d1e731714872.jpg (564×902)

Happy Summer Solstice! 

ARS xx

19 June 2017

New NY Store: The White Company

One morning while walking down 5th I noticed a new store opening that put an extra spring in my step - British based store The White Company. I first discovered them years ago on a trip to London, so I was over the moon excited to learn they were opening stateside. I love love love their simple and easy aesthetic, it's perfect for both city and country living. While I'm trying not to buy anything this year as I'm moving in the fall, I just may need to pick up a few pillows and the carafe and stacking tumblers (have I ever mentioned my obsession with them?).  Below are a few of my favorite inspiration images from the website: 

138446d1ab1c0950e2cdcd76ebceaef5.jpg (406×406)

c593eab260a38d539824841ee8db7315.jpg (406×406)

a05351098bb5a41cb4e32de4288f2af0.jpg (406×406)

301026947590a3d44d758a67bcfe61d7.jpg (406×406)

493100d8d74fe04faca32a6796d60df5.jpg (236×236)

I'm sensing a birthday week purchase in the near future! 

ARS xx

16 June 2017

Dream Birthday Wishlist

I don't know exactly what I'm getting for my birthday (fingers crossed it's a special bag!!) but I thought it would be fun to make a list of other things I've loved, because a girl can make a dream wishlist, right?

259c454779eae63b5e6f58b6273ed25c.jpg (564×783)

3728ee94fd2d6096b3b828d000778a98.jpg (564×846)
(potential gold gala dress!)

36e6aa7642096368ef60347c5382c4c9.jpg (564×564)
Kate Schelter Original Watercolor

e4dda4a24a0bea90e74ab0255bf3121a.jpg (564×564)
GreenPan Padova Ceramic Nonstick Cookware
(even 5 years ago I never would have thought cookware would be on a birthday list)

0fd3ddc0b47b6762a233ae39e3acce77.jpg (564×564)
Aquazzura Pompom Shoes
(obviously want these in every color)

TGIF (finally!)

ARS xx

14 June 2017

Pretty Pins for A Birthday Month

As I mentioned last week, it's my birthday month! I'm in the (bad) habit of forgetting it's also two of my best friend's birthday month too, but I'm a diva and shameless so - whoops! It's been a fairly busy month so far, which is basically the opposite of where I was this winter. From catching drinks with friends, to weekend country getaways, to ending the volleyball season on a high I can safely say it's been a good time. As always, you can catch the highs and lows on my instagram. I'm in a blue colored mood this week, so I'm rounding up a few images that have been inspiring my style, travel, and decor choices as of late.

531fe7d169fc636aa2959375ed6f4560.jpg (564×744)

fda669c398a48f9dc487142821b961cf.jpg (564×752)

a6f0b0d2fabf3201c356e26ebd81fe61.jpg (413×550)

4cda1165889a7c7960e135e8984b0001.jpg (564×730)

0cf66bc6b66292d3f8c8f18bbe223d00.jpg (564×846)

Happy Wednesday!


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