15 September 2017

Friday Night Outfit Inspiration

I usually share a post from my Currently series on Fridays, but I'm going to switch it up because 1. I've only done one really noteworthy thing this week and 2. I've been slacking on my posts recently and don't want to bore everyone completely. Now that it's fall and friends are back in the city, it's apparent I need to revamp my Friday night look! As a spring/summer girl, it's easy to find looks that take me from night to day to early morning parties, but I kind of struggle during the fall/winter. A go to of mine is head to toe black with a statement accessory, and this year I'm not going to try to branch out, but try to restyle a few pieces I already own. Below are a few looks that have been inspiring me!

32158d3bb4470a95c61242616b0f488a.jpg (564×847)

6ad5842e4af4ea78b3333ab5a1287b87.jpg (564×375)

e0ed8a77876dd336f0d6a2b2b9653f19.jpg (564×985)

39454d3b9039db776f223e358fe9d3fa.jpg (466×577)

13b6c23e58cc4d2004ae02bc003ab974.jpg (495×782)

TGIF! Hope you have a good weekend.


13 September 2017

Pretty Pins for a Sunny September Day

If I'm being honest, I don't know what inspired this pretty pins roundup except for the fact that I love the dreamy imagery and colors. Maybe I'm still longing for summer pastels and hoping to extend summer just a tiny bit more? I've seen a similar trend on my instagram too! I don't know what it is, but below are a few pins that are inspiring me this week.

3f62c5fda42458b7db4d29888a8b8a7f.jpg (564×719)

bfa748a36c061216e57440f199837265.jpg (553×587)

bda1b0e17171878e65e38dc24a050d0c.jpg (564×564)

9f8213e7ebffb0fc106f92765077e753.jpg (564×454)

5ae94eedb485cf2b9e75c36273d7378b.jpg (564×447)

Halfway to Friday! 


08 September 2017


c1296eae349d04e5f818a9f511dad9b1.jpg (399×599)
Signing up for ebates! As I've mentioned many times, I'm looking to cut back on spending in addition to saving money where I can. As I've researched different ways to cut costs I've found a few articles highlighting ways to bring back in some of the money you're spending. Ebates is a website where you can get a percentage of your cash back through either paypal or a check. I just signed up so I don't feel fair reviewing it, but I love the idea of it and have read many other rave reviews. Interested? You can learn more about it and sign up here! (Full disclosure: I may get referral credit if you sign up and make a purchase!)

c320abef88bfd8adbf743cc40dbe33fd.jpg (564×564)
Reading up a storm. It's been awhile since I picked up an actual book but I have a massive backlog of books to be read and with the move coming up, now is the time!

d7461ff45f5d7983c6c36152bce28f53.jpg (564×799)
Updating my privacy setting on my iPhone after reading this article about how Instagram is listening to us. Isn't that so creepy to think about?

96e39e8d067116fcdce9be490de832c1.jpg (564×846)
Following Hurricane Irma this week and praying for everyone in it's path! As I've mentioned in previous posts and shown on instagram, my parents have a getaway place down there and luckily they are safe in NY, but I am worried about our neighbors and the friends we have made down there. I'll be saying an extra prayer for anyone affected by the hurricane and hope you will too!

c8fc0bd758f04602ae580869ea8d5973.jpg (564×374)
Ordering Christmas gifts already! I hate scrambling for gifts and every year it feels frantic. This year I'm planning early so no one is forgotten and I don't stretch my budget (too much).



06 September 2017

Pretty Pins for September

I hope your Labor Day weekend was as relaxing as mine was! I had great success at the thrift stores, read a few books, and took advantage of being home to the fullest extent. While I'm really sad summer is over, I have a few things going on that will keep me distracted for quite some time. I'll be sure to keep you all updated as they come up, but in the meantime, enjoy these pretty pins:

92741cf04ce47914163cd0181f3c2e23.jpg (564×564)

aa3cda90bd1be7d3cf99702cafb2db9d.jpg (564×564)

931822f12210a7160d8dc7e3820b2f01.jpg (500×750)

696226d776b9bdf8dac8b3bd724b977c.jpg (360×460)

6ecfca0f958a601456446f97bb7b9037.jpg (564×705)

Happy Wednesday!


01 September 2017


3c7863699c141e454d1cc87d5237a060.jpg (474×592)

Hoping to find an apartment sooner rather than later! The apartment hunt has officially begun. I'm so so so excited to move to a new place! I know where I'd like to move, but need to work with my roommate on coming up with a compromise that works for both of us. We have a small budget for what we need, but I know that we'll make it work!

6a2ef2ce8fc2a0ee959c890b6fce29be.jpg (564×840)
Looking forward to the long weekend! It's a bummer that summer is pretty much over and my least favorite season is rolling in faster than I'd like (chilly mornings are already here in NY!). The only saving grace is that I get a three day weekend to mentally prepare myself for the seasons ahead.

af885a297744b7cbbdaa6499347f7cd5.jpg (540×499)

Changing up my bedding. During the summer I like to keep it light with a white coverlet, but I'm excited to try a new look for fall. I'm thinking my Hermes blanket paired with my Hill House Home sheets for a cheeky, fun look! (Then back to my ultimate favorite Matouk linens to brighten up my winter)
228a206fe9a0c75638b70f4f8d80fa59.jpg (564×846)
Cooking up a storm! There are a bunch of recipes I've been wanting to try, but have yet to take them on. Does anyone else get easily intimidated in the kitchen?

179bf823230fdafa2609b2ca7bf38a1c.jpg (500×750)
Sticking to a budget! I'm not going to take advantage of any of the labor day sales, no matter what I think I need.

Happy long weekend! See you next week.

ARS xx

30 August 2017

Fall Wishlist

I'm gearing up for a move later this fall, so I'm trying to save money where I can. Sadly this means no shopping BUT that doesn't mean I can't window shop! I've been browsing a lot recently and as a result I have a wishlist a mile long. (Ok, fine - I'll take now to admit I did a little bit of shopping in PB, as noted on instagram) Once I get a better handle on what I need and want for my new apt I'm sure I'll be able to treat myself, but in the meantime I'll just keep admiring. Below are a few highlights:

26404b07e58ca4ad741d45e02580be23.jpg (456×570)

c4175ad3bad4f22d66b6ef462afc11ed.jpg (564×564)

ea72eb9278b5ed5ba2876624ab780129.jpg (336×596)

540cfe5b8ed0ea4b066a2fa51486e1b8.jpg (564×564)

As you can see I'im in a black and white + floral mood this year. And how cute would some of these be for holiday parties?

ARS xx

28 August 2017

Transitional Style Inspiration

The past few weeks have been a bit cooler in NY and have me already mentally preparing my Fall wardrobe. It's safe to say my style has not changed at all when it comes to the cooler months - I pretty much stick to all black with a dash of leopard and the occasional white sweater. Summer is when I allow my playful side to come out. I'm going to try and mix it up a bit this fall and channel my more fun, colorful summer alter-ego. Below are  a few images inspiring my look:

498e181f1cb5706bb05ebfb5bc18d2e0.jpg (500×750)

53d11948b81faa2f2dd0ab7458ec9cd5.jpg (500×668)

39f1001236719d7c7cb94b2399ce0da4.jpg (564×729)

4377f24dee3f58d2d33d0d3114b80e68.jpg (564×733)

f4f9207c1652ac28553ddb923dcbbfdf.jpg (457×600)

Happy Monday!


18 August 2017


WHEW! It's been awhile since I did a currently post, but will do a quick roundup of things I've been up to these past few weeks before I jet off to PB. Be sure to follow my travel adventures on my instagram account.

Ordering David Brook's book The Road to Character. I was in Memphis last month and someone who I admire and respect very much referenced this book while discussing Resume Values vs. Eulogy Values. After our talk I felt compelled to pick it up and the book made it to the top of my (very long) book recommendation list.

Adjusting my travel plans. Due to higher than normal ticket prices our trip to Greece was cancelled so I'm trying to come up with a cool trip to take this fall. I'm going between a few smaller trips around the country or really going for it and planning a huge trip, like meeting up with Oliver somewhere in Asia.

Loving all of my new beauty products! Once I made the switch to all natural makeup and face wash, I jumped into researching different shampoos, lotions, potions. I finally found a shampoo that's luxurious enough to get me to give up my Oribe shampoo (an it's a fraction of the cost!) and other products that make me feel like I'm in a spa. Stay tuned for more details!

Catching up on Schitt's Creek on netflix. This show is right up my alley and has me in stitches almost every episode - how did I not know about it sooner?!

Living in my new Reformation dresses. While I still think they are slightly overpriced, I can't deny that these are the perfect summer dresses. They are short, breezy and take me from day to night with no need to change accessories.

Happy weekend!


27 July 2017

Pretty Pins for Late July

I know I usally post on a M/W/F schedule, but it's definitely been one of those weeks where I'm just lagging a little bit. I hate that August is just around the corner, which always feels a little bit like the beginning of the end of my favorite season. Not helping is having to cancel a trip to Greece and Italy, which I was totally looking forward to. To make up for it, I just might need to go visit Oliver!

8fb07fa70ddd9786c402eb0e97125ad0.jpg (564×708)

dd2ea5355092b5e0ffae4a9b08878dc5.jpg (286×380)

1b3665ecc9b14a14c217941361c34752.jpg (348×434)

a24eaa99581e92da322f57d20f1ce6a8.jpg (462×699)

5d6a5fa64af2f2a662c119316a5b647a.jpg (564×693)

Happy Thursday! 


24 July 2017

ZANNI: Dresses For Whatever

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had as fun a weekend as I did. Thanks to the humidity, I pretty much lived in my favorite light summer dresses all weekend (my new ZANNI dress was a life saver on Friday, but I'm jumping ahead of  myself). I'll try not to complain too much, considering how much I complained about the cold winter.

As I've mentioned in previous posts, I'm big on supporting brands made in the United States like Industry Standard and MDS Stripes (to name a few!). Immediately added to the top of my favorites list is ZANNI, a brand started by a college friend. Made in LA from the softest (and very breathable) technical Italian fabrics, I can personally vouch these dresses will seamlessly take you from day to night and (if I had a few more drinks) I probably would have slept in mine, they are that comfortable. As an added bonus, these wardrobe staples are the perfect kind of low maintenance chic, where you just need to wash in cold water and hang to dry - they won't lose their shape!

3d0d26bee04afdc34768208a79c5a65f.jpg (530×657)

f7e2f937025ddc4dd4f309b468a15b71.jpg (530×657)

54019c524dcbf53e6219e77a9887ec1f.jpg (530×657)

e760361bc6cb6c5677b4106b1ab6ff78.jpg (530×657)

774c93f5f9cdebd7fcc6610af4c1be9c.jpg (530×657)

I bought the Maximum Leg Dress and have my eye on the Out of Office Dress for my next purchase!
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