21 November 2017

Gifts for the #BlueandWhiteForever Believer

I have a few friends and family members that are big fans of anything blue and white (including myself!) so I'm rounding up a few things they may like, in both style and color. From desk decor to wall art I tried my best to find an array of fun and pretty touches that I personally love. Did you see my desk on the Towerhouse instagram? You'll see a few familiar faces below! 

Happy shopping! 

ARS xx 

Gifts for the Linen Lover

As a linen fanatic I loooooove getting anything in this department. If you follow the Towerhouse instagram you're sure to have noticed my dedicated #TowerhouseStyle pics featuring India Amory + Matouk. I'm sure you have a list of friends and family members who feel the same way, so I'm sharing a few more "off the radar" picks that are chic, personal, and fun to give! 

India Amory Table Cloths (and robes! they are adorable)

20 November 2017

Gifts for the Stationary Lover

I'm a bit of a stationary nut and I like to think there are more of us out there than you would think! I have a few friends who I regularly correspond with via mail and I still swear by a paper calendar. Call me old fashioned but there is nothing better than writing a letter, except receiving them. I've rounded up a list of my personal favorites to give and things I use on a daily basis:

Calling & Business Cards by Nancy Nikko Designs (an array of designs are offered here!)

Gifts for the Gardener

I don't know about you, but it's been months and I'm still pretty bummed about summer ending. I love to extend it as much as humanly possible and I'm guessing you have a few friends and relatives that feel the same way I do. (Seriously though, follow the Towerhouse instagram for my summery #TowerhouseThrowback pics). One way I like to keep the summer vibe going all year is to add in florals to my day to day life. This holiday season why not gift a like minded soul something to brighten up his or her dreary winter day?  Below is a roundup of my current favorites:

209791f61b2bac9b8847cf5173929e1a.jpg (564×705)
Matouk Charlotte bedding (I own these and am obsessed)

9c9980cd4c36e50a0006442a71cac2c0.jpg (200×302)
The Secret History of the Pink Carnation by Lauren Willing (This light, fun read is the first in a series about spies set in the Napoleonic Wars era  - all titles are flower themed!) 

830ed2c8db2f93fc89f05f7777da4b5d.jpg (564×671)
Piyama PJs from Etsy (also available in pink + lavender and an array of different styles!)

8d7afdb6877f2408b60d372ee8f5cd11.jpg (564×435)
Boxwood Topiary Notecards (I like to pair stationary with stamps and a pen for a complete set!)

Louise Townsend Totes (I'm obsessed with mine)

AERIN Jasmine Ikat Perfume (perfect for anyone who loves a happy floral scent) 

Ready to get back into the garden yet?! 

ARS xx 

17 November 2017

Gift Guide Week is Coming + Currently...

Apologizing for bombarding you with gift guides before Thanksgiving. Every year I find I struggle with coming up with a thoughtful and creative gift idea for everyone but I have a few tricks up my gift giving sleeve this year and wanted to share some inspiration I've found for the loved ones in my life. I decided to do just one week of only gift guides with specific recipients and then I'll call it quits. Hopefully something helps you out!

Hosting dinner and drinks for my friends and family soon. I can't have too many people over to the apartment, as it's tiny, but it's fun to have people over in smaller groups!

Choosing kitchen accessories. Honestly, this is so much harder than I thought. I'm not a big cook so am not too familiar with the best pots and pans, so I've deferred to my grandma, the best cook I know. I want to get something nice that will go the distance, but I'm new so I don't want something that I'll destroy right off the bat.

Hoping to finish hanging up all of the artwork sooner rather than later. This has bee the hardest part of living alone so far - I had to build my own box spring, put together the bed, and unpack by myself so I feel like I can do anything, but I still need a second set of eyes for my artwork. Who wants to help?

Viewing Salvator Mundi at Christie's before it goes up for auction. Did you get the chance to see it? When I got there, it was a very haunting, humbling, and otherworldly experience. I felt like he was right there. I'm so grateful I got to go see it before it was auctioned off.

What have you been up to?


25 October 2017

Pretty Pins for Moving Week

I'm excited to be getting the keys to my new apartment today! The building reminds me of my old house, so I already know I'm going to feel right at home there. Moving day is Friday and I'll be documenting my move on instagram, but can't wait to have that day behind me so I can concentrate on the fun stuff - like decorating! I'm going to live in the space for a bit before committing to anything major, but I'm excited to see what ends up happening. I'm going to stop my apartment rambling now and share with you a few images that have been inspiring me this week, before the move!

Happy Wednesday! I hope your week is a fraction as crazy as mine is. 


23 October 2017

Apartment Updates + Inspiration

Move in week is here - with a few major changes happening the past few weeks! As my roommate and I got closer and closer to our move out date, we realized we wanted very different things in terms of location and other building amenities. I wanted to have a doorman and to not be on the Upper East Side and my roommate wanted to be withing walking distance to work or only live on the Upper East Side. Needless to say, it was hard to find a happy medium and we didn't find anything that worked for us. That all being said, I shifted my search to a studio or one bedroom and found the perfect little nook for me! As I'm basically starting from ground zero in terms of furniture and decor I've been like a madwoman looking for inspiration. Below are a few images I keep coming back to for different reasons. 

27d19f9df3a7b99cd8ad03bfc0c0b90f.jpg (522×800)

1ebaf59568fae05dd4c139f36c8ac38a.jpg (564×743)

672a55f4ac7cfec025bdb58dd1a1ddbf.jpg (564×461)



27 September 2017

Apartment Wishlist

Now that it's 100% confirmed I'm moving, I have a wishlist a mile long of things I want! I've been pulling inspiration from old magazines and am excited about all of the decor options I have. While I've promised myself I'm not going to commit to anything decor-wise until I'm in my new space and can plan out what I actually need I can still make a list of (basically) practical things, right? Be fure to follow along on instagram to see the end results!

ae872763da5850c499d5fe25ec3fdc55.jpg (400×670)
(I have parts of this set, but want to round it out so I have all the options!)

c9146be595a551872da321eae9011d08.jpg (564×564)
The Mini Nespresso Maker - perfect for a tiny kitchen

ce29832bc8cea4741f4fae2d491bd649.jpg (564×564)
Hibi Tumblers (set of four)

It's Almost Thursday...

ARS xx

25 September 2017

Pretty Pins for Indian Summer

The heat totally caught off guard this weekend and about 30 minutes into our apartments search I thought I was going to melt. It's been a bit difficult finding an apartment that meets all of our needs, so going our separate ways is on the table now. It's not ideal nor wanted, but as we have very different priorities and ideas it just might be the case. In the meantime, we've been exploring different neighborhoods and getting to know the city that much better. (We've also seen a lot of quirky things, as seen on instagram)

36467296c080f1e133054cec0088b26e.jpg (564×777)

c7ebc231653af7f0005ee81d67938403.jpg (564×770)

d1ce86baf056b6404977c0e32571fe4e.jpg (370×480)

6d5512e8ad057f88e127fda003d44833.jpg (564×903)

bb1c8468d3af8fd91e32c8c5b20cf503.jpg (247×320)

Hope you have a good week! 


22 September 2017


e4f524ab92bb2331b5ab25990ed94034.jpg (564×375)
Going to a poetry reading at Nuyorican Poets Cafe. Christina and I definitely broadened our horizons and were pleasantly surprised at the poetry reading. I don't know if I'll go again, but it was cool to experience something new - it was a NY moment for sure.

4c22fd71e23010dec98b0a27c3dafb86.jpg (564×705)
Visiting Cait and Bradley out in New Canaan (and sharing a few snippets on instagram!). I didn't realize how much of a break I needed until I got out of the city and got to catch up with my best friend and hang out with her son. Taking the train from Grand Central is always a plus too!

536d45142edb77965f15006d43ec75f6.jpg (500×740)
Continuing our search for the perfect NY apartment. It's been exhausting and at times frustrating but we did find one apartment we both agreed on! Hoping we'll be done with our search after 3 weeks.

0f5b61c20604ade9417980c9ce176826.jpg (564×564)
Finding too many things I want on Etsy (still hoping to add to my paper flower collection)! Like a broken record, I'm going to repeat myself - I'm not buying anything until the move BUT there are so many cute things on Etsy right now that are just so fun. Trying hard to resist!

aa1aaedfe4d6f83bd7be920e74665d08.jpg (564×903)
Wishing I had a bigger clothing budget, because I can't stop thinking about the Rebecca de Ravenal collection on Moda Operandi. I've written about my love for her style before, but I can't get over the mermaid chic looks in this collection. This would have been the perfect birthday look for my 30th. **SIGH**


ARS xx

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