14 April 2009

Do I Care Who Reads My Blog?

Hello world, this is me.

As I sit here avoiding all of my work I ponder about my blog. Do i care who reads my blogs? Do I want people to read my blog? Yes,  I do. I want people to understand how I think and things that are of interest to me. I can be a very private person and I have been opening myself up on my blog. To me this blog is a way for me to get myself out in the world. People can get to know me better and I feel better by posting small things that flit into my life.

I will admit it (and I'm sure that other people will agree and even if you don't I know you do) that I look to see if people actually read what I have to say. If you want to make my day, write a comment. When I first started my blog, every single person made fun of me. Everyone has stereotypes about blogs and I set out to prove them wrong.

Maybe my posts are a little bit dry - I don't know what the people like. I only post about what I like. I believe that this is how the blogging culture works, correct? You want to attract people who have similar beliefs. Maybe I am as unique as I thought I was....who knows? Why do other people follow other blogs and not mine? Are they just friends of said people? I ask every day for my friends to follow my posts so I don't like a huge blogging outcast, but for some reason it fails. This is not a plea for followers (seriously, it may seem like it) but why do you think people are attracted to other blogs? Is it because they have a lot of pictures and mine is mostly text?


  1. so ... here's a comment.

    I just randomly found your blog, and I liked what you had to say in your "about me" section ... hmmm, you sure about the showering thing?

    Anyway ... I have no idea what people expect from blogs either ... just keep doing it, you sound like you have interesting things to say.

    Jonas x

  2. I know, i wouldn't have a clue what attracts bloggers attention.. or even how they find them! But here is a comment, and i'll follow your blog because you seem like an interesting kinda girl :) Plus the Lindsay Lohan thing was hilarious. haha

    I think a big part of what draws people into a blog is pictures; visual stimulus. And too much text, especially when it is about boring things like personal jokes with your friends (Don't write about it guys, no one gets them, it's just not funny) and the uninteresting day you had at home kinda repels people. I think stuff people have found around the place that is actually funny, and strange you tube things are always good. Plus stuff about fashion, style, art, and other creative things always seem to be popular. I wonder why.. heh

    I think you're on the right track though, just keep looking and commenting on peoples blogs i guess :)

    PS i always check for new comments too. haha


  3. like the point of view of your posts!
    like the way you use your blog

  4. AUNT RENNE reads your blog kiddo! And I think you are amazing....and I LOVE reading your random thoughts in the terrifc voice you write in. Keep rockin' it in your own way- once you try to please others- you give up an important piece of yorur creative self. ;)


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