21 July 2010

newspaper envy

not that i'm a big celebrity gossip follower (i think i'm the only 22 year old girl who doesn't read perez hilton and i have enough concerns of my own) or take joy out of other people's downfalls...but i must admit that i was envy of every single person's newspaper today. the front page of the ny post was the mugshot of lindsay. i mean i want to read about anyone who has his or her mugshot on the cover of the ny post! it's not that i like to read about bad things, it's just that i get so curious...

on a lighter note, i think it's funny that old men (not the 3 girls on the train) were the ones studiously reading the article and gossiping about it on the train...too bad it had to be bad celebrity news, no one actually wants to read about someone's downfall

which one do you like better?!

as i'm sitting here wondering what to blog about ( i know i haven't been keeping up with blogging, i promise i will get back on track!) i stumbled upon an article on yahoo regarding a faux pas within the magazine world. apparently 3 different magazines put the same dress on the cover! which one do you like the most:

i personally like the first one (W) the most!

now that i am trying to find a job i find myself reading the headlines a lot more to stay on top of things...i have been really stressed out recently trying to get my life in order. i feel like it is impossible to find a job in the city! (even though some of my friends already have jobs...congratulations!)

and on an update note: jennie, one of my best friends, came to visit this weekend and i am eagerly trying to plan a weekend getaway to see some of my other best friends this weekend!
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