31 August 2016

Magritte Capsule by Olympia Le-Tan on Moda Operandi

Anyone else here an art nerd? As a fashion and art obsessed girl, I always have my eye out for unique collaborations between the two worlds. I've always loved Olympia Le-Tan's clutches, but they have always been a bit out of my price range.  When I saw on Moda Operandi the Olympia Le-Tan X Magritte collaboration I just about died and went to heaven. The clutches are still out of my price range, but a girl can still dream, right?

I also love how each bag says Artist Proof no 1. -  It's the little things for me!

ARS xx


29 August 2016

Winter in Palm Beach Inspiration

It's finally hitting me that summer is officially over - summer Fridays are ending, I have to minimize the all white looks I love during the summer, and the days will start to get cooler soonish. While I'm still excited for fall, I'm not excited for winter. At all. So I'm going to live it up this week and wear as much white, Lilly, and stripes as humanly possible.  I've pulled together a few inspiration pictures for future Palm beach trips I'll be sure to take this winter.

Is it too much if I do outfit changes at the office?
ARS xx


24 August 2016

Hair and Makeup Inspiration for Fall

I've always been low maintenance when it comes to my hair and makeup routine, but lately it feels like I've had no routine whatsoever. Maybe it's because it's been so hot out or maybe I have been in a funk, but I'm ready to snap out of it and put at least minimal effort into my looks, starting with booking a haircut. (Just to note, I still will put on mascara and lip color for events, but that's it.) I've been pulling different inspiration from ads, magazines and from pinterest to inspire a daily look that is simple, clean, and chic. Here's a few of my favorite images, maybe not all of them are for every day, but they seem doable for me.

New season, new me!

ARS xx


22 August 2016

Artist Love: Karen Kilimnik

I stumbled on the works by Karen Kilimnik a few months ago while at work and I have't stopped dreaming of owning a piece since. She is both an installation artist and painter who is best known for her pop culture commentary. I was drawn to her whimsical and romantic view of the world almost immediately and keep looking back to her work as a source of inspiration.

Happy Monday! 

ARS xx

19 August 2016

Summer/Fall Transitional Outfit Inspiration and Tips

I don't know about you, but I always struggle with my outfits in September and October. I'm always wondering why it's not cold enough to wear the sweater I wanted and debating whether or not to wear those white pants. To help me along with this awkward season, I've come up with a list of good "go to" looks to keep me on track to get hopefully banish those doubts flying around in my head. I'm also providing a few tips to help you with your look!

Edit your closet before shopping - I've recently started going through my clothes each season and trying on every. single. thing. again before allowing it to go back into my closet. I find this helps weed out all of my worn clothes and is a refresher on what I need to buy for the season, Is it time consuming? Yes. Have I saved money and prime closet space? Yes. Trust me when I say this extra step is worth it.

Keep a few summer pieces on hand - I find this is handy for fall just because there is a pesky thing called "Indian Summer" where you really wish you had that tank top or dress to put on. I also find this helps me keep my looks more transitional versus full throttle fall. An added bonus is having a few options ready to go for warm weather vacations!

Dark on top light on the bottom for daytime - For casual, everyday looks I think a darker color shirt or sweater paired with a lighter color pant or skirt is just chicer for fall. I love the look of a black turtleneck sweater with a lighter color denim and brown loafers. Or how about a navy cable knit sweater with a pair of winter white cords? Perfection!

Winter white dresses for meetings - Speaking of winter white, I think that's fall is the best time to wear a heavy knit white or cream dress paired with a colorful scarf and those suede heels you've been dying to wear. I actually plan on wearing this to a fashion week presentation I have coming up!

All black for evenings - As a NYer, it's no secret that I love an all black look more than the average person so I'm not going to go into why, but trust me go for the all black (with gold jewelry!!)

Happy shopping!

ARS xx


17 August 2016

Pretty Pins for the Week

Like a record on repeat, I can't stop saying how much I love summer and noting every detail I love about this season. However, this year was a little bit lackluster and for the first time in my life I can't wait for fall. Maybe it's that my summer clothes didn't feel right, or that I didn't have any exciting plans or trips, or maybe it's going to a new house on Long Island instead of the one I grew up in but the magic of summer was just missing for me. Needless to say, I'm already shopping for fall clothes (and might have gone wild on my Moda Operandi preorders for next year...whoops!) and I'm already in that cooler weather mindset.

Enjoy the last few weeks of summer!

ARS xx


15 August 2016

J.Crew X Drake

Earlier in the year, when J. Crew previewed their Fall '16 collection, my heart just about stopped when I saw all of the pink and prints. On the top of my "must have" list are the pajamas in patterns from Drake's archive. My favorite one is the tiger print in pink, but I'd take any of them. 

Dreaming of all the leisure time I can spend in these. 

ARS xx

12 August 2016

Design Inspiration: Carolyn Murphy’s L.A. Home

I was on the Vogue website yesterday and spied an old home tour that I had a feeling I would love. Carolyn Murphy added a French country flair to her 1029's Spanish Colonial House. Cait and I often discuss how we prefer the look of a collected home, where it feels as though every single thing was chosen with love, to the look of a show house, which is always beautiful, but you feel like you can't even sit. Needless to say, the collected look and country feel to this house has me ready to move in ASAP.

1201ba72f29106782feae5e8d7045540.jpg (564×846)

c2ba146da8066ce7feb1cd9e1057f3a9.jpg (564×872)

Happy home touring!

ARS xx


10 August 2016

Party Planning: Sink or Swim

It's no secret that summer is my favorite season and I love celebrating it as much and often as possible. In an ideal world I'd love to host a day long beach and boat party ending with a beach side or backyard dinner with my closest friends. Because I love themes, I'd let the invitation set the tone and in this case I think the Sink Drink or Swim invitation from paperless post is perfect for a summer party. Everyone would be dressed for summer (Lilly preferred, but I'll take anything colorful) and I would want to have bright and festive details, like shells and lanterns, all around the table and party spot. Now, I just need to get that beach house I've been vying for....!

7f2a7eafb2505f5858b12dd1e57f700f.jpg (399×594)

Happy summering!

ARS xx


08 August 2016

Jewelry Designer Elena Votsi

Last year I was lucky to visit the island of Hydra, which was a complete dream. Between the beautiful sea, bustling port, and the small art shops, it's easy to see why this was one of Jackie Kennedy's favorite islands. While I was browsing all the stores one particularly caught my eye - Elena Vosti's unassuming space on the waterfront. Something seemed different, maybe it was the fun mugs and ceramics, but I was drawn inside and happily walked out with my own evil eye necklace by the woman who redesigned the Olympic Gold medals for the Athen's games. I was reminded all over again how much I loved her jewelry, particularly the evil eye pieces, when I saw her on Moda Operandi last week.

Wishing I was back in Hyrda right about now...

ARS xx

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