26 May 2010

the grad life

now that i have graduated from st. lawrence university i have not really done much with my life except go to alyssa's graduation party (one of my best friends) and have coffee dates. oh, and i went to the movies with kevin!

considering i'm the person who is happy doing nothing and usually relies on other friends (cait) to keep me in the circle, this is a big step for me! i've even gone so far as contacting people i don't really speak to that much. so i guess the grad life has been good so far (people don't run away screaming when i call) but i still have to find a concrete job. this is a huge weight on my shoulders, but i have an internship with a childrens clothing company to hold off the immediate pressure. GAH and here i thought that school was stressful...

22 May 2010

cute find

now that i have almost nothing to do with my life (for the next week at least) i have been spending a lot of time relaxing, reflecting, and obviously window shopping. i found these adorable delman sandals on one of my excursions and could not help but share my new loves.

(i still have to figure out a way to get them but whatever, where there's a will there is a way)

19 May 2010


It's official! I have finally graduated! 4 years in the North Country and I don't miss the weather one bit...a girl can only handle so much snow in the Spring!

We had a fabulous celebration with all of my best friends and family!

Just a few pics of my best friends (and my bro who is ready to graduate and he is only 10)

11 May 2010


now that i'm graduating i have to think of fun things to do so the calender i bought is still useful (and it looks like i have this fabulous social life...even though i totally am the girl who loves to stay in and relax) some of the things on my list include

1. throwing a graduation party
2. planning a no school party in september
3. a mini vacation to see cait
4. finding a job (GAH)

obviously i have other plans, but i can't pencil in my endless days in the sun reading or sailing... i do have to look like i have something to do!

10 May 2010

senior week

senior week has officially started! i want to apologize in advance for the lack of posts because i will be partying and packing all week...yes, i have to pack up everything by saturday because our school is kicking us all out by 6 pm sunday!

i'm stressing out because i'm nervous about passing 1 class. i never really got all the work done and i handed in almost everything late so i'm nervous. the professor is really intense as well so that makes it even worse! i'm so stupid...i'll find out wednesday what happens!

09 May 2010

happy mother's day

happy mother's day to all the moms!

in the spirit of graduation i thought i would post a picture from my high school graduation!

07 May 2010

college: CHECK

i took my last final ever today sooo i guess i'm done with college and it's time for senior week! it's a weird feeling to be done, kind of bittersweet in a way but whatever, i won't miss the homework. obviously i'll miss my best friends and my home for the past 4 years.

after that i'm moving onto summer sun, reading, relaxing, and a little bit of work on the side!

06 May 2010

new reads

i've been hearing and reading all about a new magazine called industrie and i must admit, i am intrigued! it's supposed to be about the culture of fashion and "turns the spotlight back on the fashion industry itself, “as the first and only media title dedicated to going behind the scenes to chronicle the personalities, stories and defining moments in the world of fashion” through interviews with some of fashion’s biggest stars". you can be rest assured i'm buying it as soon as i can!

05 May 2010


it must be the essay i just finished, but i am feeling the 1970s french culture right now. spending 8 plus hours in the library glued to a computer writing about the glamorous morocco house yves saint laurent had makes me long to spend a few days there myself!

it looks like the perfect escape! i don't think i would ever leave if i had a house like this!

i want candy

i was just going through some old pictures and i stumbled upon some that i took when i was in a candy store in paris. it was probably my favorite pace ever because it had candy, was cute, they et us take picturs and let us taste everything. the man who owned it was probably one of the most knowledgeable person i have ever met on candy and the history of candy. needless to say i was in heaven!

more about french candy here! but i wish that i could get another bag of my fav (frou frou?!) that he gave me (he just us each a little bag to go!)

04 May 2010

The New Birkin Bag

I mean obviously I want a Birkin Bag. That goes without saying, but for someone my age (soon to be 22!!!) it is something that I can only hope to have later in life. Until then I'll have to settle for the basket that Jane Birkin coveted as well!

kate spade has a couple of cute ones, but K will keep scouring until I find the perfect one!

03 May 2010

10 - 1

because i never eally talk too much about myself, i feel as though it is time for me to give a little bit of insight as to who i am outside of this blog. i didn'r really want to do an interview so here i decided to do this instead. if you want to do a little interview thing, post the questions and i will answer them (none from uncle joe or you, dad!!)

10 Things you want:
 laduree macarons ( chocolat, vanille, cassis and fruit rouges), a new book, christian laboutin heels, chanel bag, froufrou, fresh flowers , a hot pink couch, for finals to be over, black wide leg pants, a new hat

9 Musicians/bands you love (in no order):
 jason mraz, carla bruni, rolling stones, madonna, earth wind and fire, talking heads, david guetta, the band, the goo goo dolls

8 Things you do everyday: wake up, check my email, brush my teeth, eat, read, talk, drink tea, go to sleep

7 Things you enjoy:reading, walking, writing letters and never mailing them (oops), shopping, exploring, dancing, annoying people

6 Things that will always win your heart:
 a sense of humor similar to mine, presents, and i can't really think of anything that isn't obvious soo next!

5 Favorites: Movie, song, book, food, season:
 uptown girls, make it mine (jason mraz), eloise, mozzarella on anything, and summer

4 Smells you enjoy:a new book, lavender, freshly baked cookies, my perfume

3 Places you want to go: japan, italy, and london

2 Favorite holidays: my birthday and Christmas

1 Person you’d marry on the spot:
 prince charming!

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