28 September 2012

25 September 2012

Fall DIY List

Like my Mom (and AMS) I'm obsessed with crafts. In fact, at my house we have a closet dedicated to crafts and crafts alone.  So, in honor of all craft lovers I'm dedicating a post to some quick and easy (sounding) DIY projects* I want to take a stab at!

Monogrammed Napkins 

Bow Rainboots 

Cork Board

Taper Candles

Nail Fun

*All were found on Pinterest

21 September 2012

A Little Note

No, I haven't fallen off the face of this planet (although these past couple of weeks make me want to) - I just have been beyond busy! Between work, polo matches, Chicago getaways, Gold Gala meetings, and plotting a secret vacation, I haven't really had a moment to myself. SO my apologies for the lack of notes and news. 

Stay tuned next week to learn where I'll be going...it's exciting - I promise!


07 September 2012

For The Boys

This season everyone is talking about borrowing it from the boys. Well, I feel like I'm always posting about fashion inspiration for the girls, so I decided to make a list for the boys for them to buy so I can borrow! Why would I ever buy the girl version when I can raid my brothers closet? 

Bonus: My sister won't call me in a rage anymore.

06 September 2012

Artist Love: Slim Aarons

Nothing makes me long for summer (or Palm Beach) more than Slim Aaron pictures. Is my favorite season really almost over? 

05 September 2012

Bag of Tricks

Like almost every other girl in the world, I have a million things in my bag, in fact I've started calling my LV purse my "Mary Poppins" bag. It can fit everything and anything I need so I never have to worry about needing something important. What are my essentials?

04 September 2012

NY Moment: Fashion Week

Fashion Week has a bad habit of sneaking up on me, especially this time around. I usually realize it's fashion week when I see the models with their long legs and perfectly messy hair strolling about in SOHO and the West Village. Other indications? The amazing articles in the papers and PR girls running around the city adding to the already frantic energy.
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