26 May 2011

Adventure Awaits

 Pardon me while I take a moments pause from blogging this weekend!

Will be back soon inspired from the fabulous weather...get excited!

23 May 2011

memorial day preparation

what are you doing to prepare for memorial day?
i plan on going to the gym (actually working hard in the classes) and cutting out my daily crepe...that is a lot of effort for me!

22 May 2011

note to self: preorder...

being such an avid reader i find myself constantly searching for new, stimulating reads. needless to say, my heart started to pound when i saw that a new book called "preppy: cultivating ivy style" is being released by rizzoli. i'm excited to read the forward by lilly pulitzer!

21 May 2011

work snacks

obviously i love snacking during work and while everyone else is attempting to convert me into a health fanatic i can't seem to give up on my after work crepes and cookies! i mean seriously, how could i not be obsessed with the sugar butter crepe...it is made of my 2 fav things.

anyways, i guess the frequent interventions are working because i find myself continually reaching for

1. carrots and celery sticks
2. rice cakes with peanut butter
3. fruit (mainly mangos and strawberries)
4. annies bunny cookies (whole wheat)
5. popcorn (not that this is very healthy, but it's better then the chocolate i used to consume daily...by the pound)

i might add in the lilly animal crackers because the box is cute and happy to look at!

18 May 2011

Etsy Love

I don't know about you but I feel like everyone else finds really amazing things on Etsy all the time and I never find anything. That is until now! I am obsessed with these watercolor illustrations by silverridgestudio.

17 May 2011

lilly for garnet hill

sale at lilly for garnett hill...obsessed!

although i won't be living in the city for another couple of months you can bet that i will have the towels and sheets in my possession by the end of the week. just because i'm not moving in yet doesn't mean i'm going to postpone the preparations! i would rather have everything ready for the move rather then scramble at the last minute...

16 May 2011

weekend update

1. spent a fab weekend with SLL and AEB
2. moved CMR into new apt
3. got hair cut
4. shopping with COH
5. slept in sunday

i would say this was a fairly successful weekend in town!

14 May 2011

lazy rivers

my cousins are advocates of a long zipline but i would want a lazy river in my house!

what would you want?

12 May 2011

Things I Love

I am currently obsessed with:

Such yummy and fruity supplements to a diet

2. mockk flats in blush
I'm a sucker for anything with a bow or a loafer

Fun jazz/funk band that is fun to drive and dance to

Obviously I'm obsessed and the closest to Laduree I have found yet!

5. Kiehl's creme de corps
Amazing way to keep skin hydrated and ready for summer

11 May 2011

crystal balls and palm readings

just for fun COH and i went to a psychic (we got the palm reading)...and it turned out to be a rather surpsing experience! the person either was tipped off by a friend or creepily knew very specific details of my life (and COH). regardless, i have some good news for everyone!

i am:

1. going to live until i am 87
2. have 2 boys and 1 girl
3. have to choose between 2 men this july (i haven't met them yet)

i'm not sharing the other details...i have to keep some things a secret!

09 May 2011

note to self...

1. take the time out to read the new matchbook
2. clean my room
3. take allergy medication
4. make it to the gym
5. take time out to paint

08 May 2011

happy mother's day!

happy mother's day to all the mothers!

we had a rocky start to the day, but it ended the way any mother's day celebration should!
i hope yours was just as wonderful!

04 May 2011

hooray for spring...

...hello allergy season!

some helpful tips:

1. get plenty of sleep
2. eat local honey
3. eat even more allergy medication!

03 May 2011

Mother's Day Ideas?

Does anyone have any Mother's Day ideas?

Something tells me I can't pull off giving my mom just the cards above!
(but they are cute to send just for fun click here to send one!)

02 May 2011


now that summer is right around the corner i have been trying to push myself more and more (i don't want to look horrible on the beach!) and found this really fun website called social workout! you should check it out if you are looking for some motivation with a little bit of friendly competition...it is something fun to do with a friend (or 5)!

it also goes well with my new goals for the summer:

1. work out every weeknight and do light cardio on weekends
2. eat out only 1 meal a week
3. have only 3 small treats a week
4. drink alcohol only 4 nights a month
5. actually stretch (maybe a yoga class will help??)

01 May 2011

In the Pink

Pink symbolizes innocence, purity, and honor. If someone is said to be in the pink, one oculd assume she's the picture of good health and beauty!
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