20 April 2009

"You Look Good in Jeans..."

Or maybe I actually got dressed and showered for once. I didn't really intend to make this post about myself or whatever (actually I love talking about myself but for once I really did not intend to) but I just thought that it was funny that 3 people said that to me today. No, I am not being vain! I really did just happen to find it funny.

Anyway, this is a random blog post because I am not only bored, but in pain. Lots actually. About 2 hours ago I went to the gym, went on my merry way when all of a sudden I sat down and had the most intense pain ever in my groin muscle. So I had it checked out and I pulled that muscle. So stupidly I asked Amanda, my friend, what do to for a pulled muscle and she said she puts icy hot on it. So i did and now I can't move...NEVER EVER EVER PUT ICY HOT NEAR YOUR GROIN. I guess this is common sense but I happen to lack it so of course I did that. Oh, I also forgot to tell you that things happen to me all the time. Not normal things mind you. No, things that are mortifying and awkward yet everyone finds them hysterical. I'm often told a reality tv show could be made of my moments and there not be a second of scripted scene in it.

I'll be sure to post soon again due to my lack of mobility in my current state.

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