28 February 2013


Now that Winter is basically (hopefully?) over I kind of regret not wearing fun tights more often. Then again, I don't want to freeze and am thankful for my black fleece lined tights.

Knowing my luck I'll probably have many more opportunities this March to wear them. 

27 February 2013

Something Bleu

I'm obsessed with the Something Bleu shoes - how can you not love the bows, pearls, and bright colors?

 While they technically are "bridal" shoes I totally can see myself in the pink shoes with the bow.

26 February 2013

Color Wheel: Black + Nude

One of my favorite color combos for every season is black and nude. When done correctly it's super chic and totally classic. I'm partial to the Summer, so my fave way to style this combo is with a black bikini and a glamorous tan!

25 February 2013

Food Packaging

Like almost everyone else I know, I'm a total sucker for great packaging. I always find myself branching out when I see a particular image that calls to me. Specifically:

While these look great and remind me of a picnic, they don't taste as wonderful. Then again, I tried the Sour Cream and Onion and not the original Sea Salt.

I was originally attracted to the simple and to the point packaging, and now I'm addicted to the wonderful and simple taste. 

Stripes. Enough said.

23 February 2013

Gold Gala Day of Beauty

I seriously can't believe the Gold Gala is tonight! I'll be at the venue starting early afternoon and will be scrambling to get ready in time. I decided to treat myself, so I'm going to Sephora and Rachel Zoe's DreamDry to get my makeup and hair done. Now I just need to finalize how I want to do my hair and makeup!

Decisions, decisions

22 February 2013

Weekend Flavor

How yummy does the BG Gotham Salad look? I totally want to try making it Sunday as a post Gold Gala treat!

21 February 2013

Shop ban.do

I've been scouring the internet for Gold Gala Accessories and find myself going back time and time again to the ban.do website! The hair clips and headbands make me want to change my planned hairstyle.

20 February 2013

Graffiti Art Love

I've always been a big graffiti art fan, much to my art professor's dismay. I wish I knew who this artist was, so I could give him or her credit. Regardless, it made me smile!


19 February 2013

Gold Gala: All That Glitters is Golden

It's the week of the Gold Gala and I'm thrilled to say I have (almost) everything finalized! While perusing Pinterest for gold inspiration, I've come across some fantastic gold pics to share to get everyone in the spirit. 


Last chance to purchase tickets or donate here

18 February 2013

Breakfast Epiphanies

I feel like this is a self explanatory title, but with some great ideas.

Kate Upton's SI Cover Prep
Just some Monday AM workout inspiration - perfect for the Gold Gala this week!

Best of NYFW Tracks
This list is according to ELLE and I'm going to have to take their word for it.

15 February 2013

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