02 April 2009

Sunny Days

Oh upstate NY how much i love you. The Northcountry has easily the most bizarre weather in the world. Yesterday it was raining and 30, today it is 60 and sunny, and this weekend it will be a snow/rain mix. Where else in the world does this happen? A lot of places probably.... 

I love it when it is sunny here. Everyone is happy and motivated. In fact, I cleaned my room today  (when I say clean I actually mean clean... Alyssa, my roommate, woke up to my face on the other side of the window because I cleaned both inside and outside). This is a huge step for me due to the fact that I really don't care about the state of my room. It is usally classified under H for health hazard. Anyone who has OCD will freak out and have to evacuate my room immediately due to lack of organization and overall mess. Honestly, I don't understand anyone who thinks that 4 girls living together would keep a sparkling clean room. At least parents know what to expect...I know my parents know the state of my room on any given day. But then again they know me too well.

I really don't mind the mess though because I know where every single thing is! It is when people clean my stuff up that I lose everything!! My Mom always does that. She knows it annoys me and yet she still does it! On any given day, if you were to ask me where I left my "who's she red" essie nailpolish from last summer I would be able to tall you in a second. (It would be located in my cabinet on the second shelf underneath my face cloths just in case you were wondering). It never ceases to amaze my Mom when I can locate whatever I need in less then a minute when all the contents of my wardrobe are strewn throughout the room.

Why should other people care about the cleanliness of my room? I mean they don't live with me right? 

Talk to you later darlings....
I swear I will come up with some more interesting posts! I just kind of let my mind wander while writing...kind of like the reverse of meditation.

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