29 October 2010

Weekend Update

Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.

Lindsay Lohan, Mean Girls

Yes, this is true but, may I point out, why would you dress like that? Even if everyone isn't saying it out loud everyone is still thinking it! I plan on being a princess of some sort (as usual)...

But first I am meeting up with Maddie! (friend from Texas but met in Paris)

Happy Haunting!!!

26 October 2010

when bad things happen to little sisters

well usally it's me who has the worst luck ever but for once this tale of woe is not about me....it's about my little sister caroline.

she got sprayed by a skunk this week! hahahahaha* yes, this actually does happen to people. . it attacked her while she was riding her bike...maybe you shouldn't ride your bike so close silly!

*(i gleefully giggle every time i tell someone about this or even think about it so i'm hoping writing it will stop me from randomly laughing to myself)

thoughts on scarecrows

don't get me wrong, i love halloween. i mean who doesn't love the one day out of the year you can dress up like a princess and not have the entire world be like "who is that weirdo walking around" but there are a couple of downfalls. the main one being stupid scarecrows. i don't know about you guys but i hate scarecrows...i keep driving past them and think

1. there is a dead person sprawled across the stairs
2. someone is about to get robbed

so inevitably i almost crash into something (usually a mailbox or a tree) trying to figure out what is going on! sooo, sorry for all the people that are fans (which seems to be everyone in my neighborhood)...

they are totally not as cool as the wizard of oz leads you to believe!

25 October 2010

Library Love

I thought I would share with you guys where I have been applying to jobs for the past couple of weeks.

It's hard to get work done at home and what place is better then the local library? It also helps when you have friends (AMC) doing hard work in a different library to keep you motivated. We were always library buddies and wish that she was with me in our cozy sweaters!

Maybe I'll become a librarian due to my addiction and dedication to all books...

18 October 2010

if i..

if i was able to go to Paris for a day, this is what i would do:

1. go to laduree and buy every macaron and tea possible and ship it home and bring a box for the road

2. go to colette and look at everything chic...mabe go to the water bar for lunch

3. go to le bon marche and pick up some chic clothing and a cafe creme

4. pop over to the pompidou for some culture

5. have dinner at my secret restaurant (don't remember the name but it is fantastic)

17 October 2010

Weekend Update

Spotted: SLU alum tearing up the dance floor at Wicker Park!

Current Obsessions

Now that I am officially unemployed I have a decent amount of time on my hands. So when taking breaks from job searching I find myself window shopping, internet browsing, watching tv and reading much more frequently then I have in the past. So without further ado I will share my top 5 current obsessions with you:

Now that I don't have a car I need a chic bike to get around town and this is just the thing!

...because who doesn't love an inspiring show to make you get out there and get in shape

3. Barbie

This will always be an existing obsession of mine!

I really love all his stuff but I especially love this pillow for obvious reasons

While I don't agree with some of the things/people they claim are preppy, it is still witty and the gossip girl section is hilarious.

06 October 2010


See above for a life update
(a circus)

On a total side note: I think this is a really great present for a blogger: blogs made into books!
What a cool idea and it would be so fun to say you were published!!! (No one has to know the truth...) Anyways, I personally would go for the all black cover and if white was an option I would do that one! Sometimes simpler is better!

05 October 2010

The Princess and the Flood

So while I was peacefully apartment sitting with my friends and LG (more to come on LG) disaster struck at the Towerhouse. I flood occurred in my room taking out my ceiling, mattress, and like 2 sweaters. Unbelievable! I leave for one week and the house falls apart....obviously we know who runs my household!

Anyways, it took a week for my Mom to get it together and get me a new setup. I would have taken matters into my own hands but I'm busy slaving away from 9-7. (whatever happened to 9-5 like I was promised in kindergarten?!) Well people, let me tell you, the wait and sleeping on the couch was worth it!

I finally got my tempurpedic mattress I have been waiting for and Barbie sheets! Now all I need is the perfect bedtime story...
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