30 September 2013

October Goals

Organize my closet - now that I'm getting more settled in my new apartment I can focus on my closet, which needs the most help.

Decorate my room - It's been awhile since my room has been updated (ok...2 years...) so I definitely have a couple of new ideas I'm going between. Hopefully by the end of this month I'll be able to make a choice and stick with it!

Get to know my new neighborhood - Living in the same apartment for 2 years had it's benefits, like knowing some great go to spots nearby for food. Lucky for me I have a few friends nearby to share the inside scoop. I guess a side goal off of this would be to determine the name of my neighborhood, it's surprisingly ambiguous!

27 September 2013

Party Planning: Disco Night

If I had the chance, I would totally come back as a Disco Queen. Not only do I love love love the clothes but that music is the best to dance to. Unfortunately, I don't think a time traveling machine is going to be invented in the near future, so I'll settle for throwing a Disco Party instead. 

Obviously you need to make a glam entrance.

This is basically the theme of the night. 

Disco attire taken to a whole new level - I'd wear it

Disco balls would be everywhere, because why not?

If you aren't dressed in theme, expect me to throw glitter on you. 

26 September 2013

Movie Style: The Sound of Music

OK so I'm know I'm technically not supposed to love Baroness Schraeder from the Sound of Music, but no one said anything about not approving of her style...which I do 100%.

25 September 2013

Top 10 Tips for Tea Time

Our time in London was limited, so I totally missed out on the Afternoon Tea experience, but I was still able to get some tips from the Tea Sommelier at our hotel, the Lanesborough! They're super cool and good to know, so I thought I'd share with you all, in case you wanted to host your own tea party (like I plan on doing). 

1. Use only pure, fresh water
2. Never reboil water for tea
3. Keep tea leaves crisp and fresh at room temperature
4. For black tea, use water that has just boiled, 95 C
5. For  green or white teas, use water that isa 83-85 C
6. Loose tea provides a better tasting drink 
7. Tea tastes better brewed in a tea pot than in a mug
8. Be patient and let the tea brew as long as it needs
9. Do not over brew tea, more time means more tannin
10. For tea brewed in a teapot, add milk to the cup first; add milk last if using a tea bag

So there you have it, all the things you need to know about properly brewing and preparing tea!

24 September 2013

WANDERLUST: Beijing to Moscow via the Trans-Siberian Railroad

I've definitely been bit by the travel bug, in case you didn't notice, and am adding a bunch of locations to my list. This would probably be the coolest trip ever and definitely is on my bucket list. Can you even imagine how amazing that would be?


23 September 2013

20 Questions to Ask Your Kiltmaker

Whilst in Scotland, my family made the decision we needed kilts in our family Tartan. Little did we know that there were millions of options to choose from and how hard a choice it would be! Luckily, my Dad did his research and chose the best fit for our family. While perusing one of the shops, I spotted this helpful little card with the questions you should ask. Should you decide you want to have a kilt made, be sure to ask these questions, according to Geoffrey (Taylor) Kiltmakers:

1. Is the kilt made is Scotland?
2. Is it pure wool?
3. Is the yardage appropriate to my size?
4. How many Tartans are available for my name?
5. What choice of cloth and weight do I have?
6. Will the pleats be cut in the back for shaping and comfort?
7. What type of lining and canvas will my kilt have?
8. Are your kilts hand sewn?
9. WIll my kilt have a hip buckle, making it fit and lie well?
10. Will my kilt have belt loops, allowing the chain and belt to be secure?
11. What will the bottom edge of my kilt be like?
12. Will it be a traditional selvedge, hemmed or a modern selvedge?
13. WHo makes the kilts for your company?
14. How long has your company been making kilts?
15. Where is the actual workshop where my kilt will be made?
16. How deep will my pleats be?
17. How many (estimated) pleats should my kilt have?
18. Do I have the adjustment space for future growth?
19. How long should I expect my kilt to last?
20. If I need any alterations to my kilt when it is finished, will you make sure I'm 100% happy?

22 September 2013

I'm Back From My London + Edinburgh Travels

Don't worry, I didn't fall off the planet forever, just for a couple of weeks! I'm finally back from my UK adventures and thought I would share a few pictures that weren't posted on instagram

We went to Liberty of London (which we agreed was our fave store)

Had a tourist day and saw the London Bridge.

Hit up an antique market so Mom could explore all the fun and fabulous things there.

Saw the Queens Castle in Edinburgh 

Swung by the Old Course (pun intended).

Drove through the St. Andrews countryside!

05 September 2013

Fall Style Inspiration: All Black All Day

A moment from college I'll never forget is when a guy in my math class pointed out to me that I wore black every single day. My mind was blown for two reasons - one, someone actually thought it was weird I wore black every day and two, that someone who noticed was a guy. Lucky for me I'm not living upstate any longer and I can wear all the black I want to in NY.
A great "season change" outfit.
First I need to find a similar dress, second I need to find an occasion to wear it.
I basically wear this outfit every day - but with a sweater stolen from my Dad.
Adding just a touch of gold works
What a fun party outfit!

04 September 2013

Breakfast Epiphanies

I love blogs that inspire me, not cause outfit envy every morning, so I was excited to read this article about bloggers who are posting more than outfit posts!

I feel so much better about my lack of gym results after looking at these before and after pictures and reading the caption.

These are some fun ways to amp up your outfits at football stadiums...not that I ever plan on going to one, ever.
An article about the LES and some of the great spots to go to. I've always been a LES fan - it reminds me of city trips with my family! While everyone else was going uptown, my parents took us to all the cool places.  
I'm a gummy bear fan and just in case you are too, I thought I would share this fun list of fun facts.

02 September 2013

September Goals and Action Plans

After my vacation I'm basically coming back to a new, and improved, life which means I have a new set of goals and I'm preplanning with a few action plans!

1. First and foremost I need to settle into my new apartment and make my room a reflection of me. 
What was great about my old apartment was that I didn't really need to decorate my room at all because the city was my backdrop. How will I decorate my teeny tiny room? By scouting thrift stores and Etsy for some fab vintage finds and reference articles like this

2. Really really really create a budget. 
My wallet can't handle another overseas trip for quite some time so I'm going to have to come up with a strict budget to keep me on track. I mentioned this in my May goals post, but I'm making a promise to myself to use Learnvest and take some tips from the pros. 

3. Cross off some of the smaller projects off my list, like cleaning my purses. 
The first step for me is ot actually make a complete list. While it might be overwhelming at first, I'll fill so much better, especially since I've been feeling so out of control recently. 

Inspiration: Office Decorating Ideas

Now that I have a new d├ęcor project (new apartment!) I've been perusing all of my favorite websites for inspiration. As much as I should be focusing on bedroom, living rooms, and kitchens, a girl can dream of her own office space, right?!

I really like the layout of these dry erase boards (and the wall color...)
The white desks facing each other is allows for a social environment and keeps the room light!

I'm definitely having an industrial moment - actually I'm always having an industrial moment, and would like to bring that into the office with bookshelves like these.
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