12 December 2016

5 Festive Crafts for Christmas

When I was in 7th grade my Mom planned a Christmas party without consulting me and invited all of my new friends. I was mortified because I figured everyone was excited to attend and to my surprise even my guy friends wanted an invite! Cait and I still talk about that party with fondness and are always looking out for new crafts we would like to try. Not all crafts are created equal, so I rounded up a list of projects I want to try that all set the tone for the Christmas Season.

Happy Crafting! 

ARS xx

09 December 2016

Holiday Outfit Inspiration

There is nothing I love more than a statement holiday look. Over the years I have acquired quite the festive Christmas clothing collection, but that hasn't stopped me from acquiring more. I just love anything that is plaid or red paired with and a standout shoe or jacket. I would say this is my only wardrobe indulgence, but I'm not a liar. This year I don't have many parties to attend and I didn't love a lot of the seasons offerings so I'll be remixing a few looks from years past. Below are a few looks that are inspiring me and include similar pieces in my wardrobe:

Happy party dressing! 

ARS xx

07 December 2016

Pretty Pins for the Holiday Season

It's been quite the whirlwind since Thanksgiving! Despite kicking the holiday season off in Palm beach at the Worth Ave Christmas Tree lighting, I feel like this year I've been half grinch, half santa's best elf. I love the holidays but really can't stand the crowds and the deary weather is bringing me down. In the spirit of getting me in the Christmas mood, I'm rounding up a few pins to snap me out of my holiday funk!

Happy holiday season!

ARS xx

16 November 2016

Wednesday's Pretty Pins

It's been awhile since I last did a pretty pins roundup so I'll be doing one this week. I would start doing gift round ups, but I personally feel like it's a bit soon to bombard you all with holiday posts! Have you signed up to follow the towerhouse instagram yet? Be sure to check it out so you'll be up to date on everything towerhouse!

Hope your week is going better than mine!

ARS xx

14 November 2016

Charlotte Olympia X Paperless Post

I'm the first one to admit I loooooove a good stationary find and the Charlotte Olympia collaboration with paperless post is a fantastic digital alternative (although you can have them printed too!). There are 7 different cards in the collection, each is named after a day of the week. Each design is fun, colorful and whimsical - certain to get your guests into the party mood! I think my favorite part of the collection is the leopard tail on the lining of the envelope. Check out the whole collection here and maybe you'll be inspired for your next fete!

Happy Monday!

ARS xx
S U B S C R I B E 

11 November 2016

Event Night Inspiration

I'm going to the Yorkville Ball tonight to support Search & Care and my friends that are hosting the event. It was a last minute decision to attend and it's been a whirlwind putting my look together in just a few days! Thanks to all of the Gold Gala's of years past I have a pretty solid event night wardrobe that I can pull from so it's really just a matter of accessories and how I want to do my hair. I'm excited to try a new hair salon near my apartment, I'm going to try the Kim Kardashian trick of double spandex, and will be attempting my own makeup - wish me luck! Below are a few things that inspired me to get my look together.

Happy Friday!

ARS xx

07 November 2016

Jo Rodgers' Trip to Southeast Asia for Vogue

It doesn't take much to inspire a case of wanderlust or travel envy, but I can't get over how incredible Jo Rodger's trip on the Eastern and Oriental Express looked. It's always been a dream of mine to take a glamorous trip via rail - there is something so old fashionably chic about it. If only I could get some one else on board to try this (and maybe up my travel budget but I don't know, a few thousand). I envision myself with book, travel trunks, and fantastic outfits. Read more about it here and check out a few of my favorite pictures below!

Happy Monday!

ARS xx

04 November 2016

DIY Accessories Inspiration

There is nothing I love more than a fun day crafting. With a mom like mine there was no choice in the matter (not that I ever complained). Recently, I've been seeing a lot of cute trends come and go that I would love to take a stab at creating myself! Below are a few images that have inspired this crafting girl to pick up her habit again that I think you all would enjoy too. The best part about these is that there are only a few steps needed and very little materials to buy - key for this city girl on a budget! Would you be interested in me doing a post on how to recreate each of these?

Happy weekend! 

ARS xx

02 November 2016

5 Etsy Shops for Easy Apartment Updates

Having committed to a fourth year at our current apartment, Christina and I are looking to finally finish decorating or at least coming close to it! I've mentioned this in the past and showed some inspiration, but now my roommate and I are taking active steps to make it happen. One of my favorite resources in the past has been Etsy so it shouldn't be a huge surprise that we're here again. I've compiled a list of some of my favorite stores I've found over the years for you to check out! 

233c795b59f3b47c4e804ef1b277d174.jpg (564×331)
LivenUPDesigns - This is where I had my x-benches made! It was my first ever custom Etsy purchase and I haven't turned back since. I'm still so obsessed with them and can personally  recommend this shop. 

32f88b49364bc055dfffc2a3a95d2f8a.jpg (564×564)
Nectar Hollow - I can't get enough of these paper flowers. I just ordered a few stems and already can't wait to add some more to my collection! 

543d2166922546c0dd20259281ec69d4.jpg (564×564)
Art & Manufacture - How adorable are the above mugs? I love all of the blue and white ceramics - thwy would be perfect for my future Palm beach place, right?

9a119aeec4d1092240070490fd779ea3.jpg (564×752)
Timeless Accessories -  Yes to all Karl Springer style furniture, please! This former Karl Springer artisan is making her own furniture in the style now and I am dying to have a table made. 

033172d9faafe4417a3d17815c421f51.jpg (564×564)
Elizabeth Mayville - I would be remiss if I didn't add an artist to the list as art is a key component in updating our apartment. I recently purchased a still life by Elizabeth Mayville and want to add more to my growing collection! 

Do you have any shops to add to the list?

ARS xx

31 October 2016

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! What are you going to be this year or did you already dress up this past weekend? I don't have a post for today, but will share an article I worked on last week about last minute Halloween costumes.

Happy trick or treating!

ARS xx

24 October 2016

Artifact Uprising

Awhile back I was researching options for instagram friendly photobooks and stumbled on the company Artifact Uprising. I fell in love with their website, aesthetic, and the story behind the company. I finally ordered a set of 25 square prints of picture from my instagram and can't get enough of them. As someone who loves disposable cameras for the sole reason I actually have physical copies of the pictures I take, I loved this option. Now that I've seen the physical product, I can't wait to order a few larger prints and maybe even a photobook! If you're planning ahead for holiday gift giving, this might be a great option!

Happy photosharing!

ARS xx
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