31 May 2012

Mini Muse: Josephine Baker

A dash of daring is always in style, especially when it is a gift from Henri Varna. Josephine Baker and her Cheetah are SO glam! But then again, she always was glam...

30 May 2012

Marjorie Hillis Roulston

Most famous for her advice books during the Depression, Marjorie Hillis Roulston wrote humorous books that are timeless and filled with practical advice.

25 May 2012


Popcorn is one of my go to snacks that I love to make not only because it is so easy that even I can make it (even without a microwave) but you can also make tons of variations! Some fun ideas I plan on trying/have already tried include:

AND here are some sweet popcorn ideas!

23 May 2012

Fringe Benefits

Everyone loves a fun tassel, especially when a keychain or earrings are involved! I am currently trying to make my own version of these Margaret Elisabeth earrings - MUCH easier said than done!

21 May 2012

Case of the Mondays?

Monday Mantra: The first five days after the weekend are ALWAYS the hardest!

Some ways to make it easier:

1. Spa Trip
2. Long Walk
3. The Gym OR Avoiding the Gym
4. Flowers
5. Meet Friend for a Drink

Or you can always look on the bright side, like Chad Ochocinco (did he change his name back yet? I can't remember) and think of Monday this way - if it wasn't for Monday your paycheck would be smaller!

18 May 2012

Summer Celebrations

As (most) people know, I love planning parties and coming up with ideas, even if I (most often than not) don't ACTUALLY have them. This is something CMR and I have done for years, in fact, I think this tradition started in 8th grade. Here are some fun ideas for a Summer Solstice party or Clam bake that I would totally do, if I were to have one:

17 May 2012

Christian Louboutin Beauty Line

How can I get a daily dose of Louboutin in my life without spending tons of money? Buy some of his beauty products of course! Ok, I might have to wait a little (long) time for this to happen BUT I'm already excited! I know I'll invest in some lipstick - hopefully a red one!

16 May 2012

The Cozy Guest Room

Objects to ensure your guest is as comfortable as possible:

1. Fresh Flowers
2. Luggage Rack
3. Waste Bin
4. Scented Candle and Matches
5. Tissues
6. Alarm Clock
7. Pen and Paper
8. XL Robe
9. Good Reading Light
10. Magazines
11. Pitcher and Glass
12. Snacks
13. Wooden Hangers

Based on this list, I have a lot of work to do before I come up to snuff!

Idea From: Pinterest

15 May 2012

Spring Book List

Books for my Nook:

1. Bubbly on Your Budget (ok, this so so cute it might make it onto my shelf..)
2. The Uninvited Guests (this one too..)
3. Maybe I'll just stick to my old "embarrassing books only" rule...

As must as I love my Nook, there is nothing like the smell of an old book and the crack a new book makes for the first time!

14 May 2012

Marcia Lacher Millinery

Clearly I'm on a hat kick after looking at all of the Derby hat shots. Needless to say, I have my eye out on acquiring a new hat. My favorite store so far has been (another) Etsy find - Marcia Lacher Millinery. If only I had an occasion to wear it to! Maybe I'll just wear one of these stunning hats just to add a touch of old world glamor to my day - orrr throw a Garden Party! 

Obviously you can put anything with a bow on it and I will like it- but I LOVE the bows on these hats!

Actually, let's be honest here, I love all of the trims and add ons. All of these hats? They have officially been added to my birthday wish list!

13 May 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's day, not only to my wonderful, fabulous, and beautiful (obviously the list goes on here...) Mom but to ALL the mothers in the world! Thank you so much for everything you do for us!


12 May 2012

Clothes Minded

Today is dedicated to updating my Spring/Summer wardrobe AND celebrating my Grandmother's birthday. She would totally approve of my shopping (or scouting) for new Spring/Summer clothes that are appropriate for Town, work, and just for fun. The family is celebrating her birthday a tad bit early - she is going in for surgery on Tuesday. Please say a prayer for her! 

11 May 2012

Emma Graham

I spotted a dress by Emma Graham while I was scrolling through Pinterest that I thought was adorable, so I decided to check out the website! As much as I love the dresses they have, what caught my eye were the hats you are able to personalize - perfect for summer! If you like to customize (to a certain extent) your clothes, you might enjoy the dress and color options as well...

10 May 2012

Bill Cunningham: The Secret Milliner

When you hear the name Bill Cunningham, fashion photographer comes to mind. Well I recently realized he actually was a hat designer prior to all this. I just love his whimsical (and wild) hats - if only hats were still popular and something you could wear on a day to day basis. Note to self: watch Bill Cunningham New York when it is officially out (on DVD) because we all know I love a good fashion documentary!

09 May 2012

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is amazing for not only cooking, but for your hair and skin as well. I personally LOVE to use it as a deep conditioner for my hair and to put on my cuticles while at work. I actually just read that some people use it as a natural deodorant - interesting...

I'm not exactly sure how I could cook with this (as salads are still a stretch for me...) but would consider looking further into Coconut Oil Granola!

08 May 2012

Etsy Lust List

As of late I have spent a lot of time exploring Etsy and all it has to offer with new clothes. As much as I love New York shopping, I like to discover new sources of inspiration. Some favorite finds include:

07 May 2012

Russian Nesting Dolls

Nest (n): A snug retreat or refuge 

I can blame my Russian Nesting Doll obsession on my Mom. They are just so fun and are beautiful at the same time - I know my Mom has an incredible collection. When I was younger I used to play with them and totally favored the smallest one (like every other small girl)! The organizing fanatic inside of me always loved how each doll fit perfectly inside one another - HEAVEN!

06 May 2012


I LOVE anything seersucker, whether it be a dress, pants, skirt, or a suit (for the guys). While I might not be sporting it as much as I used to in the past, I can't help but admire these fun treats!

Seersucker Croakies: Perfect gift for the sailor (totally needed these when my Prada glasses fell victim to high winds and lack of croakies)

Seersucker Coozies: Maybe my sister and her housemates will enjoy a bunch of these down South!

The Rover Collar: Not that Thor would EVER wear this (or that I would buy this for my dog), I still think it would be hilarious! 

The Bandeau Bikini: This totally would have been a great 4th of July outfit option when I was younger! (Maybe I can still pull it off?!)

Seersucker Chair: This is just fun - too bad it's no longer available!

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