31 August 2012

Once in a Blue Moon...

Once in a blue moon is there a long weekend - I'm excited! I'm also excited because there actually is a "blue moon" tonight. Don't know what a blue moon is, or the origin of the term?? Check out this article.

Happy looooooong weekend!

30 August 2012

NY Moment: Move In Day

Anyone who has moved into a new apartment in New York can relate to the frustration one feels while moving. This past weekend it was move in day for NYU, and I am lucky enough to live across the street from one. While watching parents and kids scurrying about, I recalled my (relatively) easy move in - there were only 2 fights, not multiple!

29 August 2012


As a devoted BluePrint fan, I like to try and get a few cleanses in a year. The hardest part for me is the prep, mainly because of my love affair with Mozzarella Cheese Burgers (as rare as possible). Needless to say, this time around I tried my best to stick to the prep plan. Ideal choices were:

Other ways I've been getting into it? Sauna's, massages, and some meditation! I'm feeling better already...

28 August 2012

Books vs Nooks

I'll admit it, I have a love/hate relationship with my Nook. I love the feel of a book in my hands and flipping the pages back and forth, not to mention books enable me to read the last page first, which is my favorite thing to do. I also have a fear of losing my Nook and losing all of my books! In case of an emergency, I still have all of my favorite books (new and old) in print as well. Why do I still use my Nook? Because it's a space saver in my apartment (and purse - ugh, commuting) and allows me to read my books without embarrassment. 

20 August 2012

See You Next Week!

Everyone needs a break every once in awhile (and I need more breaks than the average person) so enjoy the week and I'll see you next Monday!

17 August 2012

Gypset Travel

Anyone who has been in my room, or has read my blog in the past, knows I'm obsessed with Assouline books. I've been working on my collection and plan on adding Gypset Travel to my collection. 

16 August 2012

Shark Week

CMJR and I both love sharks - they are so beautiful, powerful, and graceful. How can you not love them? In honor of Shark Week (my favorite week aside from my birthday week) I've been wearing my shark shoes any chance I can get...if only this weather wasn't such a buzzkill! 

15 August 2012

Sneak Peek

Welcome to my year. So far it's been filled with:


The Country





Beach Time

Rainy Concerts

14 August 2012

Style Files: Fall 2012

Although I'm not a fan of Fall/Winter, I must admit I'm excited for all the fun outfits I have planned. Here are a few sources of inspiration, with my own touch (of course!). Clearly, I plan on wearing lots of black, leopard prints, chains, and neutrals paired with pops of color.

(SUCH pretty hair!)

08 August 2012

Beauty Routine: Updated

I'm taking a page out of CMJR's book and updating my beauty routine (in reality this means actually having a routine). While I am still sticking to my almost no effort look,  I do want to appear (somewhat) tidy as opposed to my "obviously just rolled out of bed and didn't do a thing" look.  What are the new acquisitions? 

(I've used this in the past, I just got lazy and stopped)

(For when my hair is wet, apparently brushing your hair when wet isn't the best idea)

(Just a hint of color, but mainly a moisturizer - done, done, and done!)

07 August 2012

Palm Beach Playground

As we all know I love my Palm Beach time more than anything! Here are a few bits of my weekend...

Vintage YSL dress - officially obsessed! 

RIP my K.Jacques 

Henry: Style Icon

LOVE this lighting

Wine or bubbly?!
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